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What is Brazilian Wax? 10 Must-Knows About Getting a Brazilian Wax

by | Health & Wellness

Mar 11, 2023

Brazilian waxing has become popular for women who want to achieve a smooth and hairless look in the pubic area. However, it can be a daunting experience for those who have never had it done before. So, let’s dive in and explore everything you need to know about getting a Brazilian wax! 

In this post, we will provide you with all the information you need about Brazilian waxing, including what it is, its history, who can or shouldn’t get it, benefits, if it hurts, the procedure, and what people say about it. Whether you are a first-timer or someone who wants to brush up on your knowledge, this post is for you.

What is a Brazilian Wax

Brazilian wax, also called Hollywood wax, is a pretty straightforward process. It involves removing your public hair using wax, which may be used either hot or cold. The wax is spread evenly across the skin. A piece of cloth is placed on it, and then it is gently peeled off.

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The Brazilian waxing technique has its roots traced to Brazil. Although it is unsure the exact year it started, it has been found that this technique was practiced hundreds of years ago with lemon and sugar.

It gained ground around 1987 when a group of seven entrepreneurial immigrant sisters known as the “J-sisters” brought it to and opened a waxing parlor in Manhattan, New York.

Who Can Get Brazilian Wax?

Anyone can get a Brazilian wax. Surprisingly to most, men can too! As long as you feel comfortable with it, then sure, a Brazilian wax is fine. 

Who Can’t Get it? 

It isn’t advisable to get a Brazilian wax if you are:

  • Pregnant: while there isn’t necessarily a health risk associated with being pregnant and getting a Brazilian wax, you might not be ready to deal with the pain just yet. If you are in your last trimester of pregnancy, have your doctor confirm whether or not you can go ahead with getting a wax. 
  • On Your Period: Rescheduling your appointment would be a good idea if you’re on your period. If you fear the hair will be overgrown by then, you can simply give the top a little trim. If you must get a Brazilian wax when on your period, please use a tampon or period cup. Never use a pad or free bleed when you have an appointment. Most aestheticians would not agree to work on you. 
  • Certain Medications like Hormone Replacements, Antibiotics, or Retiniods: these drugs can compromise the biological barrier between your skin and the rest of your body.

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Health Benefits Over Regular Shaves

Brazilian waxes provide the kind of skin-deep exfoliation no form of shaving can offer. Since it removes hair from the root, dead skin cells and other particles are removed during the process. 

It leaves your skin tender and smooth. If you get yours done with professional hands, things like irritation, bumps, and even ingrown hairs, which cause discomfort, will be avoided. 

Does Brazilian Wax Hurt?

Definitely. A striking number of women admit that their first wax was the most painful of the lot. This is because this is something your skin would be experiencing for the first time. 

On a scale of one to ten, it was a 5 for me. Depending on your pain threshold, it would be less or more for you. 

It helps to stick to a waxing schedule because if you stop and then start again, the pain is going to feel the same way it felt when you first waxed.

Does the Hair Grow Back Quickly?

This is a tricky one but no. Because we all have different bodies, our hairs grow at different rates. 

For most people, though, it takes the hair about four to five weeks to grow. {Read: Can Hickeys Give Blood Clots?}

Is it Possible to Have Wounds?

Although the chances are quite slim, it is possible. Getting injured is based on two major factors. 

  • Your technician: If your technician isn’t very careful, the process will likely produce a hellish result. Factors like the wrong products and even equipment can contribute to leaving you injured. One time, a salon I patronized opted to use a certain kind of hot wax even when I told them how sensitive my skin is to heat. It not only scaled my skin but also left me with some micro-cuts.
  • Your skin: if you have very tender skin, waxing can, of course, leave you with injuries. 

Some common side effects might be discoloration and even itchiness. This can be easily fixed using some baby lotion, essential oils, or serum. 

Can a Brazilian Wax Bring Infections?

