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7 Subtle Ways to Make Your Man Miss You in a Long Distance Relationship

by | Dating Tips

Aug 8, 2020

Your boyfriend just relocated to a place because he got a new job or some other unanticipated commitments. Then you notice things might not really be the same with you as before. You now have a distance barrier to contend with. Do you want to spike his interest in you? Do you want to sustain your long-distance relationship? Or is your man giving you attitude? The answers to your questions are here. There are several ways you can make your man miss you in a long-distance relationship. 

One weapon you can use to attain this goal is your ability to make your man miss you. It does not matter if he is: 

  • Your new crush. 
  • Dating you already. 

It is such a fantastic feeling to know that a special man wants and desires you madly.

Why does a man ignore you?

A man will take a woman for granted in a relationship due to the following reasons.

  • He is not missing you at all.
  • When he knows you can never leave him.
  • He is busy.
  • He is no longer interested.

Hence, he begins to test the waters to see how far you can continue. On the contrary, you are busy walking on eggshells in the relationship. All because you want the relationship at all costs. This is quite unpleasant. I can resonate with you on this. 

Why is it important to make your man miss you?

It is very natural for a woman to want to take part in the activities of a man she truly loves. However, men do not want a woman to be all over them every second of the day that passes by.

If you want your man in a long-distance relationship to miss you immensely, then make good use of this saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Yes, you do not have to follow your man around like a pest. Give him the space he needs to put other things in order. Get busy with your life, too, if he becomes too busy for you.

This handy list is exclusively made for you. Learn these seven subtle ways to make your man miss you.

7 Subtle Ways to Make Your Man Miss You

1. Do not contact him excessively: always trying to be in touch with him frequently is annoying. He may appreciate it at the beginning. With time, it lessens his desires for you. Since he knows you are always there waiting at the phone idly. Do not be such a bore, lady!. Texting and calling him unnecessarily.

If your man is used to hearing from you every morning when he just wakes up, you should try to alter it. Going radio silence on him will catch his attention big time. He will be curious to know why you are drifting apart from him.

When he eventually calls, he asks, “lovey-dovey, what happened I have not heard from you in a while?”. This used to be a man that was probably avoiding you like the plague.

7 Subtle Ways to Make Your Man Miss You in a Long Distance Relationship

2. End the call first: this one catches him off guard. When he calls you or chats you up, be the one to end it first. Men are used to women wanting to talk to them always. If you do the opposite, he scratches his head and begins to think how awesome you are to him.

He sees you like a lady who has a life of her own. The best time to end communication with a man is when you are discussing something he finds really interesting. Then you end the call or chat first. It creates suspense in him.

3. Avoid initiating calls regularly: this simply means that you should not be the first to call in the relationship on a regular basis. Consequently, your man will become complacent. Definitely, not what you want. Calling him first constantly will only give a kiss of death to his missing you.

He will see it as no need trying to reach out to you because you will. So ditch contacting him first. It is when he looks at his wristwatch, and you have not called yet. He will create a compass to find you. Now your man will surely miss you and he will be craving to hear from you.

4. Send him a special gift: this works like magic!. The gift will always bring your thoughts to his mind despite the distance between you too. For instance, you gave him a beautiful bed sheet. Automatically he thinks of you each time he sees the bedsheet. Additionally, when he sleeps on it, he could dream of you. I bet you; you will love to hear what he imagined of you.

5. Reduce your social media usage: stop posting everything happening in your life on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, if you want him to miss you. Post at times to show you are happy and having fun. A man loves to be the one to put smiles on your pretty face.

On the contrary, if your updates keep popping up the moment he holds his phone, your man would not feel your absence in his life or miss you. Thus, you either completely stop posting for a while on social media or reduce it. Subsequently, his imagination begins to run wild on what you have been up to. He begins to long for you to be with him.

6. Engage in sexting: men love sexting a lot. They are either hungry or horny. The reality that you are miles apart does not mean you should neglect your sex life. You can set your love afire with just this one move- sexting. Indulge in phone sexting with him.

You can start gradually to make him hunger for you in the bedroom through sexy text messages. Do not get surprised if he shows up at your door post that very weekend to take things to the next level. Sexting will absolutely make your man miss you and he will long for you.

7. Send cute pictures to him: once in a while, try sending him recent photos of you. Not just any picture but absolutely stunning ones. He will love it and begin to imagine other guys are chasing after you. This subtle way will ignite his passion for you, especially those pictures with the inscription “for your eyes only”. It makes him feel lucky to have you in his life.

Nevertheless, only send this kind of picture to a man you really trust. Furthermore, do this when it is comfortable and convenient for you to do so.

To wrap it all up

The happiness you feel when you succeed in making your man miss you in a Long distance relationship is great. But do not make it conspicuous to him that you are trying to make him miss you.

Just be 100% natural while using these subtle ways on him. If after you have tried all these and no improvement from his end. I think it is time you figure out to either let him go or not.

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By Rachael Ukpebor

Rachael Ukpebor is an Editorial Assistant for Whatsdalatest. She graduated with honours from the University of Benin with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. She covers beauty, relationship, and lifestyle topics at WDS, everything from best skincare and makeup hacks, to relationships. Her favourite music is Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton.

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