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Does Penis Size Matter to Women?

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jan 21, 2023

A lot of guys are obsessed with their penis size. They want to know just what women think about it. In this article, we answer the question: does penis size matter to women. We will be answering in two categories. Yes. And No. Please note that these answers are based on a couple of surveys. 

Penis Size: Yes, It Does Matter

1. Some Women Have Naturally Wider Vaginas and so May Want More Grit

Just like penises, vaginas vary in size. This is just a physiological factor. A woman with a wider vagina would want a bigger penis because it would make her feel more.

Her comfort is also a real thing.

Their bodies would be in sync because the penis would be a perfect fit for her vagina—a square peg in a square hole. 

2. Some Women are Just Obsessed with Bigger Penises

Porn has given people across all genders a faux idea of what sex is. It’s all camera, action, and showtime. Watching porn would make women want to have a feel of what is acted out. This has evolved into a psychological factor.

Also, as weird as it may sound, a big penis matters for reasons she may not even know—pure curiosity. 

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3. Fantasies Have a Part to Play

These fantasies are mental images that women create, patterning how they want to be slept with. Fulfilling a fantasy may lead to periodic sexual satisfaction. 

Although studies have shown that these sexual partners are more often than not kept for a short term, a continuous mental fantasy has to be worked out. Hence, a woman would try to live out her fantasies and jump on a man with a big penis just for the fun of it. 

4. A Bigger Penis May Cause Her to Feel Pressure (This feeling of pressure may make her near orgasm faster)

Penis size may affect the quality of sex. Big penises go really deep and hit the pelvic area. Women equate this pressure with orgasms. Or rather, this pressure borders on orgasmic relief. Orgasms are the central goal. If the required orgasm is going to be gotten from a big-sized penis, then why not? For her, size does matter. (Read: How to Tell a Guy Has a Boner)

5. Weird as it May Sound, Some Women May Want to Brag About Having Had a Bigger Penis

Some women find pride in being penetrated by a big penis. It could even pass for a bragging right. Women talk about these things with their friends and peers all the time. 

Some peers think the bigger the penis the woman is able to take in, the stronger she is. Pain and pleasure go hand in hand all the time. Pain brings pleasure. The pleasure from a big penis may cause some pain. A little pain doesn’t kill anyone, yeah? 

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Penis Size: No, It Does Not Matter

1. Some Women are Naturally Tighter, so a Smaller Penis is Preferred

Women with tighter vaginas mostly want it to remain that way. Most times, women do not really trust the elasticity of their vaginas. They could think that taking a big penis would make their vaginas get wider. The size of a woman’s vagina definitely would affect her mental security and self-esteem.

In the same way, women with wider vaginas like men with large penises, and women with tighter vaginas like men with smaller penises. It’s all a thing of sexual compatibility. 

2. A bigger Penis Might Hurt

Some women may not have a high threshold for pain as larger penises have the tendency to hit the cervix during sex. While some women find this pleasurable, others find it painful. Different women have varying preferences. 

Bigger penises tend to require more lubrication than normal. If a woman does not have this to give, the sex would not only cause pain but injure some delicate vaginal tissues leaving a feeling of soreness. 

If a woman is a fan of sex positions that involve deep thrusting, a big penis wouldn’t let this happen. It would leave her deeply unsatisfied and cranky. (Read: How to Have The Best Sex Ever)

3. Some Women are Too Scared

While women who find longer penises painful do not like it because the pain was not part of the plan for them, women who are scared of big penises are simply scared of the unknown.

Thanks to the porn culture and, well, exaggerating peers, they’re many myths surrounding big penises. Like big penises are all extreme pain and no pleasure and the like. 

If someone finds something alarming or dangerous, the person would want to stay as far away from it as possible so as not to get hurt by the fear factor. The thought of an extra-large penis alone is enough to make alarm bells go off in this woman’s head. 

4. For Most Women, Love Makes Everything Feel Great

There are women who are selective in their choice of sexual partners. These women, first off, choose their men on the basis of love than that of sexual compatibility or prowess’. 

No matter the size of a man’s penis, if they don’t love him, the sex wouldn’t feel great.

It goes deeper than physical pleasure for these sorts of people. It’s majorly emotional ties. These people are almost always in long-term relationships. For them, it’s the body contact with the person that matters more and not necessarily the act of sex in itself.

There’s just this feeling of looking into the eyes of the one special person you love during sex. It’s all shades of beautiful. 

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5. Some Women Don’t know why It Does Not Matter

Some women just go with the flow. They do not really have a preference. Whatever size a sex partner comes with, well, they would work with it. 

They may either be confused, just plain bored with the talk of men’s penis sizes or basically uninterested.

For them, the man should just know what he’s doing and how to do it. Their only interest is getting the climax they need. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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