Since the waxing leaves the skin pores open, it is going to be quite vulnerable to bacterial contamination. Some are:

  • Abscesses: abscesses can develop if broken skin is exposed to certain strains of bacteria. Especially strains that are known to cause exudative necrosis. 
  • Impetigo: impetigo is not very common after a wax, but it remains a possibility. Be sure to clean the area thoroughly after every wax. 
  • Cellulitis: This is an infection of the skin that causes it to be inflamed. Cellulitis makes the skin red and sore, and painful and often needs to be treated in a hospital. 
  • HPV: a wax leaves the area bare. If you get exposed during the course of the wax to strains of HPV, you might contact the virus. 
  • Fungal Infections: this is especially if you get a wax while taking antibiotics. With the normal flora of your vagina gone, you may be more prone to candidiasis. 

The Procedure

You can perform a perfect Brazilian wax yourself in these few steps:

1. Trim

If you have much pubic hair, it is necessary you trim it out. If your hair is too long, the wax might not hold strong enough to take out most of it. Trimming can be done with a scissor or shaving stick. Be sure that the tools you use for trimming are very clean. {Read: Pearly Penile Papules (PPP): Should You Avoid Your Partner After Diagnosis?}

2. Exfoliate

By exfoliating, I do not mean fancy products and procedures. Waxing is an exfoliation process of its own. Scrubbing the area gently with a piece of cloth is just fine. Most people agree that when they scrub before they wax, they get little to no ingrown hair afterward. 

3. Wash and dry

To reduce the chances of getting infected to the barest minimum, washing the area is a necessity. This also is nothing fancy. Just wash with warm water and an odorless soap. 

4. Apply powder on the skin

You don’t want the wax grabbing at your skin alongside your hair. So a powder comes to the rescue. Apply just enough. 

5. Heat the wax

If you have gotten your preferred brand of wax, hard wax preferably, heat it up, so it melts. Although it is advisable to invest in a wax melter that would keep your wax liquid at all times, it isn’t a must. Even your microwave would do. 

6. Spread on the skin

To spread wax:

  • Use a spatula.
  • With this spatula, dab out a glob of wax and test it behind your palm to check the heat.
  • Spread it across your public area, under the thighs, and around your buttocks. 

Make sure you spread it in the direction of the hair grain, as this would be useful when you’re pulling off the wax.

7. Peel off

When the wax gets solid, peel it off gently. This is the painful part. But peel it off, so no hair is left. Peel from top to bottom. 

8. Repeat

It is possible for some hair to be left after the first wax. This means you must repeat the waxing process until you are satisfied with the results. 

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What People Say About Brazilian Wax

I had a lot of skepticism about getting a wax job. They said it was quite painful. I don’t think it is as painful as they said. 

– Frances

I had thought of going to a spa to get waxed, but the thought of going naked in front of a stranger, professional or not, scared me. DIY worked perfectly for me, and the results I got were not so different from the pictures I saw online. 

– Wendy

If this is what baby skin feels like, then yeah. I’m team Brazilian wax. 

– Peggy

For someone who is used to the painless procedure of shaving, I abandoned shaving after the first time. The smoothness is not to be traded for anything. 

– Holly

To a great extent, waxing has improved my self-esteem. I’m a model, and I wear bikinis all the time. It’s distracting to worry about pubic hair and how they make my pictures look. 

 – Jane

I’m carefree! 


Now, I don’t worry about a slight bulge or tiny hairs sticking out of my body-con dresses. 


When I get a wax, I feel I have gotten my money’s worth because the services of the professionals that attend to me are top-notch. It leaves me comfortable in every sense of the word. 

– LaLette

It only throbs for the first couple of days. After a while, I don’t feel anything anymore. 

– Aurora

Is it just me, or is wax super convenient? I can go for a full month before worrying about pubic hair. 

– Roxie

Waxing is quite painful. You have to brace yourself. 

— Gem 

It didn’t hurt me that much. It’s not as bad as they make it seem. 


With waxes, many times, you only have to deal with the pain. The risks are relatively the same with shaving. If you experience any problems after getting a Brazilian wax, ensure you see your doctor immediately.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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