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10 Best Bumble Openers for Women

by | Dating Tips

May 26, 2024

Women will have to initiate most of the interactions on Bumble. Except in rare cases when it is them who swipe Like first on the man. This makes it important for women on Bumble to learn the best openers. Here are some of the best ones our editors have come up with to help you strike the best dates. 

1. Hey, suddenly, I feel like a wife or girlfriend already, who is now texting her man. How are you, handsome (my man)?

This is called the “stun,” or the “escalate” method of texting. The escalate method of texting was defined in a more proper context by Ubong, our relationship editor. 

It is a technique used in storytelling a lot. The idea is to stun a reader two to three lines into the story. 

This is something that can be used on bumble too. It is something we recommend even. This should definitely be your first text. 

Why will it Work? It’ll work for sure because it will leave the man stunned and possibly make him laugh. He would wonder what you have up your sleeves and immediately conclude that you are an interesting and mysterious person. 

Men love it when a woman can show high levels of mystery. The more mysterious a woman is, the better her chances are that she will secure a man’s immediate attention. 

How will he Respond? Our prediction is that he will respond with a couple of laughing emojis and implore you to explain further what you mean when you call him your man. 

Our advice? Don’t. 

2. Swiped right on me, I see. Let’s skip the introductions. Come meet my parents. Let’s get married. 

This is one of the best methods to text a man first on Bumble. You do three things with this text:

  • You show him that you are great at humor. Men love it when a woman is funny. Funny women make the world go rounder and rounder. 
  • You show him that you are family oriented woman. You may not see how obvious he is, but he does. He immediately knows that you are not in here for casual sex but for a meaningful and healthy relationship. If he is into you, he will text you as though he is interested in exploring a relationship with you. 
  • You show him that you don’t like too long talks and that you would rather go straight to the point. 

How will he respond? Of course, he will resound like most men would. He is going to laugh and ask how you’re doing. 

Our advise is that you don’t try to push the conversation too hard. Just let it flow the way it should. Remember to respond along the course of best response. 

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3. Could this be a match made in heaven? I see that you like (mention his likes). I love those, too. What’s your favorite?

Whether on Bumble or in real life, it is best to start a conversation centered on a shared interest. 

Everyone in the real world is interested in something. The difference between there and real life is that no one has their interests written on their forehead. 

On Bumble, you see a man’s interest on his profile. Starting right there at you. 

Engage him in something you believe he finds interesting, and let the conversation run from there. 

Why will this work? This Bumble opener will work because men are very open to talking about what they love. If a man loves something, I assure you that you will know. Even if that something is, in this case, someone—you. 

How will he respond? He will respond like everyone who has just had their interest peaked. On Bumble, I’d advise that you make the most of this initial interaction by responding fast. 

The faster you respond, the better. 

4. You’re 2km away? I promise I didn’t stalk, but that doesn’t seem bad at all. How are you? 

The mention of a location suggests to the man that you must have spent some time on his profile. 

This shows a man that you are very interested in him. It shows him that you are somewhat strange too. 

Men love this kind of women. 

Why will this work? It’ll work because;

  1. You’ve just made it clear that you are very close to him. Typically, men on Bumble will redound to women who are closer to them. That is to say, a woman who is 30km away is more unlikely to receive a response than a woman who is, say, 10km away. 
  2. You have indicated an interest in meeting him; by mentioning his location, you have also indicated some interest in him. Men love interest. It is one of the most beautiful things to them.

How will he respond? He will likely laugh. If he’s into you, he may tease you and throw a simple test: “Are you saying you want to meet me?”

Want to pass this test? Easy. Throw a question back at him. Say: “What if I want to? Would it be such a bad thing?”

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5. Bumble really does house a lot of fine men.

With this Bumble opener, you are complimenting him. But it is such a subtle compliment. One that he is likely to even laugh at. But he knows it is there. 

Why will this work;

  • It is a compliment: compliments on Bumble go a long way. Of course, Bumble is also a kind of social media platform. It is compliments that rule social media. 
  • It allows him room to wonder if you’re talking to just him; by mentioning “fine men,” you are showing him that aside from him, you have seen some very good-looking men on Bumble. This is going to trigger his competitor instinct. From then on, things get easier. 

How will he respond? Well, it all depends on the kind of guy he is. But I am guessing he is going to laugh and say something along the lines of: “What do you mean, fine men?”

6. “❤️”

Sometimes all you have to do is pass the ball to him and let him choose if he is going to make a move or not. 

This is a preferred opener to a conversation with a man you don’t exactly find attractive. One you can risk missing. 

It will work much if he likes you. If he doesn’t, he will not. 

Either way, he gets the point if he doesn’t like you that much. And even if he does, he may be too proud to respond. 

Ubong tells us: “When a woman sends me a love emoji or any other emoji on Bumble, I just know there is a deficit of interest.”

7. Hey, good morning. It is a cold day in (your location), and for some reason, I am cuddled up in bed texting you. 

It helps to begin a conversation with a story sometimes. 

It shows the man that you are a very interesting person already. 

What will he say? His response is likely going to be a story too. This may be the basis of your interaction with each other for a long time. As you throw stories back and forth, your rapport with each other becomes better. 

8. Hey, you good?

Sometimes, cliches and shorts are best. 

Why will this work?

It shows interest in having a conversation, but only if he is going to be a part of it too. 

People understand what short messages mean. They mean that one is interested but not that interested. 

This is able to intrigue a man sometimes. 

What will be his response? His response is going to be short as well. 

He may say something along the lines of, “Yeah, I am. How’s your day going?”

Keep it that way. The conversations should be short until you both are bold enough to do long passes. 

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9. Comment on his prompt

Sometimes, the best way to start a conversation on Bumble is to comment on his prompt. 

This is actually the way Bumble wants you to start conversations. 

A man’s prompts are his deep, deep interests. And if you can engage him in that direction, then he is going to respond favorably and try to push the conversation forward. 

Comment on his prompt. You have two options: either commend them or make him try to explain them. 

You can do this by asking questions or trying to tease him. Men don’t like to be teased and will often try to explain themselves if you tease them too much. 

10. Hey, how does it feel to be matched with the most beautiful woman in this world?

This is humor by exaggeration. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book and has stayed effective for a long time. 

It is going to make him laugh, and he will try to throw back that humor. You should throw it back and forth until you’re in a full-blown conversation. 


Bumble conversations are amazing if you know how to start and keep them. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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