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23 Reasons You Are Always Having Headaches

by | Health & Wellness

Aug 3, 2020

Suffering from mild or severe headaches is excruciating. You could get dull aches, sharp, throbbing, persistent, intermittent, mild, or severe pains on your head or neck. Headaches are usually disturbing when it occurs. You feel uncomfortable until it goes. Some people can still do their usual activities, even when having headaches. Others can not do so. Read the reasons you are always having headaches here: 

23 Surprising Causes Of Constant Headaches

1. Stress: One of the reasons you are always having headaches is that you are stressed out. It is a way of your body telling you to have some rest and relax. The best thing you can do is to stop whatever you are doing and have a good rest.

2. Poor diet/ Hunger: Hunger can reduce your blood sugar level. Subsequently, eating smaller portions of food regularly can ensure your blood sugar level from dropping low. Additionally, you can incorporate food substances with high magnesium content like Spinach, Olive oil, Pumpkin seed e.t.c

3. Weather changes: the weather is in a state of constant flux. Subsequently, a rise in atmospheric temperature leads to exposure to bright light, heat, and dehydration. This could be one of the reasons you are always having headaches. Imagine doing rigorous work under the scorching sun.

However, consuming enough fluids, working under shades, and wearing sunglasses as soon as you get overheated are solutions.

4. Not getting massages: How would you relieve stress without getting massages? Failure to do this is also one of the reasons you are always having headaches. Furthermore, massaging your temple area relieves you of headaches instantly.

5. Hangovers: Another of the reasons you are always having headaches is consuming alcohol beyond your tolerance level. Your getting intoxicated has nothing to do with if it is just a glass of champagne you drank or more of it. Headache is usually a sign of hangovers.

6. Dehydration: the moment you start having headaches, you are probably dehydrated. Taking water at intervals could work wonders for you when trying to stop the headache you are suffering from. Moreover, less water in the body means the brain will receive lower oxygen. Hence, the volume of blood drops. This is why you are having headaches. Watch out for some of these signs of dehydration:

  • Yellow urine 
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Dry mouth, eyes, or lips.
  • Strong smelling pee

Furthermore, you can get well-hydrated from consuming fruits like watermelon, cucumber e.t.c.     

7. Hormonal fluctuations: Some changes in your hormones’ level are another reason you are always having headaches. When Serotonin and Estrogen levels decline in your body, you are prone to headaches. This usually happens during pregnancy, PMS, perimenopause, and postpartum.

8. Being overweight: Having too much weight is not so healthy. Headache is one of the challenges of being overweight from findings. Nevertheless, you can have a healthy weight through diet and exercise

9. Excess Caffeine: Caffeine is not just a stimulant. It helps relieve one from having headaches. However, excess consumption of it will lessen it in being effective to cure your headaches over time. If you still want to reap the benefits of taking Caffeine for headaches, reduce your intake of it.

10. Ignoring ergonomics: this is one of the vital reasons you are always having headaches. Prolong use of the computer can give you headaches without taking time for ergonomics. Doing ergonomics after a while of working with the computer can alleviate eye strain and stiffness of your muscles.

11. Lack of regular exercises: Engaging in exercises is right for you to be sound and healthy. However, when you do not do it since it relieves your stress level, you are likely to get headaches consequently.

12. Chewing of gums: surprisingly, chewing of gum is also responsible for your headaches. Too much chewing of gums can stress the hell out of your jaws. Consequently, this results in you having headaches. This is very common among adolescents and teenagers. So, they are the worst hit of headaches from chewing gums over a lengthy period.

13. Food triggers: check the food you eat. Which do you think is giving you headaches after eating it?. Many foods can also be behind it, such as aged cheese, peanuts, and others. Therefore, try to abstain from such food substances.

14. Stimulating situations of high intensities: This is another culprit to the constant headaches you have. For instance, being in a boisterous environment for an extended period can give you headaches before you realize it.

Other situations that can cause this are strong fragrance, busy patterns, watching action-packed movies in a dark place. The best fix for this kind of headache is to avoid putting yourself in these situations for a long time.

15. Motion Sickness: This is the way to get headaches while in transit. Staying at the back seat of a moving vehicle is not suitable for you at all. A good position you can sit in a car is at the front seat with the driver. This way, you get to see everything clearly as you move.

16. Poor sleeping habits: Sleeping for six hours or less can make you susceptible to headaches. Also, you get headaches when you sleep beyond your regular wake up schedules. Keeping this kind of headache at bay is to stick to a regular sleep and wake up schedule.

17. Insufficient consumption of vitamins: those who do not consume dietary supplements and vitamins have more headaches than those who do. Sufficient consumption of coenzyme Q10 and mineral magnesium can reduce your risks to have headaches.

18. Other illnesses: when you are always having headaches, it could mean that you have other illnesses in your body. This is another reason why you may be having headaches. The headache is just trying to inform you of it before you break down completely on a sickbed—illnesses such as fever, meningitis, toilet infection, sinuses, COVID-19, etc. 

19. Concussions: a hard banging your head on a surface could give you headaches with immediate effect. This is because the brain gets shifted in the skull. It can lead to bleeding in the brain and even death.

20. Rebound Headaches: acetaminophen, aspirinibuprofen are some pills you can use for treating headaches. However, the overuse of these can cause the not so easy to treat rebound headaches. If you are prone to headaches, seek medical advice when using such drugs.

21. Withdrawal from addictions: this is a kind of addiction you get when you consume hard drugs and alcohol. The day you decide to desist from this act. Headaches come knocking at your door.

22. Not doing acupuncture: this is a traditional Chinese method in getting rid of pains and aches in the body. A pin is inserted at a targeted part of the body to eliminate headaches. Therefore, choosing not to get acupuncture done is the reason you are battling headaches frequently.

23. Tighthead wears or hairstyles: scarfs, caps, hats, or any other thing constricting on your neck, head, or scalp could make you get headaches. For ladies, especially, a tightly done hairstyle is one of the reasons you are always having headaches.

In a nutshell,

From reading the reasons you are always having headaches, you now have at your fingertips some of the solutions as well. Thus, you will be able to easily carry out your daily activities without worrying about being struck down by a headache.

Headaches are common but should not be handled with levity if your symptoms persist after trying any treatment plan. Also, it would help if you visited a chiropractor or get medical help immediately.

By Rachael Ukpebor

Rachael Ukpebor is an Editorial Assistant for Whatsdalatest. She graduated with honours from the University of Benin with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. She covers beauty, relationship, and lifestyle topics at WDS, everything from best skincare and makeup hacks, to relationships. Her favourite music is Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton.

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