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10 Big Bedroom Turn-Offs for Men

by | Sensual Intimacy

Aug 4, 2023

Have you ever wondered what you aren’t getting right in bed? In this article, I will be showing you just what kinds of things turn men off in the bedroom. We asked men what they considered the most annoying things a woman could do in bed, and they all agreed that these are the 10 big turn-offs for men that women make in the bedroom.

1. Not Kissing Long Enough

You may think that men do not like to be kissed. But the thing is: they do. Most men have agreed that kisses make them feel very vulnerable. One even agreed that a good kiss made him feel like he was at his most loved moment. 

“When she kisses me, I can literally hear the words: ‘I love you.’ He said. 

Kiss your boyfriend more. Make him see that you love him now and will keep loving him. 

2. Kissing with Open Eyes

Men seemed weirdly particular about this one. A good kiss is a good kiss, yes, but a man wants to know that he is not the only one feeling it. 

He wants to know that his woman feels it too, and one of the ways he gets that assurance is by seeing her eyes closed. 

Jason said: “When she kisses me with open eyes, the kiss does not just feel right. It even creeps me out, sort of like she is watching to see what I am up to.” 

It is such a big mistake to kiss him with open eyes. Close your eyes. 

3. Refusing to Give Blow Jobs

Of all the men we asked, 90 percent agreed that they would almost never enjoy sex with a woman who refuses to give them a blow job. 

Their reasons were not so clear, but I can infer that a woman’s refusal to give a man a blow job sort of points him to the possibility that she does not like him. 

Men like to be the object of desire to the women they love. If he is getting down with you, he wants all your desire to be focused on him at that point.

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4. Teeth

No, men don’t hate to see your teeth in bed. They hate it when your teeth come in contact with their penises when you are giving them a blow job, and this is a big no-no for men. 

It is not hard to tell why: teeth hurt. The surface of the penis consists of very tender skin that is innervated by millions of nerve endings. The slightest contact with a rough surface is going to send a wave of pain spiraling into him. 

Do not use a lot of teeth when you get down with him. If you are not great with blow jobs, you may as well stick to a handjob, as those do not hurt that much. 

5. Not Enough Touches

Men like to be touched. I like to think that they may even like to be touched more than women. 

When you do not touch your man in bed, even though he may say nothing about it, know this: he is not going to feel you or the sex that much. 

Men like to be touched everywhere. They want to feel your hands searching their bodies, and I think this is so because men want to know they are loved, that they are attractive. 

Touching him is your way of showing him that you are very attracted to him. 

But where do you have to touch exactly? Of course, touch trigger zones on his body, zones that send a wave of pleasure running up his body—like his chest, his thighs, etc. 

6. Sticking a Finger up his Arse

While this may not be painful or anything, men seem to be very uncomfortable about it; they believe it makes them less masculine, making them seem like they are about to have anal sex. 

Before you stick your hand in your man’s arse or even try to rim him, be sure to ask if he is comfortable with it. If he says it is a big no in bed, it will be best if you back away at that moment and try something else: another kind of fun. 

There are several other fun stuff you can try out in bed with your partner. 

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7. Letting Him do All The Work

The men who took part in our survey were quite particular about this one. 

They all said to dislike it when a woman lay there, letting them do all the work. 

Hamza said it is the most unwelcome thing a woman could do in bed after sticking a finger into his arse without prior consent. 

“It makes having sex very hard. I usually end up very dissatisfied, regretting why the sex happened in the first place. I know other guys feel this way about it too.”

8. Not Moaning

We have put up quite a number of articles about moaning recently. This goes to show how important moaning is. It is more than making weird sounds and acting like you are feeling it too well. 

Moaning is a means of communicating with your partner, letting them see that you are enjoying what is going on.

A man on our survey paralleled having sex with a woman who does not moan to watching porn without any sound. No one is going to love that, he said. And I know so for a fact. 

9. Breaking Rhythm

As a woman, it is important that you know men require a steady rhythm before they cum. You either go fast, go slow, or just stay in between. You cannot stroke hard for one moment and then go slow the next. 

No. Maintain rhythm, and he will love sex with you every single time. 

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10. Moaning Someone Else’s Name

This is a very rare occurrence, but it does happen. 

You should never moan someone else’s name when your man is having sex with you. It is one of the biggest turn-offs for men that women make in the bedroom.


It is quite easy to please a man in bed.

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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