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18 Brilliant Ways To Spend Your Summer Vacation

by | Ideas

Jun 8, 2020

Yippee! Summer is here again.

We usually look forward to the summer annually. It has become a tradition for people to go on vacation in summer yearly. Almost everyone loves summer because of the warm weather and the school vacation. There are lot of interesting ways you can spend your summer vacation.


Preparing for your summer vacation


A lot of preparations are made when planning to go on vacation during summer. Planning for your summer vacation can be very advantageous, as you will have a lot of options available for you to choose from. Also, you could get some discounts or bonuses for booking early.

On the other hand, making late plans to spend your summer vacation could make you miss out on so much as everything would have been fully booked. Remember the saying ‘the early bird catches the morning worm’.

The most interesting thing about the summer is that you can do a lot of outdoor activities. Take advantage of the shining sun in summer to create new experiences.

Looking for some inspiration for summer?. Consider these 18 brilliant ways to spend your summer vacation with a group or you could just go solo.


18 Brilliant Ways To Spend Your Summer


1. Volunteer

Volunteering is an altruistic activity you could engage in during your summer holiday. It is a two-way street, that is to say, as you are helping others, you also get helped in return. Since volunteering involves you coming in contact with various people that share common interests with you. It’s a lot of fun.

Furthermore, it is also a rewarding experience in the sense that your social network gets expanded and you can hone your social skills. When you volunteer during summer, you are building a solid support system through the sharing of skills, knowledge, and energy to others. 

Find a social cause to volunteer in that you are passionate about, probably, you could pitch in Red Cross Society if you love caring for the health of casualties in any case of accidents. This is very good for your overall well being as stress, anger, and anxiety are reduced while doing volunteer work in summer. Consequently, your good deeds begin to pay off, you feel proud of your new achievement leading you to a state of self-confidence.


2. Sign Up for a Summer Retreat

It would be nice for you to go on a retreat during the summertime. You get to finally have your ‘me time’ devoid of unnecessary distractions. A retreat is a great opportunity for you during summer to pull away from others and put yourself together.

Besides, it is during this quiet time in a summer retreat that you are much likely to be inspired, and visualize your dreams and think of ways to accomplish them. Besides, retreat helps you to detox your body when you engage in yoga, qigong, or meditation while you are on a retreat.


3. Cruise in an RV

Covid-19 has been ravaging a lot of societies for a while now, this resulted in a lockdown that has made air traveling, ships, and hotel services come to a screeching halt this year. And you want to do some social distancing and stay safe this summer. An RV cruise is a way to go. 

Rent an RV, prepare well for this, map out the route of the trips you want to embark on as you cruise in RV. Go to places you have never been to before with your family. A cruise in an RV is a brilliant way to spend your summer and reduce your chances of coming into contact with anyone susceptible to covid19 or are already infected with it. 


4. River Cruises and Boat Trip

Moving around water on a boat is best enjoyed during summer. This is one activity you would enjoy under favorable weather conditions. It is a mother nature drive. You will feel some excitement. It is absolutely a unique experience.


5. Organize a Barbecue Party

Barbecue is an outdoor activity that is best enjoyed during summer. Summer is the time to have alfresco meals such as barbecue and enjoy the ambiance. Invite your friends and family and have some fun together. Use fruits in season to make drinks for this barbecue party. How about some summer cocktails or fresh fruit juices to accompany your barbecue? That would be a great drink for quenching your thirst. Even more, it is a natural coolant.


6. Make a Treasure Hunt

Another brilliant way of having fun during summer is to make a treasure hunt within a mysterious environment. It is always exciting. As you get split into different areas engaging in this bastion of fun searching for a treasure. Clues should be given to treasure hunters until they can discover the hidden gem. Treasure hunting could be simple or complex.


7. Get a Summer Job

If you have been looking forward to doing a temporary job to augment your income, get a summer job. Most students would be glad to do this as they will be able to get whatever they like with the income they generated during their summer holiday. 

Furthermore, summer jobs give you a lot of benefits as you bolster your CV, broaden your skillset, earn more money, and meet new people. Get paid employment by being a lifeguard at a water body, a counselor at a camp, a baby/pet sitter, chauffeur, teacher, and many more.


8. Host a Family Olympics

Even though the game of Olympics in Tokyo, Japan has been postponed until further notice, that was supposed to occur in August. You and your family and friends could get very creative by organizing an Olympics game in a very spacious environment. 

Do a variety of sports and games among yourselves, set up officials, and improvise equipment for it. This would give you an almost real experience of the Olympics, just that you are not an audience this time around. Give a medal to the winner of the family or friends Olympics. By hosting a family Olympics, everyone becomes fit in participating in this healthy competition.


