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10 Best Cuddling Positions to Try Out

by | Love

Feb 15, 2023

We all know what happens when one is in the wrong cuddling position: pressure on arms or chest, and sometimes, even pain. Bad cuddle positions are all shades of uncomfortable. Cuddling in good positions can ignite intimacy, calm the mind, make you very comfortable, and improve your mood. 

Another beauty of cuddling is that you don’t have to be a pro to reap the benefits. Here are the ten best cuddling positions to try out.

1. The Spoon

The spoon is the most common cuddling position and has been said to be the most comfortable. Even though this is arguable, the spoon is quite comfortable and perfect for trying out when neither of you has clothes on. 

With the spoon, both of you lie on your sides, with one’s person butt in the other person’s pelvic area—which is supposed to be positioned in such a way that there is a hollow. 

The person whose pelvic area is hollowed is the big spoon, and the one whose butt is pressed into the hollow is called the small spoon. 

Anyone can be the big spoon. In fact, both of you should alternate between being the big spoon and the small spoon every now and then.

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2. The Cradle

This is a cuddle position to try out when you need to be ‘babied.’ The perfect cuddle position for your man when he has just returned from work and is stressed. The cradle is actually one of the best cuddling positions to help you relax and be comfortable.

It can work on a couch, as well as on a bed, but I prefer you try this on a couch because a couch is going to angle your upper body slightly higher. 

One person lies on their back in the cradle, with the upper body angled. The other person lies on their stomach, between the legs of their partner, resting their head on their partner’s chest. 

With this cuddle position, there is going to be a lot of intimacy. You can ruffle your partner’s hair and rub their upper back when you are doing the ‘babying.’ 

3. The Butt Pillow

Men are going to love this much more than women because, of course, the butts of women contain more adipose tissue and so are much softer.

The butt pillow is the cuddle position to try out when your partner is asleep. Since you do not want to disturb them, you move down a bit and use their butt as a very comfortable pillow. 

Here, you can continue using your phone or even see a movie without waking your partner.

You may even help your partner sleep more deeply by rubbing their butt. 

Guys, I will tell you something for free: women like it so much when we rub their butts. 

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4. Leg Contact

This is one of the best cuddle positions to try out when you both really want to sleep. I will not describe it as being so ‘intimate’ and intense. But it is your go-to cuddling position when you want to sleep. 

With the leg contact, find a comfortable sleeping position. When your partner has found their own sleeping position as well, you both should place your legs on each other. 

The goal is to have at least somebody contact even when you both are fast asleep.

5. The Cheek-to-Cheek

This is another cuddle position to sleep in. It aims to achieve the slightest body contact even when you both are asleep. 

In the cheek-to-cheek position, you lie facing away from each other. 

Just have your butts touching.

This is also a position to have conversations in—the conversations that lead to sleep, by the way. 

I discourage cuddling in this position when you both have clothes on. In fact, I discourage cuddling when you both have clothes on for any reason. 

6. The Half Spoon

The half spoon is something like the regular spoon, only that it is a preferred option for people who do not want to have that much body contact. 

This is sort of an upgrade to the regular spoon. It is the preferred option when you do not want all the sweating that comes when you do the regular spoon in the hot season. 

For some reason, whilst I really love the regular spoon, I prefer the half spoon. 

To do the half spoon, get in the position of the regular spoon but leave some room between your bodies. (Read: When are Women Horniest & 10 Signs a Woman is Horny Around You)

7. The Arm Draper

The arm draper is the perfect cuddle position when you both are in for having an intimate moment. 

It seems more intimate than the others because, in this position, you both get to have eye contact. 

Get into the arm draper by lying on your sides and placing one of your arms under your partner’s upper body and the other arm over your partner’s shoulders. 

Maintain eye contact whilst in the position, and keep at whatever is going to make you both bond. 

You have to be careful, though, not to apply too much pressure on the other person’s arms so that your partner does not start to feel tingling. 

8. The Honeymoon

The honeymoon is something similar to the arm draper, only that this time, there is so much more body contact because you both will have your legs scissored into each other. 

With the honeymoon, press your bodies close—such that you feel the warmth of your partner’s body on your yours. 

Maintain eye contact and keep at conversations. 

I have seen that the honeymoon position works best when you both are under the duvet. Put the AC on (if there is), and pull the duvet over. 

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9. The Lap Pillow

The lap pillow is similar to the butt pillow, only this time, you are to use your partner’s inner thighs as some sort of pillow. 

You can use either the back of their thigh or the front. Whatever works!

10. The Pretzel

In this cuddle position, the top halves of your body are in contact. You can make this an ‘upgrade’ of the arm draper. The woman has her head on the man’s chest. 

Perfect for sleeping too. 

It is good practice to alternate between cuddling positions when you are having that intimate moment with your partner. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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