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9 Best Ways To Help Your Child Succeed in School

by | Parenting

Jun 30, 2020

Every parent wants success for their kids in their pursuits; likewise, you want your child to succeed in school. As a parent, you are the first teacher your kids have, therefore their the most important teacher.

However, schools and educational systems had changed from when you were at school some years back. It can be hard to determine which parenting techniques really aid learning with children.

So, what can you do to help your kids reach their full potential? Here are some guidelines to motivate your child to succeed in school. 

1. Take The Initiative

Taking the time to read this article already shows you are on the right part to help your child. Also, it shows you are already taking steps to see what you can do to help your child. Take some time to know your child’s feelings about school.

Focus on ways to assist your child instead of focusing on the problems which might be out of your control. Try to brainstorm solutions together with your child on the challenges he or she may have.

When you have an idea about the challenges your kid has, you can know what to do. For example, your child might be overwhelmed by the amount of homework he or she receives. Your focus now should be on what you can do to help your child cope and improve.

The following questions will help you see what your solutions might look like. Do I need to create a better study space at home? Does my child need help with arranging a schedule to accomplish more? Would he or she benefit by having the assistance of a tutor?

For further advice, you could speak with your child’s teacher. 

2. Meet Your child’s teacher

Try to find time to meet your child’s teacher as early as possible. Probably, the start of the school year might be the best time. Talking with your child’s teacher can help form a partnership that will be great for your child’s development.

Let the teacher know that your interest is in helping your child to learn. So, if the teacher sees a problem, you want to know about it immediately.

However, if there is a language barrier, find someone who can interpret for you. Find out if there is a teacher or parent liaison who can help out. You aim to work together with the teacher as a partner for your child’s benefit. 

3. Get Your Child Motivated

Motivation is vital for success in any field. So, you need to motivate your child to succeed in school. You can do this by showing your child the practical value of the school.

Moreover, show your child that a good education builds their mind and teaches skills they will require in the future. Try to find your child’s most significant incentive for succeeding in school, and then you can use it as constant motivation.

Furthermore, show your child the skills they can learn from school, and how better equipped, they become. The skills they acquire can help them get a job and keep it. School can teach them the value of having a strong work ethic, which is invaluable.

School provides an environment for a child to interact with others and build their social skills. They can learn tolerance and how to give and earn the respect of others. 

Also, it builds their ability to solve their problems and learn how to make sound judgments. These are some desires of children, so show them the best place to develop these qualities, for now, is at school. This will get them looking forward to school. 

4. Help Your Child To Set A Goal

The school will become more meaningful and enjoyable for your child if they know where education is taking them. You and your child can discuss and set a goal, both short-term and long-term goals.

Having a set goal will give their education a direction and purpose. You and your child can do this at the start of a new school year or the beginning of a new session.

One of the primary purposes of education is to get the skills required for a field of occupation. The choice of profession your child would like to pursue should guide the goal they set to achieve at school.

As a result, your child will become more focused. When guiding your child to pick a choice of occupation, you should consider the following:

  • Abilities of your child
  • Options available to your child
  • Opportunities available to your child

When your child knows the goal of their education, they will be more attentive. Moreover, the skills they acquire can ease their transition to the working world smoother. 

5. Attend Parents – Teacher Conference

Schools make arrangements for the teacher-parent conference from time to time. It is an excellent opportunity to get information on what is happening around the school. You can also meet up with your child’s teacher to discuss any concerns about your child.

Use this opportunity to share information and work together with the teacher for the benefit of your child. Also, maximize the use of other means to keep in touch with the teacher like phone calls and emails. 

6. Encourage Healthy Habits

For your child to do well in school, they have to be in good health. Therefore, you have to make sure they follow healthy habits at home.

Enough rest, balanced nutrition, and exercise are essential ways to keep your child healthy. Meanwhile, limit the time for watching TV, playing video games, listening to music, or using the computer.

Getting enough rest will give your kid more energy and enhance their emotional well-being. Also, good rest accelerates physical growth, improves brain function, boosts the immune system. If possible, try to get your child to bed at the same time each night.

Growing children need plenty of nutrition and energy, so make sure they get it. Insist on breakfast as this gives the necessary energy required for concentration and also improves short-term memory.

Adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, and moderate exercise will keep your child’s engine running. And that, in turn, will help upgrade their performance in school. 

7. Help Plan A Routine

Think about ways you can help your child become organized. You can discuss with him or her to see where they need assistance. Most kids do well when they have established routines, so help your child plan out a routine. This form of organization will save the stress of forgetting things, running late, and insufficient time. 

Furthermore, help your kid make a to-do list in a small notebook, or on a cell phone or other electronic device. Meanwhile, agree on a set time for homework and insist they keep to it.

Having a well-thought-out routine will help your child know what to do and at what time, thereby increasing their efficiency. 

8. Make Sure Homework Is Done

Homework is an essential tool for learning for your kids. Therefore, make sure your kids always do theirs. Be sure to provide your child with all the tools needed to do their homework. You can provide a conducive working area where they can be comfortable to study.

During time for homework and study, all distractions such as the television and social phone should be removed. Your effort to provide the tools and safe space for work will signify that you are interested in your child’s success at school.

Tips To Help Your Child To Succeed At School

9. Help Your Child Cope With Problems in School

You should have regular discussions with your kids and be attentive when they try to talk with you. This way, you can get to know what their thoughts are and their challenges.

Kids face different circumstances in schools like bullying, poor teaching, peer pressure to do drugs, and the like. Keep communication open with your kids so they can confide in you, then you can provide needed guidance.

Remember to talk to the teacher about any concern you have about your child, they can advise on how you can help your child.


Following the above tips will help your child to succeed at school. The goal should not be focused on acquiring riches when they grow up but instead, to become better and more responsible people in the future.

As a parent, you have to do more to make that happen. Remember, kids, face many challenges every day. But with your full support, they will succeed.

By Daniels Nanna

Nanna Daniels is a legal practitioner and writer. His practice as a lawyer and a writer is as diverse as his client base. His client ranges from government bodies to banks, private companies in real estate, energy companies, telecommunications to small businesses, families, and individuals. He is a passionate and diligent analyst of family, sports and business concepts, providing in-depth knowledge and analysis. He has covered topics ranging from family, parenting to entrepreneurship.

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