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10 Best Tinder Openers For Guys

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 25, 2023

You have gotten a couple of matches. Now, what? Bomb openers that is what. On dating apps like Tinder, openers are what make the difference. Halima tells us that she is able to tell whether or not she is going to eventually be interested in a guy by just reading his first couple of texts. Guess what? Around 80 percent of the women we interviewed agree with her. Don’t be on the dark side. Let us show you the best Tinder openers ever: 

1. Hey, I believe I can now delete Tinder

Why it works: This is the perfect opening on Tinder because it has just the perfect tinge of humor. When it comes to openings, humor cannot be exaggerated. If it makes her laugh, it will make her want to talk to you. 

Think about why many women are on Tinder in the first place. If you asked a hundred women, I could bet more than half would say something that coincides with seeking good vibes. 

Be the good vibe she needs on the app. 

If she responds to this message with: “What do you mean?” 

You can go on to say. “I mean, you are so pretty, and I think there will be no need for this app when we get to become friends.”

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2. You Matched Me: Thanks. I see You Have Got Taste. Something Both of Us Share

Why it works: This is one of the bombest Tinder openings ever. I developed it some months ago, and it has since gotten me some very cool women. It is a combo of funny, complementary, and though subtle, cocky. 

Women, you should know, are not all in search of perfection. In fact, I believe the average woman will go after a man who is cocky and focused. Cocky, in the sense that he knows what he wants and what he is worth. 

By telling her: “I see you have got taste.” You are showing her that you are up there, good-looking and fun. 

“Something both of us share.” Seeks to establish a rapport. One of the best ways to establish rapport is to find something you both share. If you share a liking for attractiveness, then, by all means, bond with it. 

3. Why do the beautiful ones have to be so far Away? 

Why it works: This is an ego boost. Just that! And it works because a caressed ego produces an effect that is similar to letting go. People usually put up resistance when their ego is threatened. But caress this ego, and they will let their defenses down. 

By hitting her with this opener, you are acknowledging how beautiful she is without even trying too hard. It is a bland text. She cannot sniff any form of desperation from you. She cannot also sniff that you are indulging her. She just knows that you think she is very cute. 

She may even go on to place you up there because she can tell you have met a lot of women. This text will make her feel ‘lucky.’ 

4. Hi there. Think my bio is too short? I can tell you whatever you want to know.

Why it works: This is one of the best Tinder openers you can give because it introduces you as a fun person who is genuine. 

Women are able to tell men who are fun by the kind of stories these men tell about themselves. Note that I did not say by ‘the number of achievements these men can brag about.’ 

Men who are excellent storytellers, who have found ways to talk about themselves without seeming the least braggadocios, are going to get many women–much more women compared to their counterparts.

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5. Hey, thanks for the match. I think the picture on your last slide looks great. It kind of reminds me of this one time when…(tell a story)

Why it works: With this kind of Tinder opener, you will have any match on Tinder wowed. Try it. I have mentioned that storytelling does the job perfectly. Trust me, it does. But don’t just dive into telling the story. 

Give it some footing by first offering a compliment to her. This complement is to make her open up. 

She reads it, goes back to see the picture you are talking about, and returns with some more questions about your story. 

I have noticed that women on Tinder (this could depend on your location) are very interested in travel stories. They want to know about the countries you have been in and all of that. 

6. Hi there. Let me guess: you think I am the prettiest man alive.

Why it works: One of the ways you can praise yourself without being braggadocios (bragging kills attraction) is by complimenting yourself in a ridiculously exaggerated way. 

It is going to make her laugh. But it will also do more than that. It will show her that you know about your good looks. 

Women like men who know they look good, so you may want to make use of this Tinder opener. 

7. Good Morning. Just a reminder that today is never a bad day to text a steaming hot man who is already awed by your looks

Why it works: Humor. Some more humor! There is barely a woman I know who wouldn’t laugh at this. 

Depending on the woman, she may want to test you. I call this the shit test. It is usually a woman’s attempt to test a man’s masculinity by abasing him. 

If he lets himself stay down, she moves on, knowing he is not good enough. If he turns it around jovially, she knows he is confident and goes ahead to give him her time. 

If she tests you by saying: “And who is the steaming hot man?”

You can respond with: “Me, of course. My phone fumes when I stare at my pictures.”

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8. Why do I think you are going to be so much fun? 

Why it works: This Tinder opening line puts you on the high ground. It makes her seek to prove herself to you. 

You have bombarded her with an expectation, judging from her looks. And now, she must show you that she is fun. 

In my experience, most women will try to impress you by opening up their fun side to you. 

Others may just try to test you. In subsequent articles, I will be sharing how to pass a woman’s test with so much ease. 

9. You are Three Miles away. If this works, are you thinking what I am thinking? 

With this Tinder pick-up line, you have put an expectation in her head. And you know how it is with women. Anticipation breeds desire, especially when the anticipated thing is somewhat mysterious. 

They want to know what you are thinking. Don’t tell just yet. Keep the mystery up. 

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10. Do You! 

Why it works: Sometimes, the best Tinder opener is the one straight out of your heart.


Tinder pick-up lines have to trigger an emotional response!

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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