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10 Best Types of Outfits To Wear For A Strip Tease

by | Sensual Intimacy

Oct 25, 2023

It’s Friday night, and you want to blow this person’s mind with the best strip tease they have probably ever had or ever will, but you go wondering, what do I wear? Hop on, and you’ll find out that the types of outfits to wear for a strip tease in this article might be just the perfect thing for you. 

1. No Windy or Extremely Tight Clothing

We know the idea behind a strip tease is showing off those beautiful curves and wearing your sexiness in your sleeves, but resist the urge to wear anything too tight or something too hard to get out of. 

Most of the time, they’d end up being oddly uncomfortable and all that twerking and twisting that are like a pack of the package. None achieved because how do you balance shaking that booty and making sure the behind of your Siri doesn’t poop open? 

Let’s imagine it’s time to get down to business; with the time you would be using to get out of those confinements, your man would have lost his erection. 

2. Those Skimpy Role Outfits Bring Them on

What could be more sexier than a nun in a fishnet hose and some cat eyeliner? I used the nun wear as an example because it’s a personal favorite. 

Maybe I’m a little biased, but I have a pair. I have the short one with buttons that pop open with every move I make. Who said you cannot be Betty the sexy nurse for a day or, better still, Dora the explorer? Girl, you’re there to explore unbridled heights of pleasure. Drive that man wild with your role-play wears. 

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3. Go Crazy With Those Shoes

I think shoes are very exciting and you should go all out with them. Those perky stilettos, louboutins, and knee-high boots don’t leave them to rot in the closet. By all means, wear them. 

They make your legs look longer and way sexier. If you do not feel really sturdy in them, you could wear something more comfortable. Just don’t wear flats, girl. They’re just too basic for this job we have.  

Maybe you could go barefoot. Play with your toes on his body. This makes things even spicier. You know the toes give quite the tickle. If you haven’t gotten quite the balance on these really high shoes, you could do a little practice on them before going on your strip tease. 

4. Whatever Makes You Feel Comfortable

Always remember, when you want to give a strip tease, the most important piece of clothing you need to have on is your confidence. 

If the thongs and bra make you feel weird or naked, I don’t see why you should wear them. If you do, you’d spoil the fun. Everything would be awkward, and we do not want that for you.

So, if you feel like you can whine that waist better when wearing a shirt, then so be it. Wear it. This way, your confidence with which you’d get a whole new level of high and, most importantly, your enjoyment would be guaranteed. 

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5. Big Clothing

I know this is a weird choice of clothing for a strip tease, but trust me, big clothing has a charm of its own. There is this theory that works. 

When men see a layered-up woman, they’d be curious to see what is really under. “When he sees a pretty secretary in a bun, he wonders what she would look with her hair down and begins to think of ways to bring it down.” That is a rephrased version of a line from my favorite book. 

What’s more, bigger clothing adds volume to places of choice. If you have a not-so-big butt and you want to give the illusion that your butt is bigger than it actually is, you can wear something big. 

6. Something Made Out of Breathable and Flexible Fabric

Sometimes, during a strip tease, things get a little steamy, and sex might happen. You need something that could easily be slid to the side, and also, those wiggly fabrics could do more good than you could probably envision. 

They look way sexier than stiff ones. The way they move alongside your body when you’re getting into the groove? Pure bliss. And this could include some bead strings or jeweled metal. You just need things to dangle seductively on your body when you dance. 

7. Shiny Clothes

The role of shiny clothing in a strip tease cannot be overemphasized. You need those stones, girl. 

They should be everywhere, making his eyes spin while giving you that otherworldly look you desperately need. You could try filling your wardrobe with sequins and shiny laces. Trust me, you need them. 

Shiny clothes are really sexy. They not only enhance your looks, but they also play these tricks on the eyes that make it seem like your curves are more accentuated, and please, who doesn’t like glitters and shiny stuff? 

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8. Bikinis

The must-have of any strip teaser is a nice, shiny pair of bikinis. It’s like the holy grail of strip tease outfits. You just must have them. How else would you show every inch of that banging body without a bikini? 

Bikinis help you show off a lot. Believe me when I say a whole lot. Where do we even start from? Your boobs to the curves of your hips and that beautiful skin? What’s the harm in having a bikini? None. 

9. Samba Costumes

You know those shiny little things that move here and there at every move, mostly worked by those exotic dancers? Definitely, that should be in your wardrobe, too. They’re one word. Sexy. Those clothes are very flexible, and they show a whole lot of skin, too. 

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10. Fish Net Hose

Fish net hoses just help you finalize your whole loon, and what’s more, you can wear them as an outfit of their own. One thing fish net hoses do is to make your legs look really sexy. You cannot look at a pair of legs in some nice hoses and not have the word sexy slip into your mind.

Your clothing makes the strip tease ten times better!

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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