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10 Erotic Poems for Him 

by | Sensual Intimacy

May 1, 2024

Ever considered writing a poem for your man? Whether or not he is new to poetry, these 10 erotic poems are amazing and easy to understand. Send them to your man and have him wanting you like he never has in a long while. 

Do you want me as bad as I want you?
I’ll tell you a secret:
My throat yearns for the touch of your shaft,
So that I gag and my eyes redden. 
I will look up at you and smile, 
And with a tongue, I will wipe the spit across my lips. 
I know you love sloppy. 
Sloppy is easy,
And this is just the way I want your life to be. 
Let me sit atop you and bring you 
Into a world of my fantasies. 
In this world, there is just you and me,
and there is the grunting from your throat 
as I rock my groin over yours. 
The neighbors must hate it when I’m here. 
I do not care. 
I only care that everything I do brings you close 
To an orgasms, so I can watch your body 
Try to unhook itself from your soul. 
Can I call you Daddy? 
Do you promise to love me tender?

Fuck me, slow. 
Fuck it, no. 
Fuck me like a bitch. Fuck me like nothing else matters;
Fuck me like you will rather hear me scream than hear me cry. 
I seek solace in your arms and 
in the consciousness that pleasure throbs in your head. 

I will bend myself into an arch,
So that my spine is like a concave lens—
Short-sighted. Let me fix your defects. 
I will throw my ass back as you fuck me from behind. 
What’s the world behind me like?
Do you love that my ass runs across you like a beautiful mass?
Are you scared to hold?
Please hold me. Please speak to me. 
Please pull at my hair and ask who my daddy is,
So that I scream your name and melt into 
Your gentle touches when you have emptied yourself into me. 
I love you. There is no world where you
You are not my king. 

I can tell the wind and the walls are tired of seeing us together;
the wind must be tired of carrying my screams,
and the walls must be seeking ways to shut their ears. 
In this world, there is just us, and I love you every single step of the way. 

Slow and soft music in the background. 
It begins slowly; you stare at me and smile.
I place my hand on your chin and then run it 
Down to your chest. 
I stroke your left nipple, drawing circles. 
Then there is the bulge along your pants. 
I see it, and I reach to hold it. 
It throbs, resisting my first touch. 
But I am gentle, so I wet my hand in lubricant and begin to stroke. 
You struggle to hold a smile, 
But one does not resist pleasure. 
I move down the bed and crouch on both needs at your pelvis. 
Then I push you into my mouth, licking the fine line that separates your cap from your shaft. 
I love you more than anything, and I show this by fucking you like the bitch you want me to be. 
Speak louder. I want to hear you moan. 
I want to see you reach for my hair and pull. 
I want the beauties of what we share blooming like flowers in the spring. 
Can we take this to the bathroom, where water pittas and pattas across our raging bodies?
Pluck these fruits off my lips with yours. 
Let me become the whore you love. 

In this place, I remember what it means to fly. 
The last time you were inside me, I felt butterflies bubble in my insides,
And when you spanked at my eyes, I felt them escape my throat as loud moans
At that moment, nothing mattered—not the neighbors, not the guy who asked about you as though he sought to have me. 
The only thing that really mattered was you, 
And the things you do to my body;
How you split it into many pieces and then piece it back 
Like a potter. 
I like to rub my arms around your muscles and smile because I know they grip me good. 
Hold me down and keep me from running away;
You should know your dick is good because it makes me run:
Good dick makes any woman an athlete,
who tries to but fails to run away from raging pleasure. 
Do you love me as much as you say? 
If yes, then prove it by spitting into my lips and holding my throat. 
Choke me, daddy. 

I love you. 
I love the perks of your loyalty 
And I love it when I have to swallow. 
Give me milk, daddy. 

The thing about having a daddy like you is that 
I can be me and seek pleasure without the fear of being judged. 
You have loved me as though love is the only 
Language you know to speak. 
You have taught my body to understand it fluently,
And now I ask that you rub the ridge on the insides of my vagina. 
Rub it with the cap of your penis. 
How do we do this?
Can I sit atop you as though I am a Queen?
You call me queen, so please,
May I take you to my courthouse?

Hold me close. Love me, tender. 
Let your hands guide me into pleasure 
One finger at a time. 
I believe I can take two of your fingers now;
They’re what prepare me for the coming of your beautiful dick. 
I love the way you love me and even more,
I love the way you help me love you. 

Please fuck me like you mean it,


Erotic poetry is truly beautiful. You should send some to your man. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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