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10 Best Sex Positions Men Love

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jun 4, 2023

Sex positions add a lot of spice to sex. And it is no wonder men love them. You probably didn’t know this, but changing sex positions can make a man last longer in bed. From missionary to happy baby sex position, you’ll find an array of options to suit every occasion. There are hundreds of sex positions out there. But we would like these sex positions to be the favorite of the favorite men.

1. Missionary Sex Position

Missionary is the most common sex position. Here, the woman lies down on her back, and the man lies on her. 

Men love this position particularly because of the intimacy it gives. It is one of the only sex positions where you get to look your partner in the eye whilst at it. 

There are many variants of the missionary position. All hold a special place in the minds of a man. 

Don’t let him do the missionary for too long, though, as his shoulders may start to hurt. That muscle cramping can make men lose their erection, as the pain stimulus negates the stimulus for pleasure in their brains.

2. The Doggy Position

The doggy sex position is very common too. It is a favorite for most of the men, and women, that I questioned. 

Men seem to love it much because of the view from up there. Looking down at their partner’s butt wiggling happens to be a very big turn-on. 

Doggy helps men give peace to the sex. In this position, they decide whether or not the sex is going to be slow and sensual or rough. 

Many men like to cup their women’s boobs while doing a doggy style, and this makes it all the sweeter.

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3. The Collapsed Doggy

The collapsed doggy sex position is very similar to the regular doggy position. Just this time, the woman does not have to arch her back. She is to lay down flat on her tummy so that her butt faces the ceiling. 

She may decide to keep her legs closed or keep them open. 

The collapsed doggy feels more intense than the regular doggy because the woman may feel a lot tighter. This is especially true if her legs are closed. 

You may, however, have to use some lube, as there may be a lot of friction when you are doing this position. 

4. The Cow Girl Position

Every now and then, most men love to see their women decide the pace of the sex. And this is why they love the cowgirl sex position so much. 

In this position, the man lies on his back, facing the ceiling. His woman mounts him. She rocks her groin over his in sensual movements that drive him nuts.

Men love this position because, here, they can see their women face to face. They can also catch the beautiful sight of boobs dangling in their faces. They can hold it too, 

Make it more intense if you twerk when on your man. 

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5. The Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl may look quite similar to the regular cowgirl. But the truth remains that it feels much different. It is a lot riskier, too. Most of the penile fractures that have been recorded happened when the man had been in this position. 

But trust men to love risk. As long as it feels good, a man will risk it. 

The reverse cowgirl offers the man’s penis a very firm grip. The angles of the stroke are also very sensual. He gets to see your ass, too; he grips at it and watches you twerk. 

6. Spooning

Many women know spooning to be a cuddle position. But it can also be a sex position, and to be honest, it is one of those sex positions men absolutely love.

It is the one he seeks to perform when he is tired but just needs to have sex. 

The spooning position is quite easy. You lie on your side, and he lies just beside you, on his side too.

The sex is passionate and slow. 

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7. Side by Side

The side-by-side is strikingly similar to spooning. The only difference is, here, you have to face your partner. 

It can be considered a variant of the missionary position. Men seem to like it pretty much because of the view and, of course, the feel. 

It feels like having sex when you both are wrapped in a hug. 

You can make things a lot more intense here by fondling his nipples. The nipples work well to really increase a man’s arousal. 

8. Bend Over

This is so similar to the doggy sex position. The only difference is that, with the doggy position, both your knees are supposed to be on the bed so that your back is bent into an arch. 

With this position, you are only supposed to bend over on any surface around you. You do so, standing on your feet. 

Men love this sex position so much because here, they can easily push themselves into you. 

They also don’t have to expend so much energy. It is also easy for the woman to assist the man. 

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9. Sixty-Nine (69)

I will say this is one of the most creative sex positions out there. And even if no actual penetrative sex happens here, foreplay in this position sends waves of pleasure throbbing in and out of you both. 

The “69” is easy to perform. It looks like the number “69”. One person, usually the man, lies down on their back, and the other partner lies on them, their faces in front of each other’s genitals. 

You have to know how to give a good head if you are to perform the “69” position properly. You may have to check out some of our articles about how you can give incredible head

10. Happy Baby

This position is a lot like the missionary position. In fact, it is a variant of the missionary that men absolutely love. 

The woman enters the traditional missionary position but pulls her legs towards herself so that the muscles along her pelvis contract a bit. 

Men love how the vagina grips. It sure takes them into that zone.


Sex positions can add a lot of spice to sex. It can also make men last longer. Revamp your sex positions effortlessly with this collection of suggestive and versatile positions.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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