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10 Best Bumble Prompts for Guys

by | Dating Tips

Jun 6, 2024

Bumble itself agrees that the more complete your profile is, the better your chances of getting matches and interacting properly with these matches. In this article, we explore a somewhat hidden but important part of your Bumble profile. It is called your “Bumble Prompt.” We also show you the best Bumble prompts for guys if they’re going to meet beautiful women. 

Your Bumble Prompt

Bumble prompts are a great way to show what your personality is like. They’re a selection of questions that you provide short yet interesting answers to. These answers show up on your profile and can be read by anyone who bumps into you. 

The prompt is the question Bumble asks you. And your response is what shows people what your personality is like. 

There are over 30 Bumble prompts. In this article, we show you the best 10 and how you can answer them to appear more interesting and fun. Such that women match with you. 

Bear in mind that you can only add three prompts to your profile at the same time. So, choose the best 3 you find discussed here. 

1. Prompt: What is Your Idea of a Perfect First Date?

This prompt is up to let people see your personality and your interests. It is a trick question, you see. First, it shows people you want to “date,” and then it shows what kind of a lover you are. You should skip this prompt if you don’t want to date—that is to say if you want something rather casual. 

Your Answers:

Your answers to this Bumble prompt as a guy should cement your stance as a lover who is masculine and mysterious. 

Mystery is one of the best things to project on a dating app. 

1. How about you come find out?

2. That depends on you, really. My ideal first date will be someplace that makes you feel like a Disney princess. 

3. You know, I really haven’t given it much though. 

My best bet is that she is going to find you irresistibly confident and funny. 

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2. Prompt: A Pro and Con of Dating Me

This is also a prompt left for guys who want something serious on Bumble. It offers them a chance to show what dating them feels like. 

With this one, you have to overcome the urge to sell yourself. Don’t. That’s only going to make you seem desperate. Women can smell that from a hundred miles away, and on Bumble, they’ll be much less than a hundred miles away. 

Your Answers:

Your answers should reflect confidence, ease, and humor. Remember that you really shouldn’t oversell yourself. This is never as good as you think. 

1. You’ll never be bored if you aren’t boring. 

2. How about you come find out?

3. Let’s not focus on the cons now, shall we? 

These three answers create an air of tension and make you seem even more admirable. The second one used to be my Bumble Prompt for a while. Years ago. Worked like magic. 

3. Prompt: My Real-Life Superpower Is?

Now, this is the prompt for even the playboys. In fact, it is the best Bumble prompt for guys who don’t want anything serious. It offers the guys an opportunity to showcase their personality and their ability to make women laugh. 

Your Answers:

Your answer should be casual and powered by humor. With this prompt, you can make just about anyone laugh hard. And you should. Say something that makes you appear very witty and intelligent. 

If you’re not great with humor, you should check out one of our articles, How to be Funny. It should help you get your humor game up. 

1. Making an angry person laugh. And it is so fun to watch. 

2. Making you fall in love with me in two days. 

3. Sleeping. Heck, I like to sleep. 

Notice how casual these are? I assure you that they work. 

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4. Prompt: After Work, You Can Find Me

First, Bumble wants you to show your match that you actually have a job. Big prompt for guys who want something serious. 

Your Answer:

Your answer should reflect confidence as much as it reflects humor. I like to believe humorous prompt answers get men more matches. Some love humor. They do!

1. I push my laptop aside and fall asleep. I work from home. I’m a writer. 

2. In my car, driving home. I never hang around for more than three minutes. 

3. As far away from my office as possible. 

5. Prompt: I Promise I Won’t Judge You If

This is a prompt for just about any kind of guy. The purpose of it is to set boundaries early on. Bumble is quite smart with these things. 

Your answer:

Your answer should communicate confidence and poise. It should also be able to make her laugh. Show her you’re the playful kind of guy. 

1. Fall for me in one day. Because I may be falling for you already. 

2. Forget your keys in the door. I make this mistake more times than I forget my keys in the car. 

3. You make me fly two cities to come meet you. 

6. Prompt: A Review From a Friend

This is a great prompt for guys who want something serious on Bumble. 

You just have to show what your friends think about you. 

Your Answer:

You should not be tempted to oversell yourself. Just a few words should do the trick. Be sure that these few words leave a lasting impression, one that is linked to an emotion. 

You can say something along the lines of:

1. They say any woman around me will be the luckiest woman ever. 

2. They say I am such an annoying yet sweet guy. Don’t think this is true though.  I am nice. 

3. They love me. 

Notice how these reviews draw attention to you? Such that women want to know what you’re made of and are more likely to match with you. 

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7. Prompt: I Get Too Excited About 

This prompt is an opportunity to showcase what you do for fun, or what makes you feel a renewed sense of joy. You should be sure to not leave the space empty if you’re looking for something casual. You may fill it too, if you are seeking something serious. 

Your Answer:

Whatever you write, don’t get too excited. For guys, anything that suggests that you get into extremes of emotions should be avoided. Guys should not be prone to extremes of emotion. This makes them seem less safe to be around. Talk about what excites you, yes. But don’t suggest that you get too excited. Let what excites you be something that can trigger a woman’s feminine side. Something along the lines of:

1. Maybe being watched whilst working. That makes me happy. 

2. A nice smile from someone beautiful on a bad day. Changes my mood like a switch. 

3. Dates. I like to go on dates. 

Notice how these prompts place some kind of duty on anyone who reads them, whilst inspiring them to try to be there for you. A woman reads that and goes: “Maybe I should be that person to him!”

8. If I Had an Extra Hour a Day, I would?

This prompt aims to give the reader some form of insight into your life and how things are with you on normal days. 

Your Answer:

Your answer should be one that suggests that your day is fun. People want to be sucked into fun. No one wants to be sucked into a harsh and unfriendly day. 

1. Save that hour up and add it to the rest of my life. Life is beautiful!

2. I’ll sleep more. And party more. 

3. More time to write! Stories are great. 

Be sure that your answers indicate things you are actually passionate about. Passion is beautifully sexy. 

9. My Perfect Sunday Is?

You can usually tell what a person is like by watching what they do on the weekend. Boring people seldom do anything on the weekend. They’re just there, maybe bored or boring. 

Answer this prompt in a way that presents you as fun, loving, and engaging. 

1. A day at the beach, sipping wine

2. A road trip to somewhere I have never been before. 

[Typically, women really like men who are open to traveling. It makes the man appear fun and mysterious.]

3. A day spent with someone I love. 

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10. Must See Movie

Fill this out if you are seeking something casual. It can also work if you are seeking something that works. People bond over movies sometimes. You can bond over one. 

And, yes. It is not the movie that really matters but how you talk about it. If there is passion in how you describe that movie.


Your Bumble prompts should be ones that show your admirers your personality. The more fun parts of you that can be seen, the better. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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