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10 Best Soulmate Quotes to Share with Your Partner

by | Love

May 7, 2023

Sharing cute photos and videos is great. But have you tried sharing quotes with your partner? I have, and I know a lot of people who have, too. This means I can tell for a fact that great soulmate quotes do more than just make your partner “Awwwn.” They may also give your partner so much to think about for a long time after the quotes have been shared. This article features the 10 best quotes to share with your partner. 

Our editorial team curated these quotes by studying hundreds of other quotes from different sources: the internet, books, and personal stories: 

1. Love doesn’t have to be perfect for one to feel the way they do about someone. What matter is that they stick together and find ways to make what they share even more beautiful

With this soulmate quotes, you tell your partner the truth about what love is. Love is not perfection. It wouldn’t be love if one partner were perfect. 

Rather, love is a journey of learning. Learning about your partner and learning about yourself. Love is embracing someone even when they have flaws.

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2. There is beauty even in a struggle

We adopted this line from J’cole’s song: “Love Yours.” 

The full line reads: “It’s is beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success.’

This is usually the truth about love. Even when things seem really hard, there is beauty there. 

You can paraphrase this quote when you send it to your partner, making it a bit more personal, before sending it to your partner. Just keep the basic points intact. 

3. When it gets hard, they must know it is time to become better at loving each other because they have come a long way. And their struggles mean one thing: what they have is worth sharing. They must speak the language of love. 

With this quote, you tell your partner that you will not let go, even when things get weirdly hard and it begins to cross your mind too often that, perhaps, it is best to let go. 

This quote will give your partner some stability and, eventually, give you some stability as well because your partner will most likely start to act in a certain way after reading it. 

He or she will come to see that love may sometimes be a fight. Love is, of course, worth fighting for when it is not tainted by any form of emotional or verbal toxicity.

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4. There is a Song a Heart in Love Sings. We must learn to sing that song every morning, even when The night is cold

This quote calls you to the reality that there is a language of love. It shows you that you and your partner need to learn to speak it. 

5. Soulmates complete Each Other. They seem like two sides of a coin, different: yet one; together, they bring so much value to this world: their love heals. 

This is one of the best soulmate quotes we came up with. Soulmates have, over the years, been compared to two sides of a coin. In essence, that is what they are. 

For their true value to be seen, one cannot exist without the other. 

With this quote, you tell your partner that they help spike your value. And that you are happy; they have been here to watch you become better, stronger.

6. A song is a thing of beauty, just like two souls who are untainted by ego.

Nothing kills relationships faster than a malignant ego. This quote should remind you and your partner of this. The moment ego starts to taint what you and your partner share, the relationship is approaching its end.

7. You should be unable to imagine a world without your partner in it. It must feel like the world was made for just us, you both. When you are with them, the world feels asleep. It should be as though you can reach into yourself and feel the peace that is loving someone so dearly.

This quote is rather poetic for a good reason. Poetry has been described as the language of the soul. And no soulmate quote can be understood on that deep level if poetry is not infused into it. 

By saying you feel like the world was made for you both, you affirm that, indeed, you are soul mates. 

Soul mates usually feel an intense bond with each other. Sometimes, it is so intense it almost feels like this bond alienates them from the rest of the world. 

Twin flames will feel this way most of the time. 

I can bet that your partner is going to feel so loved when he or she reads this. 

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8. Souls do not unbuckle from each other. They must learn to embrace themselves always. 

This short soulmate’s quote holds a very deep meaning. 

It tells us that if you both are really soul mates, you must be there for each other no matter what. As I have said: there is really no reason to think about letting go if things are healthy. 

You don’t have to give into the fear that you both may slip into loving yourselves too much. There is no such thing as loving yourselves too much.

9. And when the morning comes, we will be reminded that we won 

I have said that love is a fight. And fights are mostly won when hope does not die. The death of hope begins the life of defeat. 

If you are to win at love, you must be willing to keep your hope alive.

This quote helps you achieve that by showing you a glimpse of what is out there. The many things you and your partner can easily achieve together. 

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10. Together, the world becomes small.

This is more than a quote. It is an assurance that if you both stick together, the world is unable to stop you.


Soulmate quotes can give you a renewed sense of purpose. They can give you the push to keep going.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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