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20 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Being Authentic 

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Jun 11, 2020

Granted, we’ve all met someone and experienced passionate feelings for their personality just to discover that they were not the individual we thought they were. If this is the case, you might wonder about ways to tell if someone is authentic. Besides, individuals more down to earth usually find themselves in situations mentioned at the start of the paragraph. In other words, these sets of people experience fake people most. Paying special attention to the telltale signs in this article can assist you in navigating towards folks who are undoubtedly authentic.

To open with, remember, not one entity in the history of humanity has ever been 100 percent authentic, veritable, or genuine. We’re all uncertain and there is nothing amiss with this.

However, there are a few individuals who’ve exemplified authenticity more often than others. The chances are that the individual you thought of in the “example” above is one such individual. 

How To Tell If Someone Is Being Authentic

1. Authentic People Use Direct Communication

If people speak directly, they are less invested in impression managing or inactive aggressive conduct, the two of which eventually lead to inauthentic interactions with others. People pleasing and satisfying conduct is the absolute opposite of realness.

Focus on these little signs, and you may realize that it’s easier to get rid of the individuals who are faking it.

2. Not Scared of Failure

Note that it takes enormous courage to admit to your disappointments–and so, authentic individuals have a lot of courage in reserve. They know their shortcomings and mistakes; however, what truly differentiates an authentic person from someone faking it is that they make moves to correct them.

3. Listening Ears

Moreover, authentic people don’t listen to respond. Rather, they listen with genuine interest to others without focusing all their attention on their phone, the TV, or whatever else might be a distraction. They are always ready to be with a person in need.

4. Sincerity

Genuine people are firm about their opinions and viewpoints. Also, they share these perspectives with certainty. Moreover, genuine people do not make statements they don’t actually mean.

And they do not do things that they would prefer not to do. They can share their exciting thoughts, sentiments, and perspectives with no fear of others’ opinions.

5. They See Value in Expressing Love to Others

They see value in offering compliments and kindness indiscriminately. Therefore, they comprehend that we are each connected, thereby, eager to give diverse people a comforting hand.

They realize that by helping people, they are supporting themselves. They permit and urge others to communicate their own truth with affection and acknowledgment.

6. They Acknowledge Their Faults

Authentic people are aware that everyone is going through things and may have different partialities. They don’t pass judgment on others for their own prejudices, but they acknowledge it to be a piece of the individual’s inner wound showing itself.

Also, they feel that there are parts of themselves that they don’t like either. Further, they’re willing to swallow their pride and recognize those parts, regardless.

7. Acceptance

Authentic people note that everyone cannot agree on everything. So, they are very tolerant of differing perspectives and suppositions. They don’t consider themselves as “right” and someone else as “wrong” or vice versa.

8. Authentic Individuals Accept Responsibility

They don’t shift the blame on others for what befalls them in their lives. They take liability for how their actions created a specific result. Authentic people are ready to look at how they influenced every single situation and act accordingly.

9. They’re Connected to Their Inner Guide

They’ve had the option to free their brains from the steady mind chatter to hear an inner voice that is more prominent than them.

Authentic people can act in understanding to their internal guidance with trust and confidence, despite not having external approval.

10. They Use Eye Contact

A sure-fire approach to telling if someone is straightforward is to focus on their eye to eye connection.

Alternatively, when we redirect our eyes during a vital conversation, it could be a sign of lying, omission, shame, or a fear of being seen for who we really are.

11. Vulnerability

Remember, If someone only shows you the flawless side of themselves, that is an OK sign. But, if someone is ready to be vulnerable and show their rough parts to others, they’re bound to be more authentic.

When a person is willing to face the passionate challenge of showing their actual self, particularly their vulnerable parts, they are taking an enormous risk knowing that they probably won’t be received. But they do it anyway, and it shows their authenticity.

12. Consistency

Most importantly, consistency is very significant when trying to know how to tell someone if someone is authentic.

If you know someone who is persistently shifting and changing their thoughts, behavior, and convictions based on who they are around or where they are, this is a key sign that they are not authentic.

13. Awareness

People focused on living an authentic life weigh their activities and the effect of those activities on others. They will mostly be progressively intelligent and can consistently look at the upsides and downsides of decisions before making them.

14. Experience

Authentic individuals understand the temporariness in life and attempt to live it completely. This means experiencing what people and the world have to offer. They learn more about human behaviors and other ways to cope or get along with people.

15. Materialistic

Firstly, they’re not out-purchasing the most expensive things, expecting it will satisfy them. While they may appreciate material things, authentic people don’t see it to be “If I acquire this one thing, at that point, I’ll be glad.”

Also, genuine people don’t rate others on the material things they possess or don’t. They know it doesn’t hold a lot of importance.

16. Authentic Individuals Don’t Give In To Peer Pressure

People who have authentic characters have clear values and speak up when they see those qualities being disregarded. They know what their character needs and what they shouldn’t bother with.

In this manner, they don’t try to accomplish something that they would prefer not to do. When they answer ‘yes’ to something, it’s a valid and entire yes.

