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Awesome Activities To Do With Your Kids

by | Parenting

Dec 8, 2020

Children are a bundle of joy! You can’t deny how we love them so much, but I must also say that they have a bucket load of energy. Phew! Their energy reservoir may seem never-ending.

As moms or babysitters, we can all agree that kids, plus energy, plus staying indoors equals inevitable chaos and disaster. Here are some fun activities that will help your kids get the exercise they need as well as burn some of that excess energy.

1. Take A Walk

Taking a walk can be a fun activity to do with your kids. You can make walks enjoyable by making them collect different kinds of leaves and rocks along the way and see if they can also identify similar ones if they happen to pick the same stones or leaves again.

2. Read A Story Book Together

Children love adventure and make-believe. Their minds are at the peak of imagination. And this makes the whole thing an out of this world experience. Reading a captivating book to them out loud with dramatic sound effects and the perfect exaggeration would make your kids eager for storytime.

3. Make A Garden With Them

This exercise is good for teaching children how to be patient while learning how to care for something. Take them outside, teach them how to garden, and watch their eyes glow with pride after the first bean sprouts.

4. Pillows And Blankets

Making forts and imaginary castles out of pillows, chairs, and blankets were my favorite as a kid. Trust me when I say your children will love and enjoy their tiny forts.

5. Sock Puppets

Put on a mini show. Put some googly eyes on a sock and watch them giggle at the silly puppets.

6. Knitting

You could teach them how to knit. It’s a great skill, and it can keep your kids busy while you tend to other things.

7. Playing Dress Up

If there is one good opportunity to watch your children’s acting skills, it is by playing dress-up. They’ll try to imitate you if it’s your clothes they use for the dress up acts.

8. Have An Outdoor Picnic

You can have a fun picnic outdoors with your children. Give your kids a treat! An extra portion of their favorite candy and a blanket with a couple of healthy snacks.

9. Movie Nights

Have a healthy bonding time with your kids by watching movies with them. Make a bowl of delicious popcorn and snuggle with the little ones and watch some quality bonding movies.

10. Treasure Hunt

Make a treasure map of your house. Hide treasure (maybe candy or a toy) at a corner of your home. Put up clues and watch your kids have some fun, healthy competition.

11. Tea Party

Have a tea party with your kids. You can use real teacups with actual tea and cookies. Tea party for kids is fun and you can also use it as an opportunity to teach them manners.

12. Play Hide And Seek

Playing hide and seek is a beautiful way to bond with your kids. It’s a way for your kids to be creative in their hiding spots.

13. Colour

You can buy some crayons and ask them to draw and color something abstract or take them to the park and tell them to draw and color whatever they like. It’s a fun way to make them tap into their creative sides more.

14. Drawing Portraits

Give them some drawing sheets and tell them to draw a portrait of you. They’d be eager to do it, and it’ll be fun to hang around the house afterward.

15. Manicures

Have fun conversations with the kids while doing each other’s nails. Ask them about school and what’s going on in their lives. It’s an awesome bonding activity for you and your kids.

16. Visit The Zoo

A trip to the zoo is one fantastic outdoor activity to do with your kids. Let your kids see their favorite animals. It’s a fun and educational trip.

17. Form A Band

You can tell your kids to form a band at home. It will give them a reason to learn to play an instrument, and it will also enhance their creativity. Watch them bond over their songs and be amazing Superstars.

18. Finger Painting

A fun, educational way to keep your child busy and tickle their creative sides is finger painting. It’s always amazing when you frame and hang their artworks on the wall. You can also hang it on the door inside as well.

19. Painting Rocks

If they’re bored with regular paintings, you can spice things up by looking for rocks and asking them to paint different designs on them. You can put them in a clear jar. It makes for a beautiful work of art to keep in the living room or the kids’ rooms.

20. Making Bracelets

I remember having lots of fun as a kid when I used to make matching bracelets for my friends and I. Help them make friendship bracelets that they can give to their friends at school or even to their siblings. Trust me; it is also an awesome activity to do with your kids.

21. Baking

If your child has a sweet tooth, you could use this opportunity to teach them how to bake treats. It gives them something to do, plus it also teaches them a skill that’ll be quite useful to have in the future. They could also bake cookies for the neighbors or give them to their friends. Allow them to decorate the treats and watch how creative they can be.

22. Scrapbooking

Ah, a truly remarkable activity to do with your kids. Get an old magazine and help them make a beautiful collage. Cutting out pictures and gluing them to their very own picture scrapbook.

23. Journals

Teach them to keep journals by giving them journals of their own. Doing this can be a fun idea if your kids love to read and write a lot. Not only does it keep them busy, but it also improves their writing ability.

24. Library

Take them to the library. It is one of the awesome activities to do with your kids. That way, they can cultivate a habit of reading and find it fun. It’s a way of cutting their screen time, adding value to their lives, and making reading seem like less of a difficult thing for them to do.

25. Take A Hike

A great way to get your family to enjoy the outdoors. It is also a way to promote family bonding. Going on hikes with the kids can be super fun and also help to burn their never-ending energy. Teach them how to read tracks and show them some survival techniques they can use. Doing this builds excitement and makes the activity more fun to do with your kids.

26. Learn A Magic Trick

Buy a tiny top hat and a magician set for your kids. Sit and let them put together a magic show for you. Even if there is no actual magic, it’s an awesome activity to do with your kids. It is also a fun way to spend time with them.

27. Make Shadow Puppets

It is a fun activity before bed. Make funny shadow puppets and see them try to either guess or imitate what you’re doing. Your kids will love this! What a great and awesome activity to do with them.

28. Put On A Show

Your kids probably have seen tons of talent shows on TV and wish they could also be part of that. Putting on a magic show is an opportunity to make their wish come true in a way. Make your living room their stage. Whether acting, singing, or dancing, cheer them on as they put on a show for the whole family.

You could also make videos and have fun memories to look back to, plus it builds their confidence to actualize their dreams if they want to be performers.

29. Visit A Pet Shop

Children love pets. Be it a cute puppy or an adorable cat, or even a goldfish. Let them see their favorite pets, but this may backfire because they might want to take all the pets back home and will probably cry if you tell them they can’t. Hehe. It still doesn’t hurt to give them a tour of the pet shop!

30. Study Activities

Download and print a study activity with pictures of places on the internet. Teach them about different places around the world. Answer the questions together with your kids. You can also ask a family member to check your answers.


There are many awesome activities you can do with your kids. It will be nice to let them do both indoor and outdoor activities. The goal is to make sure they grow healthy, happy, and full of life and excitement. I hope this helps you find exciting new things to try out with your children and also helps tighten the bond you share with them.

By Allison E.

Allison E. is the Head and Editor at Whatsdalatest. He enhances brand awareness and the communication process. He enjoys writing useful content and inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves.

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