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10 Compliments For a Guy That Will Make His Day

by | Love

Jun 13, 2024

It is a lot easier than you think to make a man’s day. You just have to place a compliment right, and boom, he will be smiling for the rest of the day. Struggling with finding the right compliment? Here are ten compliments that will shurely make his day.

1. You should smile more, you know? You look so cute and manly when you smile. 

Why it works: It will definitely work because it will make him feel more manly. Men like to feel manly even when they may be having bad days. 

Manuel tells us that one of the best compliments he ever received from a woman was one directed at his smile. He admits he had not been smiling before she walked up to him, and even doubted she has seen him smile before. 

But the moment the compliment came, he just found himself smiling very wide.

What will he do? Like Manuel, I imagine he is going to smile very wide. If he isn’t in the mood to talk, he will just go about his day thinking about you and that compliment. If he is in the mood to talk, he may try to strike up a conversationwith you. 

2. Having a bad day? I don’t think I would ever have a bad day if I looked like you. 

Why it works: “Having a bad day?” suggests to him that this compliment is coming from a place of care. It is going to work even better if he really is having a bad day. One of the best compliments a man can ever receive will come when he is having a bad day.

It will also work because it is witty and compliments his looks. Not like his looks have anything to do with his bad day. It is not that. It’s the care, and the witty, humorous deligrery that gets to him.

What will he do? My best bet is that he is going to smile, say thank you, and try to get his day together. If he has the time, he may try to strike a conversation with you. 

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3. I had been wondering why I felt so hot until I noticed you standing there. 

Why it works: It will work because of its humorous delivery. With men, you stand such a big chance when you can use humor to your advantage. Men are funny, and they tend to love it when women are funny too. 

Imagine telling him he looks hot without even saying so directly. That in itself is actually so hot. 

How will he Respond? The moment he figures this out, you will notice a smile spread on his cheeks. The first time a woman used this line on me, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling for the rest of that day. 

4. Can you tell me how to stop myself from staring at you every two seconds?

Why it works: Because you have made him the active character of this compliment and made yourself someone who is awe-struck by his heroic nature. 

Men like to feel like heroes. This is why it is such a good idea to make men feel like heroes. 

Read one of our older articles about the hero instinct, and you’d be surprised how hero-directed compliments can work. 

How will he Respond? You may see him blush. He may laugh with full teeth and look away. 

I asked Kay what his response would be if a woman ever told him this, and he said: “Man, I don’t know. But I know one thing for sure: it will be impossible to keep a straight face. 

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5. You look like you can catch the sun with your bare hands.

This is such a fancy way of telling him he is very hot. And guess what? He is going to really feel it. I know this because I have been there before. 

6. Your clothes fit so well. It is amazing how you dress:

Why it works: Complimenting a man’s dressing is also such a great idea. If you do it right, just the way we have suggested, you are going to make his day. 

Telling him his clothes fit well is also telling him you love his choice of dressing. His subconscious is going to pick on this for sure.

How will he respond? With a smile. You’re going to notice a small smile break on his face. It’ll be such a cute thing to look at. 

7. Gosh, you smell so nice. What cologne do you use? I would want that on my man or make you my man instead. 

Why it works: It will work to make his day because it is daring and sweet, like you had to risk a lot to deliver the compliment. 

He knows how hard it is to give compliments and so really appreciates it when you can push that one out. 

How will he respond? If he is feeling you, too, he may try to dare you into trying to make him your man. He’d say something like: “I want to see you try.”

8. You’re so tall. I like tall men so much. Doesn’t mean I like you anyway. You know what? Maybe it does.

This is also really funny and can trigger a reaction from him. My best bet is that he is going to feel you very much. He is going to throw the compliment around with you. 

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9. You should be in a music video, you know?

This is concise and simple, and is able to make just about any man smile. I know for a fact that if a woman told me this, my smile would be one that is impossible to hide. 

10. I think you look very handsome

Sometimes it is the old and classical compliments that make the difference. Every now and then, men like it when a woman is direct. 


Complimenting a man’s right is something every woman should learn to do.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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