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The 10 different types of texters

by | Ideas

Jan 28, 2024

Some people are just weird to text. And that includes you, sometimes. In this article, we show you all the eight types of texters and how to know when to keep texting them or when to stop. 

1. The one-paragraph texter

The one-paragraph texter is one word: annoying. But it’s definitely not as annoying as the one who only texts one line. The one-paragraph texters fall under three categories:

Ones who are not interested in you

Most women who are not interested in you will become one-paragraph texters. The thing about texts is that our approach to texting often changes from time to time, depending on how we feel and the person we are texting. 

When you notice that a woman you are very interested in is texting you only one word and never more, it may be time to back away and create some kind of mystery so that she returns to texting you. 

Ones who are just tired

There are one-paragraph and one-line texters who do it just because they are tired. If you have ever been so tired, you will agree that texting can be a lot of work. 

Maybe you just have to let it be for now and text her when she is more comfortable. 

Ones who are just distracted

There are texters who do not solely text. Most of us fall under this category. They text while distracted by other apps. Most times, when these such texters respond, they do it from the notification panel of their phones. 

You have done this before. I have. We all have. 

It is best to leave them be for a while and then text later when they are more convenient. 

2. The multiple messages texter

These ones fall into two categories:

The one who is eager to tell a story

Everyone becomes a multiple-message texter when it is time to tell a story about something big that has happened. Hot gossip requires more lines. 

If you meet someone who is constantly texting you and telling you stories, your best bet is to match that energy. Especially if you want something to happen between you both someday.  

Tell them a story when they have finished telling you theirs. 

Writers usually fall into the category of multiple texters. 

The one who is just interested in you

Interest makes us want to speak more to people who are the subject of this interest. 

If you find that someone is constantly texting you multiple lines everyday, then it is time to start shooting your shot. Chances are, and to a large degree, that they are very interested in you. 

Let them continue talking to you, and when the time is right, you begin to seductively pull them in. 

3. The one that makes many typing errors:

Texting someone like this is usually the most annoying thing in the world, especially if you are someone who prioritizes typing in full without typos. 

But people who make typos often don’t see the need to be detailed when texting. It is just a texting session for them. Nothing too serious about all that.

It is often best to overlook this and continue to text them in full. With time, they will sure get the memo and begin to text you without those truckloads of typos. 

4. The abbreviators

The abbreviators text you as though they make the rules for texting, and you just follow. Quite frankly, they are very annoying to text. 

They are the only texters I find so difficult to keep up with. 

I have never been able to text an abbreviator for thirty minutes. It all gets tiring in the long run. 

If you cannot keep up, it is best to let them be and maybe text someone else. 

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5. The ones always adding emojis

There is a thin line between the fun of emojis and the creepiness of those little faces and pictures. 

Usually, the use of plenty of emojis spells attraction. 

Women who like you will almost always send you emojis. 

People who are very expressive often send a lot of emojis as well. They may not necessarily be interested in you. They are just very expressive. 

6. The one that always sends notes

The one who sends voice notes all the time is usually the most fun to text. That is if you like voice notes as well. 

They often have the juiciest gossip with the best delivery. You see, it is one thing to have gossip, and it is another to deliver it the way the gossip seeks to be delivered. 

Texts often hamper the hit of many gists. So, voice notes come to the rescue when texting people who like to use voice notes. 

Bear in mind that texters who use voice notes can sometimes be very annoying. 

7. The type that prefers calls to texts

These are often lazy texters who do not see the need to tap at letters on a keyboard all day. They often do not know how to convert their thoughts to texts. And so, they would rather call for long periods. 

A typical person who prefers texts to calls will often call for long periods during the course of the day. 

They may do one call that lasts a very long time. Or they may make many calls that last not as long. 

In all, they are a great option for people who do not like to text so much. 

8. The type that replies every 1 hour or more

This one sucks so much at texting that you would rather count stones on a beach than text them. They typically respond when the zeal to talk is long gone. 

If you have ever hit someone with: ”Sorry, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.“ then you know what I mean. 

9. The one-word texter

People who send one-word texts are the ninjas of the texting world. Masters of minimalism, they slice through the chatter with just a ‘K’, IDK, BTW, or a ‘Cool.’ With the skill of a haiku poet, they pack a punch in a single word, leaving us guessing, laughing, or sometimes Googling for context.

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10. The media maestros

Folks who only share media in texts are the DJs of our digital conversations. They spin a playlist of memes, GIFs, and videos instead of words, letting pop culture do the talking. 

Every message is a surprise party for your eyes, turning the chat into a virtual art gallery. 


Everyone assumes different texting roles from time to time, depending on how they feel and the response they are getting from the person they’re texting. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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