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10 Benefits of Yoni Massage

by | Health & Wellness

Dec 25, 2022

Yoni massages are increasingly becoming more common. But you may be wondering: what is the rave about? Why are some looking to get a yoni massage? In this article, we explore 10 benefits of yoni massage and why you may want to get one.

1. You Understand Your Body More

Whether in the bedroom, a massage room, or in the real world, we learn by exploring. There is no better way to understand your body and your own sexuality than exploring it. 

A yoni massage does just that. 

Whether you are going solo or having it done on you, you are sure to understand how your body responds to pleasure, which parts of you are sensitive, and which parts of you are not. 

2. Multiple Orgasm

With Yoni massages, we aren’t talking about one orgasm but as many as you will be able to take. Yoni massages, when done well, can be very pleasurable. And your body responds to this pleasure by reaching orgasm. 

With many women, orgasms may not be a common experience from having sex as one needs to be relaxed within and without experiencing the throbbing pleasure that comes with reaching that zone. 

Yoni massages give you that sense of calm. If your masseur is great at what they do, you will be able to describe a feeling of ‘rushing’ down there as they work on you—truly satisfying that.

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3. It Can Help You Control Your Orgasms

Sometimes, orgasms can be overpowering, making one act weird. Some women agree that they sure do feel embarrassed when an orgasm makes them act in a weird way that freaks their partners out. 

Yoni massages can help you gain more control of your orgasms. Of course, now that you understand how orgasms work, you will be able to anticipate one, preparing to deal with it in a way that doesn’t come off as ‘weird’. 

You may even be able to time your orgasms as well. Maybe even prolong, or bring them close. 

4. Yoni Massages can Clear Your Head

Yoni massage is considered a means to tap into our sexual energy. Our sexual energy, when properly channeled, can clear our heads and relieve some forms of tension. 

Looking at it from a biological approach, our bodies release some hormones during heightened sexual stimulation, which could have us feel better. 

One of these is dopamine, the body’s reward system. And another is oxytocin, called the love drug. Together, these two hormones (of course, we are not leaving endorphins out) can help relieve mental stress. 

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5. Yoni Massages can Relieve Stress

Just as I hinted in the above paragraphs, sexual stimulation, in any form you are drawn towards, is able to trigger the release of “feel good” hormones.

These hormones are quite potent in making you feel a lot less stressed. 

For example, an orgasm can help one feel relieved from headaches. It can even make one feel lighter. 

Yoni massages are a great way to feel orgasms. This tells us that they may also be a great way to relieve yourself of stress. 

6. Yoni Massages Will Help You Have Better Copulation

Sex, like learning about yourself, will involve a lot of exploring from you and your partner. 

Now that you know how your body works, you will know just how to make the act of copulation feel better. You will feel more accepting of your own pleasure. 

A lot of women report feeling bad for craving their own pleasure. 

Benita from Cape Town tells us how she benefits from yoni massage: “I used to feel quite bad for wanting pleasure from trying to get my own orgasms. Now, however, I feel a lot more accepting of it.”  (Related: How to Give a Yoni Massage)

7. You Will Pay More Attention to Your Partner

We often want our loved ones to feel the pleasures we feel. This is how sex should feel, and it’s one of the many benefits of yoni massage.

Having your mind awakened to how pleasurable sex can get, you will most likely want your partner to feel the same things a yoni massage makes you feel. 

And so, you will pay attention to his body. 

You may even opt to give him a tantric massage so he feels that burst of pleasure you so often feel. 

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8. A Yoni Massage Can Improve Your Libido

Improving libido is one of yoni massage’s huge benefits. One of the reasons many women have a decline in sex is just this: they do not quite enjoy sex. It seems to them as just one of those things, something they just do for the sake of doing it, not because they want to do it. 

But a yoni massage brings the spark back. It shows just about any woman that copulation can truly be enjoyed. And eventually, women start to crave sex more and more. And the good thing about this is that: not only do they enjoy the act of copulation more, they sure get better at it as well.

9. Gets You Wetter

Some women have problems getting wet during sex. And you know that a dry vagina will equal pain during sex. A Yoni massage, just before you get down, can help you stay wet for longer periods. 

Most women record feeling way wetter than they naturally would when there is an orgasm. Others even record squirting. (A gush of fluid from the genitourinary area)

Pearl from Ontario, Canada, tells us: “I feel really wet when I get a yoni massage, and that wetness is enough to make the sex feel way better.”

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10. A Tantric Massage will Make You Love Your Body More

It is difficult to truly explain how this works. But there is a possibility that what happens in the bedroom can affect how we see ourselves before our partners and before other people. 

For example, three women we interviewed agreed to feel bad about themselves because they “sucked’ at sex. They also agree that this feeling of “sucking” faded away as soon as they learned to accept their own sexuality. 

That, my dear readers, is what a tantric massage is capable of. 


Yoni massage has benefits that will blow your mind! They may not show up the first time. But they will definitely show up. 

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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