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10 Best Places to Have Sex

by | Sensual Intimacy

Feb 19, 2023

One of the surest ways to make sex feel newer and more intimate is to change where sex happens. To explore the many places where you can get down with your partner. Never run out of ideas; check out these 10 best places to have sex.

1. In the Kitchen

You probably know about this one. Kitchen sex is two words: just amazing. 

It feels even more amazing when your partner does not see it coming. Let’s say they are cooking or something, and boom, you are right behind them, kissing and touching. 

It is going to make them feel a rush—a much-needed rush. If you have been following us for a while, then you know how useful a rush is when one seeks to achieve orgasm. 

A rush will make you go wild! It will make her go wild as well.

Be careful, however, not to expose yourselves to hot or sharp objects. That way, no one is going to get injured. 

2. In the Bathroom, Under the Shower

Shower sex is, I will say, the perfect kind of sex for the summer when temperatures are running high. It also feels quite intimate. 

Since you both are standing, there are a number of positions to try out.

Some women agree that they feel less wet during shower sex, like Jess from Chicago. “There is just so much friction.” She said. “The water makes it hard to get wet.” 

However, some people agree that they feel even wetter whenever they have sex in the shower. 

You can try it out. It rocks. (Read: How To Build Up Tension Before Sex)

3. The Balcony

This is one of my most preferred places to have sex, especially at night when all you both see is the beauty of the sky and the environment. 

To make this sex even more intense, have balcony sex just after a small date on the balcony. 

Be sure to have just enough wine. 

If you have got neighbors, you have to at least try to be quiet so you do not wake them up. That, to me, seems to be the only downside of having sex on the balcony. 

4. In the Bathtub

For those who have bathtubs, there is room for even more fun. 

Having sex in the bathtub is one of those things you should try out at least once. Especially in the summer. If you must have bathtub sex in the winter, be sure that the water is heated. 

In the bathtub, you will have to pay more attention to foreplay and find ways to position yourself so that you are not uncomfortable. 

Reverse cowgirl, and maybe even cowgirl, is the position I recommend that you try out. 

Be sure that the bathtub is not so slippery that no one falls when you both stand. 

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5. On the Couch

On the couch is the ultimate place to kickstart sex as soon as you unlock your door, with attractive position prospects.

Your sitting room couch may be a piece of furniture, but it is also one of the best places to have sex. The best sex I have had happened on the sitting room couch!

Turn the TV on. Turn the music up. Change the lights to blue. Now, have as much sex as you want. 

Women will notice that it is easier to ride when you have sex on the couch. That is because your legs and thighs are angled in a way that makes flexion and extension in the cowgirl position easier. 

In fact, almost every position is easier when you have sex on the couch. Even doggy! 

The couch is also a very cozy place to cuddle. So, after the action, hold your partner and snuggle them into your body. 

6. On the Dinning Table

This is a place to have sex if you want your strokes to go quite deep.

Of course, both of you do not climb onto the table! That is going to shatter it. 

The best, and one of the only positions, you can try out when you have sex is the missionary.  

Only the woman climbs to the table. The man stands on his feet and holds her. All the while, you must note, she brings herself forward, close to the edge of the table. 

The strokes go quite deep. 

Spice things up by leaning forward and whispering into her ears.  (Read: How to Have The Best Sex Ever)

7. In the Library

For people who love to read and have a library at home, you should definitely try having sex in the library. Sex there, I can tell you, is almost always all shades of the wild. 

Because you can alternate from having sex on a table to having sex on a chair, on and on, it gets better if you play some loud music whilst in action. 

Having sex on a chair requires skill, though. Ask your woman to kneel on the table, hugging it. See how great that looks? Get to work, then, making her feel things she would not forget. 

8. In a Car

When it comes to car sex, a lot of people think it always has to be in public. Of course not. You can always have car sex at home in your garage. 

Sex in the car are quite intense and intimate. In this regard, for many love birds, car sex may be one of the best places to have sex.

Car sex is quite the teamwork. Because you both have to work together to make sure no one slams their head in the room of the car or on any of the chairs. 

Explore. Have sex at the backseat as well as in the front seat. It feels great!

9. On the Floor

The floor is also a great place to have sex when the weather is hotter than usual. Just spread a mat on the ground and get right to it.

Try out positions that don’t hurt you much. 

Don’t put too much pressure on your back and on your knees. Have fun!

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10. The Bedroom

Having sex in the bedroom is undisputedly amazing. In fact, almost all sex is going to lead here. 

Be sure that your bedroom is properly lit and that you put your mind to having fun!

The bedroom is internationally accepted and is one of the best places to have sex in the home.

You can have as much as, in as many places, as you want!                   

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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