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20 Ways To Differentiate A Genuine Guy From A Player

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Jul 3, 2020

There are genuine guys out there; it’s just that they’re not easy to find. If you’re tired of falling prey to smooth-talkers, then you need to pay attention and gather some knowledge. These guys are everywhere around you, and the only way to overcome them is to outsmart them. Here are 20 ways to differentiate a genuine guy from a player so you can find the man of your dreams.

20 Main Ways To Tell If He Is Genuine Or Just Playing You

1. Physical Impression: A genuine guy likes more things about you other than your physical looks. He loves how you talk, walk, eat, smile, and cross your legs while sitting on the chair. He also likes some of your opinions about politics, society, economics, and the issue you care about.

Players are only excited about your outward appearance. The way you look, your hair, the size of your body parts, and other stuff. So, if you meet a guy and all he does is make compliments about your physical appearance, he’s likely to be a player.

2. Aggressiveness: When a guy likes you from the depth of his heart, he thinks twice before expressing the slightest act of aggression. Even when you provoke him, he handles his anger with caution and respects you as a woman.

A player doesn’t care about all of that. You’ll see the aggressive side of them the very moment you make the slightest mistake. They may even be the trigger to instigate you into making an error so that they can deal with you. 

3. Almost Everything Has To Be About Him: When a guy is a player, everything is all about him. You have to do everything from his perspective or no deal. Players derive so much happiness from this because it creates a sense of satisfaction for their personality.

You can differentiate a genuine guy from a player by how they always want you to have input on decisions. They feel they’re making a mistake unless you’ve made some inputs. 

4. Good Guys Are Open-Minded: When you’re in a relationship with a guy, you feel more confident when they let you know what is going on. Sharing situations, opinions, and events make it easier to relate to your partner and promote trust and bonding.

Genuine guys are open-minded and want you to have the essential details, while players tell you just a bit and keep you in suspense. 

5. Too Much Talking And Less Action: Genuine guys never want to spend too much time trying to convince you they care about you. They want to show you the world, walk with you, start conversations, and build trust; it’s all about action for them. Genuine guys want you to have a feel of the emotions. 

Players are more about talks and less action. These smooth talkers will make you feel like heaven with the words coming out of their mouths. They will sweep you away and cause you to start building castles in the air. But they never do anything and will also depend on talking to make you forgive them. 

6. Indecisive: When you meet a man that can’t make a quick decision about their love and affection for you, he’s a player. They don’t know what they want, so they continue to live in this world of fantasy that never ends. 

A guy who takes you seriously already knows they want you even before you ask or say anything. They already have a plan and are preparing themselves to accommodate you in their lives. 

7. He Forgets A Lot: It’s fun to share great moments in a relationship and record your interactions in your memory. When someone likes you, they tend to remember certain things about you like the color of the dress and the best food. They know your allergies, and when they tell you they’re going to do something, they write it down, so they don’t forget. 

Players don’t have many reasons to remember those things that are most important to you. They are more about the moment without worry or interest in anything in the future. 

8. Making Sacrifices: Making sacrifices is one of the best ways to know who cares about you from the heart. Even when they are pretending, a sacrifice is a sign that they care about you, and it should mean a lot to you. You can differentiate a genuine guy from a player by their readiness to make sacrifices on your behalf. 

We’re not talking about a sacrifice that will cost so much. Spending time with you when you’re ill and having to go to work the next day is a massive sacrifice that a genuine guy can give. Players will always have an excuse not to do something, so watch out. 

9. Lies Upon Lies: If there is one thing that all players are known for, it has to be their lies. They lie all the time and then tell more lies to justify their first lie. Players don’t care about building trust and memories because they already make up their minds they’re not going to be there in the future, so what’s the point. 

Genuine guys have reasons not to lie because they know it may backfire in the future. They tell it as it is because they want you to be confident, relaxed, and happy. 

10. Patience And Endurance: Sometimes things can get very awkward and uncomfortable between a man and a woman. While it will feel like an unfortunate circumstance, it’s a huge opportunity to know people’s real character.

When things go tough, that is the exact time that honest guys shine the more. They are patient with you and are ready to endure no matter the situation.

Patient Guy

Players never have patience, and when they do, it’s always with so much extra stuff. Getting a player to show the reason for endurance is hard because they don’t understand its importance to your survival. 

11. Humility: Another critical thing that differentiates a genuine guy from a player is humility. For most men, players, and genuine, toning down pride is a serious issue. Their masculine features and hormones are always a problem for them, and it takes courage and wisdom to behave. 

