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10 Compliments For a Woman to Make Her Feel Great

by | Home, Love

Jun 13, 2024

Complimenting a woman is one of the easiest ways to get her to feel great about herself and, eventually, notice you. In this article, I will be showing you ten compliments you should tell a woman to make her feel good.

1. You look so sharp in that dress. 

Why it works: As short as this compliment is, it will work because it takes attention away from her body. Especially when you may not know the woman enough, it is often a bad idea to compliment her body directly. 

Say something like: “Your butt looks big,” or “Your breasts look amazing.” It is almost always a bad idea. 

The best thing to do, is compliment her body but not directly. Compliment something on her body and use her body as a reference, like in the compliment here. You’re complimenting her dress but using her body as a reference. “You look good in that dress,” then becomes one of the sweetest things she has heard all day. 

How will She Respond? My bet is that you will get a bright smile and a soft thank you. 

2. Your voice is one of the most gentle I have heard in a while.

Why it works: Well, first because it will not creep her out. Second, it will do a great job of enforcing her femininity. Women love it when a man compliments them for being feminine. It makes them feel even more feminine. 

Peniel tells us: “When he makes me feel feminine, I cannot help myself. I feel even more feminine and subconsciously want to hear him compliment me more.”

How will she Respond? She will, of course, respond by showing you her more feminine sides. You may notice somesigns of shyness, like throwing her hair back or touching her face. 

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3. You know, you’re actually very smart for your age. I love it so much. 

This is yet another compliment that can make a woman feel great. I have used it quite a number of times on both women I have known for a while and women I am trying to pick up. 

Why does it work? It works because it takes the attention from her body. It disappoints her, sort of. I will tell you this for free: almost every woman out there goes through her day expecting a compliment about her looks from a man. Women know that their bodies look great, and subtly expect a man to compliment it.

A man who does not compliment her body but instead goes for something he doesn’t see, like her smartness, stands out. She, for the first time in a while, actually believes a compliment from a man. 

Compliments about a person’s intellect are usually a lot more believable. It works because she believes you. It is going to make her day. 

4. You remind me of someone. I can’t figure out who, but she was just as smart as you. 

This is a compliment that triggers her desire to compete and show off. It is going to make her feel happy, for sure. But it is also going to make her compete. This means she will want to do something that proves to you that she may be smarter than that someone you remind her of.

This is the kind of compliment you give to a girl when you are trying to make her feel happy and like you at the same time. 

5. You wear your hair perfectly, but next time, it may help to try…

Why it works: Girls like to feel perfect. It makes them feel great about themselves. But you know what really gathers an emotional response from her? Making her feel not so perfect.

Telling her you like her hair and moving on to suggest a new way for her to wear it is showing her that she can always look better. 

How will she Respond? She will respond by trying to look even better for you. If you ever see her again, which I believe you would, don’t be surprised if she is wearing her hair just the way you suggested. 

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6. You smell very nice; what perfume do you use? 

Why Will this work? Women are picky when it comes to their scent. They spend a lot of time trying to pick the perfect scent, and spend the day trying to get someone to notice it. Be the first person to notice her scent and be as detailed as possible with the compliment. 

You can say: “I like your scent because it reminds me of all the flowers I used to pick when I was a child.”

How will she respond: My best bet? She will respond with a smile and a soft thank you. 

7. Your eyes seem like they can swallow me up or something.

Why will this work? Mainly because it is funny. Eye compliments are quite funny. If she has a good sense of humor, she is going to laugh, say thank you, and maybe even try to strike up a conversation. 

8. I miss when I used to bump into beautiful women like you every day.

Why will this work? It will work because you are obviously calling her beautiful. She is going to feel great, but not so great because she will wonder which beautiful women you have seen aside from her. 

She will mentally try to be the most beautiful woman you have seen. 

9. Do you know this TV star? You seem to have her smile. 

Everyone wants to look like a TV star!

10. Have you considered modeling? I think it will be one of the best decisions you make. I do think so.

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Why will this work?: If she really does have the body of a model, this will work because it makes her feel more beautiful. 

She will respond by saying thank you, and if you seem fun enough, she may go on to tell you about her previous plans to become a model. 


Complimenting a woman right is the easiest way into her head. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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