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10 Big Dick Problems Guys With Smaller Dicks Have No Idea About

by | Ideas

Mar 1, 2023

Big dicks do not always equal the best sex. Guys with big dicks also struggle with sex, and of course, in their casual or committed relationships. Guys with small dicks usually argue against this. But here are 10 big dick problems guys that have smaller dicks have no idea about: these problems are real and sometimes are so bad the quality of one’s sex life is affected.

1. Guys with Big Dicks Often Struggle with Being Sexualized

Many guys don’t consider this a problem. But it is and can make one feel bad about themselves. 

Mac, a college student, told us he has struggled with being sexualized because of the size of his penis. 

“Everyone who comes around and has sex for the first time with me keeps coming back, but not for me; for the sex. It is hard.”

No matter how much you love sex, if people around you fail to appreciate your personality but instead appreciate your perceived sexual ability, you will no doubt feel bad about it at some point. {Read: How to Cuddle | 15 Tips for Cuddling}

2. Guys With Big Dicks Struggle with Rumors

It may be pretty hard to believe, but women also talk about their sexual escapades, especially if they did have sex with a guy whose dick is big. 

Brittany told us: “We often feel a sense of pride whenever we have sex with someone whose dick is big. This makes us talk to our friends about the experience.”

Guys with big dicks struggle with rumors. 

Imagine what it feels like to walk past a group of girls only to hear your name in mumbled giggles. 

3. Guys with Big Dicks Have to Deal with Unwelcome Advances

This is usually a result of being sexualized and being gossiped about. 

When women tell their friends about the guy whom they had sex with, their friends usually seek the guy out and make advances on him. 

Of course, they make these advances because they, too, want to know what it feels like to have a big dick in them. 

Often, if a girl has heard that your dick is big, she may even ask for a dick picture. This is tiring. 

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4. Guys with Big Dicks May Struggle with Self-Esteem

When one is repeatedly sexualized, only considered a tool with which sex feels amazing, there is often a resultant decline in self-esteem. 

Self-esteem may decline as a result of social factors, like the few above, which have been explored, or may result from sexual factors, which we will explore soon. 

Believe it or not, guys with big dicks also struggle with sex. 

Sex, when you have a big dick, will usually feel different. Maybe laborious. 

Only some women truly appreciate big dicks. The rest just want to know what having sex with a big-dicked guy feels like. So, sex may be a way to impress. 

5. Guys with Big Dicks May not Enjoy sex

With a small dick, you can do everything you want. You can go deep; try different positions. Basically, you can be yourself. 

Guys who have big dicks usually don’t have that luxury. Especially when they are having sex with women whose vaginas are smaller. 

If the dick is wide, its width may hurt her vagina. If it is long, going deep is going to hurt her. 

This makes guys with big dicks have sex too carefully: they do not want to hurt their partner. That calculated carefulness takes most of the intimacy away and makes sense more of a calculated action than an enjoyed one. 

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6. Guys with Big Dicks may Have Teeth Nibble During Blow Jobs

The size of the dick doesn’t only matter during penetrative sex. To a large extent, it also matters during oral sex. 

When the penis is small, it is easy for a woman to find her way around it in her mouth. 

When it is large, however, she might have some problems sticking it all in, and so will likely give you cuts. 

Guys with big dicks report having these burning cuts just after oral sex

Tega said: “These days, I do not even bother with trying to get a blowjob. I know it is going to hurt, and so I avoid it.”

7. Guys with Big Dicks Usually Hurt their Women

This is most true if the guy is not the careful kind. That is to say if he does not pay attention to his woman when he has sex with her. 

This is why we encourage men to pay attention. 

When is she wet?

When is she dry?

If you have sex with her when she is wet, she will enjoy it. If not, you will hurt her, as the sex will be painful. 

Guys with big dicks will often hurt their partners if their partners do not get wet easily. 

To remedy this, you just have to get some lube

8. Guys with Big Dicks May Have Trouble Achieving Orgasm

When sex is so laborious, and the woman has such a hard time enjoying it that one has to be exceptionally careful, cumming may be a problem.

It takes some level of letting go and being in the moment for a man to climax, and when a man can’t reach this level because he has to pay too much attention, climaxing is, of course, going to be hard for him. 

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9. Guys with Big Dicks May have Trouble Finding the Right Condom

With an average dick, condoms are quite easy to find. With a big one? Well, there is usually a big dick trouble guys with smaller dicks have no idea about. 

Condoms may be too tight or too loose (for guys who are between large and small). Finding the perfect size may be a problem. 

10. Too Much Sex

Yes, there is such a thing as too much sex. And guys who have big dicks may suffer from it. 

If they have sex with women who come after them just for their penis size, they may try too hard to prove themselves so that these women don’t get disappointed. 

Imagine sex being a means to prove oneself.

Big dick problems are real, and guys with smaller dicks usually don’t have the slightest clue what these problems are. 

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By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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