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15 Best Conversation Starters for Couples

by | Love

Apr 6, 2022

These conversation starters for couples are relatively easy to initiate. At your next conversation with your spouse, use these tips to have a memorable conversation both of you will enjoy.

Even when it is couples involved, a good conversation is most times dependent on how it kicks off. Start a conversation well, and the conversation turns out great. Start poorly, and the conversation becomes tiring at some point and meets an early end. 

There is an awkward silence, and the goodbyes come earlier than they are supposed to. You should check out these conversation starters for couples; they’ll help you start and sustain longer conversations with your spouse, which will, in turn, deepen the bond between you both: 

1. Ah, Your Beautiful Smile Again

Imagine that you walk in on your spouse, smiling really hard. An excellent way to start a conversation at this point is to compliment this very smile. Say it in a sarcastic way if your spouse is great with humor while maintaining eye contact. What this is most likely going to do, is to make her smile some more. 

And the smile is going to make way for brief laughter, and then she will begin to open up to you about what is making her smile. 

It is great to awaken memories built from facial expressions. For example, you can say something like: “I remember the last time you smiled this hard. It was at a museum.”

This conversation starter for couples doesn’t only work with smiles. It can work with any other facial expression. “Hey, why is your face squeezed so much?” 

2. Hey, what are You Up to? 

Finding out what a person has been up to is a great way to start a conversation. Remember, a conversation involves two people listening to each other. People want to talk, especially to people they love. But they don’t just want to talk. They want to be listened to. 

Give them the impression that you would listen to them, and they will talk to you pretty well. 

Asking your spouse what he is up to shows that you genuinely care about him or her and care to listen. Maintain eye contact as you talk, and don’t turn your attention away from your partner. 

3. Hey, You Wouldn’t Believe What Happened Today

good conversation does not have to begin with the other person telling you stuff you asked about. It can also start with you telling the person stuff they agree to hear about. 

Walking up to your spouse and telling them they won’t believe what happened today is doing two things:

  • It is a suggestive statement and can tell you whether or not your partner is open for a conversation at that point. If they are, they’ll most likely say something like: “I don’t know? Please tell me.”
  • It tells your partner that you do want to talk. 

4. Did You See The News? 

Being a couple means you have crossed the prison-like talking stage—where you have to be careful about everything that enters the conversation, where you have to talk only about things people consider interesting. 

You can talk about anything now, even something as boring as the news. Especially if what appeared on the news seemed interesting and funny. 

You can also talk about the war between Russia and Ukraine. 

5. My Mom Called

Hints are great conversation starters because they pique a person’s interest. 

In storytelling, hints are called hooks. They are usually the first sentence of a book. They don’t necessarily tell anything. But they make a person yearn to know what happens next. 

“My mom called.”—is a great hook. 

It will make your partner turn around and probably go: “Hey, why did she call?” You can laugh it off and say: “Ah, it is nothing. What’s up?” And then, a conversation starts from there.

6. Do You Remember When (memory)

Conversations flow better when both parties know much about what is being talked about. 

With couples, this comes easy when the conversation is built from memories. Of course, they are a couple and have shared many beautiful memories. 

Start your conversations by talking about your memories. Especially about the memories that make you both laugh the most. Talk about the time when you both were on the talking stage, and she made things quite hard. Or about that time when he said something that made the whole group laugh. 

Make sure you are really into the conversation and don’t forget to keep your focus on your partner. 

7. It Hasn’t rained This Much in a While

Remember how earlier I said you could talk about anything with your partner, even the seemingly boring ones? Well, it does work. 

A good conversation starter for couples is talking about their immediate surrounding. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the weather, even though it can be. Talk about the sun, how hot it is, and how the last time it felt so hot was days ago or when you both first met each other. 

It is good practice to always find a way to bring healthy memories into your memories, no matter what you are talking about. 

8. Movies

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus have gained popularity a lot amongst young couples. I want to believe there used to be something similar earlier; you know, where couples saw movies together. 

If you and your spouse are the kinds to see movies together, then you should know that you can start a conversation about the movies you last saw. 

Talk about the good and the bad of the movie; the character’s death that hurt you most. Laugh about it too, and maybe even use that time to plan the next date you both should go on. 

9. Books

While some couples are big on movies, some do not really dig movies that much. They would rather talk about books instead. 

If you are the kind of couple who love books, then talk about books. You can ask your partner if he or she has read a particular book. And if they say yes, you then build a conversation from there. 

Ask them what they love about the book, and watch him or she brighten up. People like to talk about things they love. 

10. My Boss is So Annoying

You can begin a conversation by expressing hurt. In fact, expressing hurt has been to be a great way to begin a conversation. 

When you express your hurt to your partner, the love they have for you immediately compels them to be interested in what you have to say. 

Tell your man your boss is so annoying, and he is most likely going to straighten in his seat and ask what went wrong. 

Now that you have his listening ears, then you talk. And when you are done talking, steer the conversation in a more positive direction. 

11. When I was a Child

Earlier, I talked about how it is a great practice to talk about memories you and your partner share. In the same way, it is great to begin your conversations with your partner by talking about your own memories. 

This works because it’s not just only a good conversation starter for couples, but it also lets your partner know new stuff about you, deepening your bond with each other. 

Isn’t that just what conversations are for? 

12. Tell Me About Your Childhood

You don’t have to be the one talking all the time. You can start the conversation and then let your spouse take it from the first sentence. 

A good conversation starter for couples will be asking how your spouse’s childhood was. You don’t have to be so direct about it so that it doesn’t seem like you are prying or conducting an investigation. 

You can say something like: “I just looked at you and remembered something. Did you ever use to play football as a child?” If he did, he would begin to talk about it, and it’ll be all laughter from you both in no time. 

13. Social Media

Social media makes up a big part of our lives these days. You can definitely say something about social media as a way to start a conversation. 

You can talk about the recent trend on Twitter or about the new celebrity who is just being roasted. Try to include humor in your conversations and make sure there is enough body contact during the conversation. 

14. How Are You

Sometimes, all your partner wants to hear in order to open up for a conversation is: “How are you?” It may be a conventional question, but when people we genuinely care about ask us that question, we open up really well.

Ask your partner how he is doing. Ask as though you are genuinely interested to know. 

15. Gossip

The good thing about being in a relationship is; having the chance to gossip and laugh at anything or anyone. 

Accept it; gossip is not that bad when you are gossiping with the right person. We all gossip with the right person. 

Begin the conversation with your partner with some juicy gossip. Walk up to them and say, “Did you see what happened at the bus?”

There is going to be an of laughter, and you can then turn the conversation wherever you want it to go. 

Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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