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5 Genuine Ways to Surprise Your Partner

by | Love

Dec 23, 2020

Relationships are quite simple, given a chance, but there are some nuances in relationships that could drastically affect your love life for the better. They are the kinds of gestures that do more work than you know, yet no one ever tells you about them. One such gesture is surprising your partner in a romantic way. This is a very underrated aspect of love as a lot of people do not see the essence of surprises. But those that do understand the importance of finding new and effective ways to surprise your partner.

There is nothing as refreshing in a relationship as a pleasant surprise. It is one of the purest and most selfless acts of love that draws lovers together. Something as small as showing up to an important event of theirs can go a really long way in making them happy.

Another good thing about surprises is that they are inexhaustible. The more you try to surprise your partner, the more ideas you come up with for future use. The truth is that your partner will never get used to you lovingly patronizing him or her out of the blue, and that is a good thing.

We all know by now the relationship benefits that come with surprising your partner, but what are the things that you could do to pull this off? Below are some great and creative ways to surprise your partner that genuinely pay off.

Things Guys Do That Girls Love

1. Throwing a Surprise Party

Throwing a surprise party is a no-brainer when considering ways to surprise your partner. Did your partner recently just hit some kind of milestone in life? Or they just got a promotion at work. Whatever it is, you can decidedly gather a small group of friends and loved ones, maybe a few co-workers, to help mark the occasion on their behalf.

Planning a surprise party is a sweet and affectionate way to surprise that special person in your life. It is a gesture that they would appreciate and revere you for. In order to plan a surprise party, all you need is a venue and a few people. Once you get that down, you can start to work on the more internal logistics such as food and refreshments, party packs, souvenirs, a cake, etc.

2. Take Your Partner Out

Of all the ways to surprise your partner, this is arguably the most common. Taking your partner out is often seen as a standard protocol where relationships are concerned. It is the first thing you probably think of when the word ‘date’ comes to mind, and with good reason. Going out with your partner is a good way to blow off steam together, and it will serve to bring you both closer together.

Although, it can be tricky in that you may not know where to take them sometimes or even have the necessary finances required to see the surprise through? So here are a few places to take your partner to, depending on your financial capacity and the type of outing you would like for it to be. 

If you are aspiring for something classy, you should probably have dinner together at a good restaurant, if you both want to grab a sneaky bite, then fast food is the way, if it is just to have fun, then you can visit a mall or an amusement park.

3. Planning an Indoor Date

There are some money-saving ways to surprise your partner; one of them is an indoor date. Is your partner the type to prefer staying indoors and ordering takeout over going out to grab a meal? Then an indoor date might most definitely be in order. Staying indoors for a date may seem like such an odd way to surprise your partner as it kind of defeats the purpose. But it is definitely not without its many perks.

Sometimes it might be the only safe option because you are broke; other times, it might just be for the sake of trying something new. But it could prove to be fun every time if you know what you are doing.

First off, you would need to identify the type of indoor date it is. There are different kinds of indoor dates like the dress-up date, the movie night, and the hangout.

The dress-up date is usually like your typical dinner at a fancy restaurant except at home. For this, you’re required to cook a sumptuous meal (or just order good takeout) and eat together. Both the movie night and typical hangout are less formal. 

The movie night is very self-explanatory: you stay up at night for as long as you can with your partner watching movies. Essentials for this include snacks, a comfy couch or bed, and lots of movies. Your typical hangout is just you and your partner bonding over stuff and making conversation, so you should prepare accordingly.

4. Buying Them That Special Gift

What is a thing that your partner has been coveting for a really long time, or something you know they really need but have not had the time or money to get themselves? Is that thing within your power to get them? If yes, then why not do so?

Gifting your partner, something that holds importance to them is a great way to show that you love and care for them. They do not even need to be marking any special occasion when you buy them what you know they would like. 

You could go as far as wrapping and addressing their gifts to them. This would further enhance the gesture and remind them that you love them.

Things Girls Do That Guys Love

5. Sex

Consensual sex is actually one of the most effortless and loving ways to surprise your partner, and I’ll tell you why. Love is a great luxury with many enjoyable benefits, but one thing that kills it fast is when it is one-sided. Sex is a necessary by-product of love, so you should be able to see where I am going with this.

Your partner could get tired when they are the one always initiating the more intimate aspects of your love. It could get frustrating, and they might start to feel like you are not as attracted to them as they are to you. Surprising them with some sexy time is a great way to quell their insecurities while facilitating mutual pleasure on both sides.

You could surprise them with a new trick that you practiced by yourself in secret. Or you could learn a new position. Small things like this go a long way in strengthening the bond you have with your partner. They could really do wonders for your relationship.


Surprising your partner is never such a big deal as long as you know what they like and want out of the relationship. If you love your partner, then knowing these things should not be that hard.

In fact, there are many more awesome ways to surprise your partner, as I have only mentioned a few. But once you are able to start, you will begin to pick up on their cues and learn more along the way. Good luck!

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By Violet Maxwell

Violet Maxwell B. is a freelance writer. She has worked as a web content writer, copywriter, social media manager, project manager and as a digital marketer. Her dream is to explore the world and all its wonders before retiring to a peaceful and passive life.

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