9. Attend a concert

Another great way to spend your summer is to attend concerts. A lot of concerts are being performed in Summer. Attending one will make your summer experience wondrous. As musical artists get to perform live before an audience for fun and entertainment. A variety of musicians sing different genres of music in a concert. You could even sing along with your favorite singer while at a concert. Music is very good for you. When it hits you, no pain is felt in your body. Musical concerts are therapeutic for you this summer.


10. Make a hammock

When you are free during summer make a hammock in a serene setting for you to have fun alone. Read a book, relax in the afternoon, fall asleep in it. You will love the feeling of being in a hammock, not your regular kind of laying on a couch or bed in your room. You could make a hammock in a secluded part inside or outside of your home as long as it is free of hazards.


11. Visit the Beach

You have probably been doing that workout for a while at a gym to get a fit body. Now summer is here, at last, do not hesitate to go to the beach and flaunt that summer body. You could sit in a rental sipping an umbrella drink while you watch your pet play around at the beach.


12. Have a Bonfire night

The major things you need to start a bonfire are tinder, kindling, and fuelwood. This is extremely affordable. Bonfire Night is the prime activity you would enjoy during summer. 

It is a pleasurable night activity in summer to create reminiscent. Storytelling, cracking of jokes, playing quirky games are part of things you do in bonfire night in summer. Wear that outfit you bought specially for this event. You could decide to go there with extra drinks of your choice to share with other attendees, or you drink alone.


13. Go Stargazing

Stargazing is not just for astronomers. This is another brilliant way of spending the summer. Summer is the best time for anyone to do this activity. Gaze at the stars to have a clearer view of constellations, meteors, and meteor showers. More so, these two planets can be easily seen, Venus and Jupiter. The best time to do stargazing is in the Night by 11 pm. However, you could do stargaze from a place of comfort on a ship with the aid of binoculars. Use telescopes in a steady place if needed.


14. Go strawberry picking

Kids would love to participate in picking strawberries during summer. This will make them happy. No skills or expertise are needed in the picking of strawberries. Strawberry picking is energy demanding. You have to be physically strong to do this in summer, especially now that workers that used to be around in picking strawberries would not be available this summer due to the lock-down as international travels have been restricted. Therefore, you should endeavor to pick some strawberries this summer.


15. Have a DIY Spa at Home

Sometimes, it can be very hot during the summer. Our skin could get exposed to some free radicals. A Do It Yourself spa at home could restore your skin balance. Pamper yourself with a DIY spa in your comfort zone. 

No need for a Spa expert to do this for you. Stay safe in your home, if you have access to the essentials of having a spa done. Having a DIY spa in summer is one brilliant way of unwinding at home. And your skin will be popping.


16. Make a homemade ice cream

Summer is usually warm. One way to cool off is by taking an ice cream. You can easily produce one in your home which would be more economical for you than buying from an ice cream shop. Prepping an ice cream is easy, get the recipe, follow the steps properly, before you know it, your homemade ice cream is ready. You could amp your ice cream up to your preferred flavor. Furthermore, you can also spend your summer vacation by learning some new cooking skills.


17. Decorate your home

You could use this opportunity to rearrange your house as well as beautifying it. In summer both plants and weeds begin to grow all over the place, get rid of the weeds in your surroundings. Plant ornamental flowers on your porch or a good spot in or outside your home.


18. Learn to Play Air Cymbals

Interestingly, learning to play these sets of musical instruments is another nice way to spend your summer vacation. This would add a feather to your cap, especially, if you love music a lot and enjoy dancing too. Summertime vacation offers you the opportunity to join a band and learn to handle drumsticks.

With constant time and practice, gradually, you will be able to play air cymbals from simple rhythm and fundamentals to complex ones. Doing this outdoor recreational fix alone can be very pleasurable to you in summer.


In a nutshell

Summer is a good time for us to do things that the previous weather and atmospheric climate prevented us from doing. The coming of summer heralds us with sunshine, plenty of time to relax, wild fun, and lots of adventures. 

Spend your summer vacation in style. Money should not be an excuse for you not to bask in the euphoria of summer because there are a lot of budget-friendly activities you could engage in to have an incredible summer that I have mentioned above. 

Nothing is holding you back now. Start planning your summer vacation now. Don’t just exist, experience, and enjoy life to the fullest in summer!.

By Rachael Ukpebor

Rachael Ukpebor is an Editorial Assistant for Whatsdalatest. She graduated with honours from the University of Benin with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. She covers beauty, relationship, and lifestyle topics at WDS, everything from best skincare and makeup hacks, to relationships. Her favourite music is Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton.

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