17. Have Strong Self-Esteem

Authentic individuals are not excessively humble, yet they’re not boastful either. They are certain about what their identity is. They don’t appear to be exceptionally stressed over impressing others since they are actually strong in their own confidence.

Authentic people don’t have to gloat, and they likewise don’t speak down about themselves either. They are direct about who they are. These kinds of people are valid.

18. Authentic People Give and Receive Genuine Compliments

When somebody has low confidence, it is difficult for them to offer and accept compliments. Real individuals have to make real associations through genuine connections and compliments.

When they are complimented, they say thanks. Also, real people don’t hold back from letting another person realize what they appreciate about them.

19. Authentic People Are Not Attention-Seekers

Realistic people are what they appear to be. They don’t want to draw attention to themselves and don’t do things just to seek attention.

Authentic people do things because they are what their identity is. In fact, it is the only way they want to be known. They don’t need to tell everybody about their good deeds.

20. They Are Not Easily Influenced

As mentioned before, genuine people stand behind their values and beliefs and are guided by them rather than outside influences like other people’s looks, status, and gender. 

How To Tell When Someone Is Faking It

1. It’s all about them

Fake people will make everything about them. There’s no denying that there’s something about them desiring everybody’s endorsement. They brag a lot and display a self-important demeanor.

The second you get an ‘it ‘s-about me’ vibe, be aware that it’s just a short time before you understand how fake and selfish they are.

2. They pretend to try

Other than the standard “How have you been? I’ve missed you!” pleasantries, have you at any point chatted with somebody, and it prompted something like “Oh my god, how about we catch up over drinks this weekend!” and you never get notification from them again.

Has this happened with the same person on more than one occasion? Either way, there’s no reason to dwell on this too much like the sort of person they are is glaring.

3. They’re too busy to help

Fake friends are just around for splendid times. Similarly, they’re usually occupied with something when you need their help.

Whether it’s a comforting presence, a shoulder to cry on after a separation, or helping you pack and move apartments, you can never rely on phony individuals to be there, especially when you need them most. They are never there when things don’t include celebrating.

4. Inauthentic people ignore you

Certainly, unreal individuals will only connect with you when they need something. Whether it’s getting them on the club’s VIP list or requesting that you put in a pleasant word for them with their new manager, they normally reach out when they need something.

5. They make plenty of promises

Inauthentic individuals are geniuses at making promises they never intend to keep. The thing about them is that they will look great and endearing at the time they made the promise, and when that phase passes, they conveniently forget what they promised you.

6. They gossip all the time

Fake people are rumor mongers, which is an unquestionable fact. With the horde of subjects to talk about, phonies consistently end up bad-mouthing others, even those they consider friends.

7. Inauthentic People try to please everyone

Fakers have a strange need to satisfy others. Somehow, they are specialists at saying trash to engage people around them.

Be it pretending to be decent or offering to help with something they won’t do, being phony nearly appears to be an ability they’ve perfected.

8. They can compliment and insult

Phonies can compliment and insult you simultaneously. For instance, they would smile and say, “wow, congrats landing that new position! What did you do to get it?”

9. Fake people are passive-aggressive

Phony friends are talented at talking in a passive-aggressive manner. They figure out how to insult you with a compliment. This will gradually lessen your self-worth, and you won’t even notice it’s happening.

10. Fake people constantly let you down

Inauthentic companions will frequently make plans and never see it through. They consent to plan an occasion with you but leave it over to you to do everything. They will often have the ideal excuse regarding why they couldn’t make plans happen.

11. Inauthentic people expect you to drop everything

A phony companion will want you to put them first consistently. They believe that your life rotates around them. Also, their problems will invariably be more serious than yours. Remember, this is about the rivalry.

12. Fake people will always make themselves seem more important

Whether you got a different job or a promotion at work, your phony friend will consistently want to outdo you. They will always try to exceed you, and their news will consistently be better. To them, it’s a competition.

13. They ever take responsibility

As a matter of fact, fake individuals never assume liability for their mistakes. If anything negative transpires, it’s never their fault. And another person is to blame for the unpleasant things that happen to them.

They will accuse everybody, from their lover to their friends, landlord, and boss, for every misfortune.

14. The world revolves around them

Fakes are usually of the notion that the world rotates around them. For instance, they expect everybody to drop everything and come running when they need help; however, they will never do the same for other people.

Unfortunately, this is the encapsulation of selfishness, and fake individuals are good at this.

15. They smile too much

Lastly, fake individuals consistently try to conceal their actual nature by putting a cheerful attitude out there. They strive to make people like them and afterward get rid of them if they can’t help them get what they want.

In conclusion, and in all honesty, it would be wonderful to expel all the fake people from your life. Above all, it’s hard to tell who’s legit and who’s not.

With this list of ways to tell if someone is authentic, it should be easier to know the toxic people in your life and be able to manage them or put them in certain positions.

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By Grace Obisesan

Obisesan Grace is a writer and an editor for Whatsdalatest. She has worked as a reporter and content creator for many publications. Obisesan is obsessed with creativity, and she likes to spend her free time learning how to improve her skills. She enjoys watching Sci-Fi and action movies, reading, writing poetry, and listening to continental music.

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