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15 Essential Self-Care Ideas to Rejuvenate Mums

by | Ideas

Dec 6, 2022

Paying attention to self-care can make a world of difference in your health. Remember what it was like before you had children? You took long baths, enjoyed a hot cup of tea, read more than one page in a book, or did yoga without a child climbing on you.

As a new mum, those days have temporarily been shelved as you focus on your baby. And as a new mum, you can often forget that you need time to yourself that doesn’t involve looking after babies, children, or significant others to recharge your batteries.

We know we should be looking after ourselves, but sometimes finding the time to do it isn’t always easy. In this article, I provide a list of essential self-care tips to rejuvenate mums, which is something we all need from time to time.

The Health Benefits of Self-Care for Mums

According to a survey conducted by HealthyWomen and Working Mother, 78% of mums said they put off taking care of themselves because they’re too busy looking after loved ones. Many studies found that mums spend very little time to themselves a day, while some indicated that they go for weeks without relaxing on their own. 

Time is precious when you’re a mum, but self-care is vital if you want to promote your wellness, happiness, and health.

Here are a few of the benefits it provides:

  • It boosts your energy
  • Makes you happier
  • Makes you stronger and more resilient
  • You’re emotionally available for your children
  • You’re more patient and understanding
  • You develop a healthy balance

15 Self-Care Ideas to Rejuvenate Mums

Whether you’re a new mum, a mum who already has children, or a soon-to-be-mum, self-care is not selfish. If you’ve only got a few hours or you are able to carve out a day to yourself, here are 15 self-care tips to rejuvenate mums.

Go to a Spa

What better way to unwind than spending some time at a spa? Whether it’s a massage, manicure, or pedicure you’re getting, being pampered is a definite way to reduce stress, increase your feel-good hormones, and help you sleep. What’s not to love?

Read a Book

When you have children, reading a book may suddenly drop to the bottom of your priority list. If there’s a book you’ve wanted to start or even finish, why not now when you’re taking some time out for yourself? Grab a hot cup of tea, settle on your sofa, and immerse yourself in your book’s world.

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Enjoy a Hot Cup of Tea

Carrying on from the self-care idea above, this is one that every mum will enjoy: finishing a cup of tea while it’s still hot. How many times have you made yourself a cup of tea only for it to go cold as you rush around doing other things? Countless, I imagine! So why not take the time to get your feet up and just enjoy a hot cup of tea while you can? It’s amazing what a hot cup of tea can do for the soul.

Go for a Walk

It doesn’t have to be anything strenuous and can be as simple as walking around your local park for 30 minutes. By doing so, you’re getting yourself out in the fresh air, boosting your circulation, reducing stress, and improving your mood.

Do Yoga

Doing yoga as one of your self-care ideas is a great way to boost the health benefits to your mind and body. Connecting with yourself in a calming way that focuses on your breath while toning your body will make you feel lighter and happier once your session is over. Why not give this self-care idea a try and find out for yourself?

Do Some Gardening

It’s amazing what some time in the garden will do for your health and well-being. Mums lead busy lives and are always thinking of something to plan, arrange, or remember. Once you’re in the garden tending to your plants, your mind switches off as you focus on the task at hand. It’s a great way of connecting with nature, switching off for the moment, and getting a boost of vitamin D.

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Chances are, when you’re up and getting on with your day, finding time for yourself doesn’t happen. If you can, why not get up a bit earlier to do that workout you keep putting off? Spending 20 minutes on yourself in the morning is a wonderful way to start the day and will fill you up with those feel-good hormones.

Catch Up with a Friend

If you’re thinking of self-care tips, catching up with a friend should definitely be on the list. After all, it can be easy to feel isolated during motherhood, and talking to someone other than your children is something all mums need every now and then. Take the time to reconnect with friends without the children and focus on the people who will get you through the journey of motherhood.

Ask for Help

There are always 101 things still to do after the children have gone to bed. Whether it’s getting their clothes ironed, sorting out their snack pots for school, or hunting down missing library books, it feels like a never-ending list. As mums, we often feel like we can do everything and that we don’t need help with things. It doesn’t make you any less capable, but when we’re less likely to ask for help, this is generally the time when we need it the most.

Go to Bed Early

A tired mum is an unproductive mum, so make sure you get enough sleep to recharge those batteries. A lack of sleep also means that your ability to cope is impaired. It promotes anxiety and boosts problems with concentration. To mitigate this, make sure you get your recommended seven or more hours of sleep a night.

Go for a Run

Self-care means that we need to look after our bodies as much as our minds, and going for run ticks all the boxes. Not only are you spending quality time by yourself and burning those calories, but you’re reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Enjoy a Long Soak in the Bath

Once your children are asleep, run a bath and enjoy a minute (or twenty) to yourself by soaking in it. Why not put a face mask on and light some candles to help you reflect and release your tension from the day? By giving yourself this moment, your body will be relaxed and ready for bed, helping to set you up for the next day.

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Eat a Healthy Meal

Sometimes when we’re constantly on the go, remembering to eat healthily can take a back seat. But if you don’t eat properly, you can’t fuel your body the way it needs to carry on. Choose food and snacks that will give you a sustained energy boost that will help with your overall health and weight.

Define What’s Really Important

Being a mum can feel like we’re being pulled in more than one direction. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to give 100% of yourself to everything all the time. Trying to juggle too many things at once will eventually see everything come crashing down. Take the time to prioritise what’s important and what can easily be left for another day. Saying no and giving yourself breathing space means you can focus more on what matters the most.

Paint, Knit, or Colour

These self-care ideas are great options without or without your children. They’re fun, take your mind off your endless to-do list, and help you to unwind. All of these activities are excellent at lowering stress levels as you shift your attention to something different. Give them a try and see how they can help you unwind.

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Why is Self-Care So Important for Mums?

It’s easy to feel guilty for taking some time out for yourself, but self-care is not selfish. 

Before you had children, you may have indulged in the self-care ideas mentioned above without a second thought, so why shouldn’t you continue this when you become a mum? As mums, we take on so much, sometimes without realising it, which is why it’s important for us to care for ourselves mentally and emotionally.

You don’t have to do much, maybe it’s as simple as making a meal and eating it alone or enjoying a hot cup of tea outside with the sun on your face, but those moments to yourself give you time to pause and reflect. By doing so, when it’s time to reconnect with your children, you can take better care of them while being patient and understanding of their needs. 

Additionally, by taking the time to care for yourself, your children will grow up to see that this is something that’s normal and should be done.

Final Thoughts

Being a mum is hard but rewarding work. It’s easy to forget who we are sometimes as we get wrapped up in motherhood, and taking part in some self-care ideas is the perfect way to regroup and reconnect with who we are. Hopefully, these self-care tips to rejuvenate mums will give you some ideas to get started and help you on your way to spending more time on yourself rather than pushing your needs to the side.

By Rebecca Campbell

I’m a mum, a freelance journalist, and a blogger. When I’m not writing, I love being outside with my family, whether it’s hiking, running, camping, travelling, or snowboarding. You can find out more about my blog RebeccaSCampbell, where I write about parenting.

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