However, genuine guys will always find a way to be humble and sober to make it easier to relate with you. They allow things to be and never flex muscles. For players, the opposite is the case. Players are full of pride and want you to bow down for them and worship them. Humility is nowhere in the vocabulary of a player. 

12. Joyfulness And Bitterness: Genuine guys are full of joyfulness. Even when they’re going through hell, or you have issues with them, they find a way to cover the darkness with joy. For them, optimism rules their day, and whatever time they spend with you, they want it to be unique and memorable. 

Bitterness is the language of the player. They are always rude, having reasons to shout, and knowing why everything is not going to work fine. Even when you try to calm things down and convince them to see from a positive perspective, they don’t want to listen. They want you to feel their pain and accept it because it’s selfish and makes them feel good. 

13. Polite: If there is one thing that a genuine guy never messes with is the manner at which they approach you. Guys who have good intentions for you at the bottom of their hearts will always be polite. In public, genuine guys want you to feel comfortable and respected because it’s important to them. 

Most of those guys that disrespect their ladies in public are players. They don’t understand the importance of being polite, and so don’t know why they should give it. 

14. Plenty Of Trust: People who have a deep interest in your well-being and happiness will always trust you no matter the situation. Honest guys are known to have great trust for their women and will never doubt their decisions. They want you to feel that you matter and they don’t have to worry about you. 

For players, the opposite is the case. Players are full of mistrust because they don’t expect anyone to trust them. Without trust, your relationship will mean nothing and will inevitably end up in the worst situation. Genuine guys want to trust you, and they will do everything to ensure a lack of trust doesn’t damage the extraordinary emotion the both of you share. 

15. Good Guys Don’t Cheat: Cheating is also a meaningful way to differentiate a genuine guy from a player. Good guys don’t have to cheat because you’re enough for them, and you have everything they need. They don’t want a distraction from outside forces so they can concentrate on you and you alone. 

Cheating is almost natural for players, so they are confident they will get away with it because they can lie to you. That’s another reason why a genuine guy won’t cheat on you; he doesn’t want to lie to you. Players don’t care about the particular emotion and desire the two of you share, so; cheating is not a big deal. 

16. Lasting Love: You can easily differentiate a genuine guy from a player by the way they show love to you. When somebody is in love with you, it’s hard for them to hide. They feel great whenever you’re around and wish so many great things for the two of you. Lasting love is the ultimate goal of the good guy, and he’s ready to do everything to make it a success. 

For players, the story is different. These bad boys are all about the moment, sex, parties, drinks, and lust, nothing intentional. Even when they make you feel they love you, they want to get something from you or cover their deceit so you can not discover their lies. 

17. Spends Time With You: A guy that doesn’t spend time with you is not genuine and is not interested in you. For love and trust to grow, couples need to do fun together, like watching TV, launching, holding hands, and going to games. People who are serious about the love they confess to you look for every available opportunity to spend some time with you and bond.

20 Ways To Differentiate A Genuine Guy From A Player

Players don’t have time to spend with you because they have other places to be beside you. They are committed to their other friends and ladies, and spending time with you is like you’re holding them down. They also will care less how you feel about their absence and assume that you’ll just move on with your life without them. 

18. Pays Attention: A man who pays attention to your complaints, needs, issues, and requests is thinking of a future with you in it. Genuine men want to know what you want because it fills them with pride and joy to satisfy your needs. They see it as a form of communicating to understand your personality better. 

A man that doesn’t pay any attention to you is most likely a player. For these men, you’ll find yourself struggling hard to satisfy them and get their attention. Genuine men know that women like to get attention, so they never deny you their presence. 

19. Promises Are Kept: We all make promises. Sometimes we fulfill them, and at other times, it overwhelms us. However, when a genuine man makes a promise to his woman, he goes the extra mile to keep that promise. He makes sacrifices, spends time and money, and is ready to lose something to make you feel happy. 

Players don’t care about keeping promises because they are used to lying and cheating their way through. You also notice a player when you have to be the one to convince him that he needs to make a promise about something; it doesn’t come naturally. 

20. Plans In Advance: Women can differentiate a genuine guy from a player by his long term plans. When you’re with a guy, and he’s telling about the future and the role you’ll play in it, he’s serious with you. He talks more about ‘we’ and ‘us’ rather than ‘I’ or ‘me.’ Players don’t have any plans for anyone. It’s all about them and nothing more.

By Allison E.

Allison E. is the Head and Editor at Whatsdalatest. He enhances brand awareness and the communication process. He enjoys writing useful content and inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves.

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