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10 Creative Ways to Ask Someone for a Kiss

by | Love

Jul 19, 2023

Getting someone to kiss you for the first time can be somewhat scary. You may find it hard to frame the words and may even be consumed with anxiety about whether or not they will accept to kiss you. We will be making things a lot easier for you with this article. Here are 10 ways to ask someone for a kiss.

1. Do You Think My Lips Look Good Enough to be Kissed?

Say this from out of nowhere. And say it while looking into his eyes. He may laugh about it. But make no mistakes; you have driven the point into his heart. 

He knows you want to kiss him and will some way or the other, bring the subject into the conversation. 

2. Your Lips Look Very Amazing, You Know? I often wonder what they will taste like.

This is surely going to make him or her want to kiss you. 

The thing about kisses is that they are a two-way thing. The moment someone figures that you just want to kiss them, they will want to kiss you as well. 

It is how desire works, especially with women. 

When a woman begins to figure out that you have made her the object of your desire, she is going to want you more. This is how to succeed with a woman who seems on and off. 

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3. Can You Please Wipe Off My Lip Gloss With Your Lips? 

Say this to a man who has a good sense of humor, and you will have a kiss planted on your lips in no time. 

Usually, he is going to laugh about it and go on teasing you. But eventually, he is going to put that kiss on your lips. 

4. Hey, I have been thinking about being kissed. I don’t know if someone around me, who is putting on a (the color of their dress), is going to want to kiss me. 

Chances are, you are going to be kissed as soon as it settles in the person that you are talking about him. 

If they are smart, they are going to figure it out in no time. If not, they may take a while. The effects are, however, going to be the same: realization, and then the kiss comes.

Just be sure that you have everything in order before asking anyone to kiss you. Be sure that you have brushed your teeth and have had your lips hydrated. 

Flaky lips are capable of making a kiss feel very awkward.

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5. Do Your Lips Taste as Good as They Look? I Would Love To Find Out.

What better way is there to get a kiss than to infuse a sweet compliment in your request? The person would be swooned by your compliment and also impressed at how polite you can be. You could get very lucky and have that request approved. 

6. How about I help You Put some Moisture on Those Lips?

As corny as this sounds, it is a cute way to ask someone for a kiss. 

Infuse it with humor anyways so they do not feel you are saying they have chapped lips, and your good intentions do not come off as creepy and inappropriate. 

7. Your Lips Look So Soft. Can I Please Feel Their Texture?

If someone I like says this to me, I would definitely let them kiss me because this is a cute thing to say. The aim is to make them feel good and love the idea of being kissed by you. 

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8. Do You Know How To Play Merge Games? No? We Can Practice With Our Lips.

This one literally made my cheeks go pink. And I’m the writer. I think this is a really sweet thing to say to someone. It definitely is not cliche. It might be a little cringe-worthy but trust me; the sweetness covers all that. If you are looking for unexpected and shocking, this is your best bet. 

9. I’m running out of breath. Can you give me a mouth-to-mouth?

I know what you’re thinking. Too cheesy, but come on. You might even get that kiss before your intention is figured out, and this person would not get angry at having a kiss stolen because this is funny. If someone were to say this to me, I would kiss them without thinking too much about it. Who does not want to save lives? Definitely not me. 

10. Are your lips taken? I want to steal them in a kiss

Throw that thought away. This is not giving creepy vibes. It might be a tad bit cliche, but being a little old-fashioned does not hurt. 

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11. Your lips are so eye-catching. Can you cover them with mine so someone does not rob you of them?

Yes, let us howl together. I know, this is a classy line. Not those weak ones from teen magazines. I recommend you say this to someone you’d like to kiss on your next date. 

12. What if we recreate a kissing scene from Titanic?

We all know the Titanic romance was a major hit. The whole Jack and Rose scenes were epic. They used to make me lost in daydreams as a youngster. Telling someone you want to recreate those are just cute. Minus the drowning part, of course.

13. Are you Sleeping Beauty? Because I want to kiss you till you wake up: remember the story of Sleeping Beauty and how she could only be freed from a curse by true love’s kiss? 

I’m not saying whoever you want to kiss has a curse to be freed from, but come on, this is a very cool thing to say to someone for a kiss. First, you have given them that position of royal, and secondly, you have indirectly told them you would be willing to save them from anything, even if they are spells. 

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14. Can I please kiss you? 

Sometimes, directness is a spell in itself. Cast this spell on the one you want to kiss, and watch them fall for it.

15. Don’t Ask. Just stare at their lips, and they will get the hint you want to kiss them. 


Good luck getting your kiss with these creative ways.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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