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Bumble Vs Tinder: Which Dating App is Right for You

by | Dating Tips

May 29, 2024

It’s sometimes hard to figure out which dating app is right for you. Most people struggle with two options: Bumble or Tinder. In this article, we try to show you which one may be best for you. 

Bumble Overview

A dating app that also has a web version. Beautiful interface and one payment tier—for Bumble Premium. 

Tinder Overview

Tinder is a dating app that also has a web version, like Bumble. It has such a beautiful interface too, and has three payment tiers: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.  

1. Number of overall users

Tinder has more users than Bumble. Almost everyone these days is on Tinder, and this makes it a little easier to get likes there. 

If you’re looking at getting likes easily, then Tinder is the place for you. 

You can even get likes from people outside your country or continent, depending on the plan you are using. 

Bumble doesn’t have so many users yet, especially in some rather rural demographics. So, getting likes may be a little more difficult. 

If you live in a demographic where people use Bumble a lot, you may, however, not feel any difference. 

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2. Interface

While both Bumble and Tinder have very amazing interfaces, with apps that respond well on iOS and Android, Tinder seems to have the simpler interfaces. 

With Tinder, you only have about four clickable options on the bottom of your screen. 

The “people” option, the search option, which expands into other options, the likes option, your chats, and your profile. 

This makes Tinder a lot more easy to navigate. 

While it is difficult to completely scan someone’s profile on Bumble because you have to scroll down to see pictures aside from their profile picture, it is much easier on Tinder. 

All you have to do is tap on your screen. 

You don’t leave the front page for any reason at all. 

The Tinder app also has a dark mode, whereas the dark mode in Bumble is still on the way. 

Tinder takes it again with the interface. Its interface is easier to navigate, and the option of dark mode comes in very handy. 

You may not like Tinder if you do not like the color pink. 

3. Pictures

While Bumble has a limit of 6 pictures per profile, with Tinder, you can put up more than that. 

I have seen profiles which put up 10 or more picture. And videos. 

This makes it easy to sort through potential matches. 

I mean, putting up pictures is great. But videos? You get to see what a person looks like in real life. 

This makes Tinder take the win again. 

If pictures don’t really matter to you, and all you are seeking in the dating pool is someone who can be themselves despite how they look, then you can go to Bumble. 

If you want to see who you are matching with, then stick around on Tinder. You stand a better chance at matching if you have just as many pictures on your own timeline. 

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4. Active status and location

Tinder also takes the win with this one. 

Tinder shows you when a potential match was seen last. It doesn’t say: “Online” though. 

It just gives you a clue: “Active” if the person is currently using the app or “Recently Active” if the person has been active in the past week. 

This helps you preserve your likes for people who are actually likely to like you back and become matches. 

The location is also shown right there in the profile area of your potential matches. 

It shows something like: “70km away.”

You don’t have to scroll down to see it. It’s just there. On Bumble, however, you have to scroll down. This can be very annoying sometimes. 

Bumble also barely shows you when someone has been active. 

5. Purpose

While Tinder seems to be a place where you don’t date with a lot of purpose, Bumble is the opposite. 

Over the years, many users have come to see Tinder as a place to get hooked up with someone. 

Femi from Nigeria says: “I don’t know if it is the case with other demographics, but everyone wants to hook up here.” 

He adds: “I go to Bumble when I actually want to find love.”

He actually isn’t wrong. 

Bumble is structured in a way that allows people to explore the dating environment with purpose. 

In fact, there are even articles put up on Bumble that help people secure dates. 

This time, Bumble takes the win. Bumble is right for you if you’re seeking meaningful connections with people who are like-minded. 

6. Payment plans

This is where Bumble takes the win again. Since Bumble has only one payment plan that comes with more or less all the needed features, then Bumble can be considered cheaper. 

There are three payment options on Tinder. 

Almost all three of these are more expensive than Bumble Premium. 

With Bumble, you are paying less and getting more, with no forms of restrictions. 

If you’re looking for someplace cheap, then Bumble is going to be the one for you. 

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7. Filters

This is definitely going to be a tie. 

Both Bumble and Tinder have very similar filters. 

You get to filter age, location, etc. 

Tinder may win, but slightly—as with Tinder, there is a location filter that works almost everywhere. 

The Bumble location filter does not work for all demographics. 

8. Matching and messaging

Matching and Messaging is somewhat more gyncocentric on Bumble. 

That is to say, most of the dating power is given to women. 

Women decide who to date and who not to. They decide who to message and who not to. 

On Tinder, you can message just about anyone you match with. It isn’t that way on Bumble. 

The person who makes the concluding move, that is to say, the move that seals the match, is the person who can message first. 

And if messages are left pending for more than 24 hours, the match is revoked. 

This makes it so difficult because one has to wait for a woman to message first. 

Women may love Bumble. But Tinder is definitely for the guys. 


Bumble and Tinder are both great dating apps. You just have to choose what you want.

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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