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8 Unusual Sports Around The World  

by | Ideas

May 27, 2020

You might wonder why any sport could be unusual, but here’s why. As humans, we love to try anything and everything and that brings us to this list of 8 unusual sports around the world.

The history of sport is as old as mankind, therefore, it goes way back to the ancient days. Every physical activity that formed into sports had past connections with custom, battles, and amusement.

Sport As A Physical Activity

As people, we enjoy getting out into the great outdoors, kicking a ball, swinging a bat/racquet, or engaging in some physical activity and competition.

The first Olympic Games were held in ancient Greece in 776 BC. During the Olympic, the crowd cheered as athletes wrestled their way to victory as depicted by movies involving Spartans and the likes.

Since that time, when we think of international sports, it is only normal to think of the Olympics. However, there are some lesser-known, unusual sports around the world that hold international championships each year, pulling in contenders and fans from all over. Some of these sports are so bizarre you may wonder how and why they became popular.

8 Unusual sports around the world

1. Ferret Legging

Firstly, opening our list of 8 unusual sports around the world is the Ferret legging. They say this sport started with excavators in Yorkshire, Northern England. It is an endurance stunt where ferrets get kept in the jeans of the players.

Importantly, the champion is the competitor who can keep the ferrets in his jeans the longest. It might appear to be basic, however, there are two principles, and we have known the occasion to last a few hours.

This competition is available only to the male gender and they advise players to tie their pants immovably at the lower legs, keeping the ferrets from crawling out. They place the ferret down both legs of their jeans, and a belt attaches it firmly at the top.

Furthermore, rules of the sport incorporate that the ferrets must have teeth and that the members must not wear upper clothing. Candidates can, however, prevent a ferret from gnawing just from the outside of the pants.

The victor is the ferret legger who has persevered through the madness the longest. The present ferret-legging world record is five hours and 30 minutes.

2. Wife Carrying

Unusual sports around the world: woman carried on the back by man taking a selfie

Wife-carrying sport started in Finland and has formed into a universal rivalry. Contenders carry their wives or female partner on the back through the impediment course.

And the victor is the couple who finish without fouls in the briefest time.

The track is 253.5 meters (831 ft) long, with two dry impediments and a water obstruction to explore. Importantly, spouses must weigh 49 kilograms (108 lb) or convey loads to bring them up to the legitimate weight.

“Wives” need not be the contenders’ lawful life partners; in other words, contenders may “get” a wife from a companion or neighbor.

While there is no limitation on the carrying technique, the “Estonian convey” where the wife dangles topsy turvy with her legs on the spouse’s shoulders and her arms around his abdomen, is most practiced.

The carrying competitions take place in various nations, and they have held global titles in Sonkajarvi, Finland since 1995 and the present world record stands at 55.5 seconds.

3. Cheese Rolling

Thirdly, the game of cheese rolling started in Gloucestershire, UK. The unusual game goes back to the 1800s as a neighborhood celebration to praise the spring each May.

Initially, a local occasion, the yearly Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll pulls in members and interested parties from everywhere throughout the world.

Members assemble on a lofty slope to pursue a 3.6-kilogram (8 lb.) Wheel of cheese down to the base and the principal individual to cross the end goal wins the cheese.

They allow the cheese to have a one-second head start before contenders start the pursuit.

The hefty cheese can arrive at a velocity of as much as 110 kilometers for each hour (68 mph), and sometimes members get severely injured.

And Injuries accounted for every year are from being hit by the quick-rolling cheese wheel or stumbling down the run-down lofty slope.

4. Bog Snorkeling

Bog snorkeling makes it to our list of Unusual sports around the world. Here, the contenders are each expected to swim through two lengths of a sloppy, water-filled peat bog using just flipper capacity to move them through the quagmire.

Swimmers travel from around the globe to the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells every August to contend in the big showdowns.

Contenders must finish two laps of a 55-meter course, using just their flippered legs. Presently, the bog swimming world record remains at one minute and 18.82 seconds.

5. Extreme Ironing

For most people, we view ironing as an errand as opposed to a charming interest or game. However, the Extreme Ironing World Championships have been active since 2002.

Contenders from around the world contend in various classifications to set up their ironing sheets in the oddest areas.

Majorly, the limitations of the area are by the contenders’ minds. From abseiling or scuba jumping to water-skiing and even pony riding, outrageous ironing lovers are never hard-pressed for another strange ironing spot.

We judge participants not just in the area in which they embraced the task but the nature of their ironing workmanship. No wrinkles or burn marks permitted.

6. Kaninhop-Bunny Jumping

Unusual sports around the world: bunnies jumping in snow

Kaninhop, or “bunny show hopping,” is bouncing into a worldwide title sport. Profoundly prepared hares originally explored their way around a bunny jumping course in Sweden during the 1980s.

The game has increased global enthusiasm, with dressage occasions springing up in the US, Japan, and even Australia. Judges choose the best bunnies by their opportunity to finish the course and the height of their bob.

In addition, the present hopping world records remain at 100 centimeters (39 inches) for stature and 3 meters (10 ft) for length.

7. Caber Toss 

The javelin toss is one of the most misleading and complicated events in the sport. Envision the accuracy and structure required to toss a javelin. Now, envision attempting to hurl a 19’6″ wooden shaft weighing 175 pounds! That is the caber toss.  

The competitors toss difficult to-lift objects with superhuman quality.  

As opposed to going for distance, the aim of this wonky trial of strength is to flip the post to land as flat on the top end as could reasonably be expected.

8. Ostrich Racing


Lastly, on the list of our unusual sports around the world is Ostrich racing. The game began in Africa and is a longstanding settled distraction in various African nations.

Similarly, it has been famous in Florida since the 1890s, when an amusement park in Jacksonville offered ostrich rides to guests.

Moreover, they have held the International Camel and Ostrich Races in Virginia City, Nevada, for a duration of 60 years.

Contenders saddle the huge flightless feathered creatures along these lines to a pony. Riders mount the flying creatures, hanging on as the ostrich jolt down the track at rates of as much as 69 kilometers for each hour (43 mph).

Above all, some say that the fowls are essential and a lot harder to deal with than a pony, with many “spills” expected on the course.

In conclusion, which of these unusual sports around the world have you tried or willing to try? Leave your comments below.

By Grace Obisesan

Obisesan Grace is a writer and an editor for Whatsdalatest. She has worked as a reporter and content creator for many publications. Obisesan is obsessed with creativity, and she likes to spend her free time learning how to improve her skills. She enjoys watching Sci-Fi and action movies, reading, writing poetry, and listening to continental music.

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