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Best plants for the nursery that are safe for Kids and Babies

by | Ideas

Apr 18, 2022

When choosing plants for a child’s room, you need to be very selective. This is not such an easy choice as it may seem, as the green decor must be not only beautiful but also non-poisonous both in the infant nursery and teenager room. So how do you figure out which flower would be the perfect decoration for a child’s room? Should the plant be easy or difficult to care for? What greenery won’t cause allergies in a child? We will answer all these questions in this article.

Even if you already have plants in your nursery, we’re sure you’ll find this guide useful. Take a closer look at them. First of all, they have to be healthy so that they don’t harm your kid.

And here, we have prepared the best indoor plants, which are aesthetic, low-maintenance, and non-toxic so that your children can take care of them themselves. Take a look at our top 10 flowers for children’s bedrooms.

Bella palm

This option is perfect if your nursery faces north. Bella palm does not require much light and, due to its compactness, will be the best decoration for your child’s workplace. This indoor plant is low-maintenance in care: more than enough to water it once a week. 

It is great if you have a humidifier in the nursery! Alternatively, you can explain to your child how to spray this friend. 

Bella palms are non-toxic plants and do not cause allergies. On top of that, if you accidentally drop it, this perfect palm will survive. 

Parlor Palm

This is another beautiful palm tree that you can place in the nursery. If there is a slight draft in the room or a fresh breeze from the window, the leaves of the Parlor palm will move slightly, and it will seem like they are dancing. It’s not that small houseplant, so you can put it both on the floor and on the nightstand by the baby’s bed. 

Since it is a tropical inhabitant, the palm will do best in indirect light and high humidity. So consider installing a humidifier in the child’s bedroom. 

According to NASA, this beautiful tropical friend is non-toxic and is one of the best air-purifying plants. That’s why we highly suggest you purchase the Parlor palm!

Money Tree

A Money tree is said to bring positivity and good luck, so a good choice would be to put it in the child’s room. It will not grow very big, so you can put it in any part of the room. The only detail you should pay attention to is the plant needs to get indirect daylight and ample watering once a week.

The Money tree does not cause allergies and is not toxic to children or adults. It will not only decorate your nursery but will also purify the air. For the baby, this tree will be a real safe friend, so a great solution would be to put a houseplant near the crib in a floor pot.

Spider plant

A Spider plant is the next wonderful option on our list of the best plants for a baby’s nursery. It’s also an incredibly popular green friend, so if you have a Spider plant at your home, you can place it specifically in the child’s room. 

With proper care, it promises to delight you with its star-shaped white flowers at any time of year. This friend is also a great air purifier, so if your children’s room faces the road, the Spider plant will do a great job of dusting.

Speaking of decor, you can either hang a houseplant, put it on a shelf, or spread it out on your windowsill. It only needs one watering a week and any place that is not in full shade or direct sunlight.

Plants for the nursery

Burro’s tail succulent

In addition to the already named plants for the nursery, we would like to draw your attention to all types of succulents. And, in our opinion, it is the Burro’s tails that are special to consider as child-safe indoor plants.

This cactus requires very little of your attention, as it is not afraid of partial drought. 

Burro’s tail will definitely be an unusual decoration for your nursery because of its marvelous shape. The best solution would be hanging the cactus or spreading it out on your windowsill. But be careful not to leave Burro’s tail in direct sunlight. We are sure that your child will love such a plant.

Ric Rac Cactus

This is the cactus that will interest your kid as it has a wondrous shape. Although it’s not the most common cactus in terms of care, you’ll have no trouble keeping it in great condition! When choosing a place for the plant, avoid direct sunlight and keep the humidity above average. Yes-yes, Ric Rac cacti love moisture!

Like all of the plants for the baby’s nursery from this list, the cactus is non-toxic and does not cause allergies. The cactus is easy to propagate, and we’re sure you and your child will have fun planting a row of Ric Rac cacti.

Calathea Medallion

Probably one of the most beautiful plants for a child’s room as it will perfectly complement the design of your nursery and instill a taste for aesthetics in your kid. 

Calathea will not forgive you for neglecting its care, but it can bring a sense of responsibility to your child. The houseplant will grow quickly and produce bright new leaves by spraying and watering regularly.

Calatheas do not cause allergies and are child-safe plants. The flower will easily tolerate the absence of bright light, so it is better not to avoid drafts and put it on the windowsill if the room is ventilated often.

Bird of Paradise

We would probably classify the Bird of Paradise plants as unusual ideas for decorating the nursery. They are really gorgeous and very big houseplants, making them suitable only for a room where it has enough space and light. 

So why do we think they are great baby nursery plants? First of all, Bird of Paradise is madly beautiful and easy to care for. You just need to put the plant in a comfortable place on the floor and water it generously once a week. 

For proper care, it will thank you very beautiful flowers, which are sure to attract your child.

Best plants for the nursery that are safe for Kids & Babies

Baby Rubber plant

This incredibly cute green friend would be a great gift like a plant for a new baby. With enough indirect daylight, the Baby Rubber plant will delight your kids with beautiful flowers every spring. We will advise you to place it on the windowsill. But at the same time, this greenery also feels great in moderate light. If the Baby Rubber plant gets less daylight, its leaves will be a richer green color.

Water the houseplant once a week during the warm season and once every two weeks during the winter. It will feel even better if you wipe its leaves with a damp cloth.

Baby’s tears 

Despite its name, this plant will make a great decoration for a child’s room. It guaranteed lush green foliage if watered and sprayed regularly. Baby’s tears will look best as a hanging plant or placed on a shelf, but they can also be put on a windowsill or table. 

It’s also on our list of the best plants for nursery because it’s easy to care for: Baby’s tears don’t require a lot of light and are completely safe for children. The rules for healthy growth are very simple: don’t let the soil dry out completely and keep moisture around the houseplant from medium to high.

When choosing a plant for the nursery, always pay attention to the safety of the new inhabitant. Also, consider in advance where you want to put the flower, how much light in that place is, and how humid the room is. 

Do not choose large houseplants if there is little space for them; it will reduce the free space for your child. And also do not forget to discuss with your children what kind of flower they like best.

By Solomiia Yaskiv

I am Solomiia from PlantIn – an AI- and ML-based mobile application that helps users all around the world take care of their plants. The app sends custom notifications on plant watering, pruning, fertilizing, and repotting so that the garden is growing healthy.

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