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15 Ways To Cheat-Proof Your Relationship

by | Dating Tips

Aug 31, 2020

Typically, before someone starts cheating, it must have occurred mentally. From thoughts, it becomes actions with some blindly thinking they can always escape being caught. While some use it to get what their relationship fails to offer them. Stay loyal in your relationship, but do not waste your time trying to force anyone to be true and committed to you. These effective ways to cheat-proof your relationship can put the cards in your favor and make your partner be yours only.

How To Cheat-Proof Your Relationship

1. Be the sex initiator: Especially for female folks, there is nothing wrong with telling your man to make love to you. Come on; this is the 21st century. Your man would feel so good that you find him appealing to think of saying it to him. It doesn’t matter if he has been the initiator of it countless times before now. So turn the table this time around and see how his face lights up with happiness.

Also, research has shown that men want to feel wanted too. Your first attempt might cause you to hyperventilate because you feel awkward. Just whisper softly in his ears, “I can’t wait to get busy with you tonight.” He knows what you mean.

2. Try experimenting: let me ask you; when was the last time both of you did something new together for the first time? Repetition of activity in the relationship breeds monotony and boredom. It spells doom for your partner to go check elsewhere to get excitement piqued as you may lose them to that source.

Picture eating pizza every day. With time all the appetite you have for it would vanish. The only way for you not to get tired of this snack is to eat other kinds of food. In the same vein, Feel free to try out new things together with your partner. Novelty is exciting to the brain.

3. Don’t lose yourself: just because you are in a relationship does not mean you should give up on being the real you altogether. It never works as you may get weary in doing so. Your partner tells you to jump through hoops; the next second, you are doing it. What does that get you? You become a shadow of yourself. With time your partner begins to think that you are no longer the person he/she used to know. Therefore, giving your better half a chance to look out for someone better than you.

4. Quit destructive behavior: frequent complaints, blames, criticisms, threats, punishments, bribery, or manipulations can make your partner have an extra affair. Moreover, no one enjoys being in company with anyone that behaves with these despicable behaviors. So to make your partner not stray from you like a lost sheep. Rid yourself of such actions.

5. Be appreciative: For what? You may ask. There are over 7 billion people on the face of the earth. Your partner chose to be with you. Count yourself lucky you have a shoulder to lean on always. Some people out there are lonely. Desperate to lay hold on any partner that misses her way to them.

15 Ways To Cheat Proof Your Relationship

For everything your partner does for you, show your gratitude. Do not just say it. Plus, your partner will want to do more for you. Importantly, acknowledge your partner’s presence in your life. In this way, your significant other will always find a place in their heart to come to you.

6. Spend time apart: it is not logical for you to be glued to your partner all the time. When this becomes unbearable, your partner will begin to feel trapped. Thus, thinking of a way to escape from your hold. Take some time out in your relationship to do other activities like seeing a friend in another town, learning some skills, to pursue your goals.

Remember that if you want to know if a bird is truly yours, you allow it to fly. If it comes back, it is yours for keeps. No point stifling your lover.

7. Be in control of your emotions: no matter the twist and turns of your relationship. Be a master of your emotions in a relationship. Losing control of yourself can be fatal. Women especially tend to express themselves negatively to a man.

A man perceiving you in this grumpy manner would head in the opposite direction. From there, he might meet another woman that becomes his peace of mind. Before you know it, he has cheated on you.

8. Make your relationship a priority: if you are in a relationship and are behaving as if you are still single, I am sorry to tell you that you will soon be single again. Yes, as harsh as it may sound to your ears. There is no denying the fact of you neglecting your partner in the relationship for pursuits of other interests.

Always attend to your relationship needs first. Failure to do this can make your spouse look for someone that would treat them as “numero uno,” which is number one.

9. Know your partner’s love language: studying The Five Love Languages authored by Gary Chapman will give you a detailed explanation of understanding your partner’s love language. This can help you cheat-proof your relationship more than you expected. You might think you are on track if your lover’s primary love language is not fulfilled in the relationship. Your mate might meet someone else that is meeting up with their needs. Bang! Cheating occurs.

10. State your expectations of the relationship: where there are no rules; there is no offense. To cheat-proof your relationship, start early on in the relationship to express your desire for monogamy. Moreso, let your partner know what you regard as cheating.

For instance, your partner might indulge in vulnerable conversations with the opposite sex. Innocently, thinking that it is not cheating. Meanwhile, you see it as non-negotiable.

Let them be aware that you will not tolerate such. So your partner can agree if he/she wants the same expectation as you do. Congrats!, if your partner gives their consent to it.

11. Do not be jealous: nothing repels a partner from you faster than this ugly feeling of jealousy. It sends a message that you are not enough or lack confidence in yourself to your loved one. Rather try to improve yourself. This would make your partner find you irresistible.

For instance, Bill was just kind to Wendy with no strings attached. On the other hand, the woman he was dating unknowingly pushed him out to Wendy with her insecurities. Now Bill and Wendy are planning to tie the knots. The rest is history.

12. Go to a therapist: you do not necessarily have to wait for things to go south completely with your relationship before seeing a therapist. A seasoned relationship therapist would give you a blueprint for you both to become compatible. You would have a better understanding of yourselves the more.

13. Be irreplaceable: your partner should not be able to replace you easily in the relationship. Moreover, make it your duty to ensure that your partner is continuously satisfied with you, especially when in need of you physically, emotionally, and intellectually. This is one sure-fire way to cheat-proof your relationship.

If you are deficient in any of these, it is an avenue for your partner to resort to someone else. Even if their intention was originally not to cheat on you in doing so, things could go out of hand. After all, blood and water are flowing in their veins.

14. Avoid certain situations: you do not possess any immunity against cheating. You are not above cheating. Do not be so full of yourself that it can never happen to you. It can happen in the twinkle of an eye. Also, there are certain situations you should avoid to cheat-proof your relationship. They are as follows:

  • Going to see an ex
  • Having casual or formal trips alone with the opposite sex
  • Being vulnerable with an attractive opposite sex
  • Getting drunk
  • Late-night outing without your lover
  • Staying with the opposite sex alone in a room.

15. Be focused: believe me, the temptations out there are much with social media making cheating just a slide into a dm (display message) away. Always envisage a bright future with your partner. Reflect on how you would have someone to cherish and love forever, someone you can get old and gray with after building a stable empire with you. Let us call a spade a spade, you are going to meet a wealthier and chivalrous man than your man by far.

For the men, there will always be a much younger and attractive woman than your partner. However, your decision to remain focused will cheat-proof your relationship at this point.

On a final note,

My amiable readers, you are quite aware that relationships are lovely to be in, with all the goosebumps you get every now and then for your partner. However, both parties take a lot of effort to put their hands on deck to be faithful, loyal, and committed to themselves.

Screen your partners before committing to be monogamous since some are habitual cheaters. A person that cheated on you before can still do it again. What if you are the one likely to cheat this time? Huh!. Of course, it is a probability that you will have an affair. This is why I have highlighted some ways you can cheat-proof your relationship and not just focus on your partner alone.

Have a productive day!

By Rachael Ukpebor

Rachael Ukpebor is an Editorial Assistant for Whatsdalatest. She graduated with honours from the University of Benin with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. She covers beauty, relationship, and lifestyle topics at WDS, everything from best skincare and makeup hacks, to relationships. Her favourite music is Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton.

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