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Does She Like Me? 10 Signs She Likes You

by | Love

Feb 21, 2023

Women are masters at subtlety. Especially when it comes to their emotions; this is why it is so hard to know when a woman likes you. But we have cracked the code. And we will give it to you for free as long as you promise to share this with as many guys out there. Just kidding. Here is the code: here are 10 signs that she likes you, whether she be a coworker or a friend.

1. She puts too much effort into ignoring you

With a man a woman does not like, ignoring him is something she has to consciously do. It comes naturally, like breathing. Because, to her, that man is neither worth her while nor would he be anytime soon. 

That is different from when a woman ignores a man because she likes him. 

Believe this; feelings scare some women, and I mean very much. So, the moment a woman feels a strong pull towards a man, she may be inclined to kill the feeling before it progresses into something she cannot handle. 

This makes a lot of women hide their feelings for a man by ignoring him. 

You would be able to tell her ignoring you is just forced if:  

  • She looks at you a lot when you are talking to other people, but when you look at her, she grimaces and looks away. 
  • When you stop by for a chat, she subconsciously looks really happy to see you but would tell you she’s busy anyways. 
  • She is interested in any conversation you’re mentioned in.

2. She Complains When You Do Not Reach Out

Ironic, isn’t it? Well, it is, but it happens. 

Women can be strange—the earlier you understand this, the more luck you will have with them. 

A woman can ignore you but fume when you refuse to reach out to her. 

She would say things like: “So if I don’t reach out to you, you won’t reach out to me as well?”

It is a power play. Don’t take it so seriously, and most definitely, don’t overcompensate by reaching out to her more than necessary. 

Just understand that she likes you, and let things take their due course.

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3. She Asks You a Lot of Questions

In many ways, with men whom they truly love, women are like children. They are just so inquisitive. 

I think it is because women often like to be clear about their feelings at the beginning so it does not overwhelm them. 

When a woman likes you, be sure to answer just too many questions. 

Her questions are going to be very personal. She will want to know about things that are kept away from other people. 

If you fail to answer her questions, she may take it quite personally and say things along the lines of: you know, I thought you felt comfortable around me. It is fine, though, if you don’t want to talk. I really do understand. 

4. She Encourages You to Ask a Lot of Questions

Once, I had a big crush on a girl whom I doubted so much liked me back. I had planned to make a move, but the doubt held me back. 

Until one day, she told me: “Hey, why don’t you ever ask questions about me? Are you scared of what knowing me better will feel like?”

Boom, I knew. The ultimate sign. She liked me!

If you know even the littlest bit about women, you should know that women do not like to open up to people they do not like. Too many questions from this such people irritate the woman. 

But when she likes a guy? The direct opposite happens. She begins to seek ways to open up to him. 

And since she doesn’t want to seem desperate, since she does not want to feel like a talkative who runs her mouth even when she has not been asked any questions, she starts to encourage the man to ask her as many questions as he wants. 

In my experience, women do this bit subtly. Sometimes, she will even opt to play games like truth or dare or ‘let us share some secrets.’ (Read: 5 Signs She Likes You But Only as a Friend)

5. She Sends You Random Pictures

This is common with internet crushes and long-distance relationships. 

She will send you a lot of pictures. Often to know what you think about them. 

“Do you think these pictures look good?”

Ask yourself a question: “Do you think a woman will want to know whether or not her pictures look good from someone she does not appreciate?”

The answer is no. She would not. She is only asking you because she likes you. In fact, she already knows the pictures look good; she is asking what you think for formality’s sake.

6. She is Always Available When You Need Her

This is a hallmark that a woman likes you. If, in addition to this, you notice some of the other signs I have discussed, then be convinced she likes you and begin preparing to make your move. 

Every guy who has gone after a woman who doesn’t like him will give you the same reason why he backed away at some point. 

The reason will be: “She is always busy.” 

There is no one in the world busier than a woman who has no interest in you. Invite her for a date, and she is “busy”. Choose another date, and she is: “going to be busy on that day.” 

It is the direct opposite of a girl who really likes you. Though she might be busy in real life, with you, she will not be busy at all.

She will always find ways to be there for you when you need her, even if it means asking someone to come to your aid. 

Put her to the test to confirm this. One of these days, call her and ask if she has got some minutes to spare. If she likes you, the answer will be sure. If she doesn’t, well, you know what it will be. 

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7. Her Guy Friends Do Not Like You

Believe it or not, every woman has guy friends who do not like to be just that, guy friends. 

These guy friends are quite protective of her. So, the moment she indicates interest in someone else, they begin to dislike that person instinctively. 

I have seen this happen one too many times. 

In fact, you can know whether or not a woman likes you by just watching how her guy friends react when you are around.

Do they react coldly? She likes you. They don’t care? She does not.

8. She Talks a Lot About Relationships

Even though things are changing for the better, and women are starting to go after men they like, there still exists a pocket of women who do not know how to go after men directly. 

Instead, they take the indirect route. 

The indirect route is one that plants a seed in the mind of the man. 

Believe it or not, when we hear something over and over, we may be inclined to consider going after that thing. 

And women know this. They know that if they talk and talk about relationships with you, you may be drawn to considering a relationship with them. 

Often, a girl who likes you will talk about relationships in a way that praises her own attributes. 

She would say something like: “I don’t know why women are unfaithful in relationships. I read some stories about relationships and pride myself on the fact that I am not like that. I mean, when I love someone, I do it wholeheartedly.”   

This is their way of saying: “Can you not see that I am waiting for you to take things forward.” (Read: 10 Ways To Know You Really Like Someone)

9. She Asks That You Send Pictures

When a woman likes you, one of the signs you should look out for is how often she wants to see your pictures.

She may directly ask that you send her pictures. Or she will take the subtle route and just send you hers, hoping that you get the memo and send yours in. 

I recommend that you send her two to three of your most good-looking pictures every now and then. How do her compliments sound? 

Good? Then she may like you. 

10. She Agrees to Go Out With You

This is the final sign that she likes you. 

If you ask a woman out and she agrees, then step up your game and begin flirting with her more. 

Do not feel timid or anything. Be the man. She likes you!

Bonus: sometimes, her female friends may rat her out. If not with words, then in the way they react when you are around. Watch out for subtle cues when you come around. These may tell you what you need to know.

Women are quite subtle with their emotions. But if you pay attention, you will be able to figure things out.

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By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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