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15 Skills Parents Should Teach Their Kids

by | Parenting

Jul 30, 2020

Parents have a unique role in preparing their children for their future. Kids need to have the necessary skill set to succeed when they leave home and become independent. This article highlights the skills parents should teach their kids. Also, the areas parents can help support their kids and give benefits for having such abilities.

1. Basic Manners

Your child needs to be able to relate successfully with people around them. Therefore, it is necessary to teach them how to be polite and considerate to others.

Such thoughtful manners may include but are not limited to table manners, saying please and thank you, opening the door for others and, pulling out chairs. These qualities will make them attractive and endearing to people. 

2. Personal Hygiene

This is one of the basic skills parents should teach their children from an early age. Kids should be able to care for themselves, at least to some extent, as they grow. Teach activities such as taking a shower, brushing their teeth, changing their socks and underwear early.

Also, you should teach your children how to do their laundry. In adulthood, your child should be able to care for their hygiene with ease and be presentable. 

3. How to cook simple meals

You should invite your child into the kitchen to help make meals. This way, they can learn first-hand as they watch you cook. You can assign him/her some tasks that will assist in making the food.

As they take on these tasks, they will become better with time and be self-reliant in making their food. Some examples of meals they can start with are spaghetti and cheese, eggs and bacon, and some soups. 

4. Simple home repairs

Teach your child how to do some basic home repairs and save money spent on repairs. Moreover, this skill can also be used as a source of income if necessary.

Examples of repairs may include fixing a broken door or window, unclog drainage, roof repairs. Besides, you can teach how to use a sewing machine or sew a button by hand. 

5. How to swim

As parents, you should endeavor to teach your kids basic swimming skills from an early age. Swimming is a fun activity you can share with your kids and also a great way to exercise.

Moreover, it can be a life-saving skill in different situations, either saving oneself or the rescue of another person. So making sure your child knows how to swim is essential. 

6. How to take care of their belongings

Toys, clothing, and games cost money; therefore, you should insist that your kids give them proper care. You can use this as an opportunity to teach them about the value of money.

For example, picking up their toys from the bedroom floor so they don’t get stepped on. And for older children, you can show them how to treat stains on clothing to avoid permanent damage. 

7. Personal safety

Above all skills, parents should teach their kids the ability to stay safe. That’s why kids are taught to know their full name, address, and phone number in elementary school. Furthermore, you should show your kids how to secure the house and how to do simple security checks.

Besides, you should teach your children how to call emergency services in case of an emergency. You can put the number of emergency services on the refrigerator to remind them if they forget. 

8. How to use first aid

Basic first aid knowledge can help your child be calm in handling situations that may require their help. Moreover, giving them a plan in case of an accident or injury will help them manage such situations better.

Practice placing a bandaid, treating a burn, treating a cut are all knowledge that can come in handy. How to use first aid is among the non-negotiable skills parents should teach their kids. 

9. Read a map

During holidays and travel, we sometimes might find ourselves in need of direction. The use of GPS has helped provide needed assistance with ease. But technology can fail, or you might be unable to access your phone.

However, with a map in hand, your child can easily read and find correct directions. So teach them how to make use of it. 

10. How to drive and care for a car

Driving is a skill that has everyday application, although it comes with its risk. You should teach your children the rules of using the road and how to handle the wheels properly. Teens should know the dangers of texting and drinking while driving.

Also, they should know who to call in case of a roadside emergency. Maintaining a car or truck is important for it to function well. So you need to show your kids how to clean the vehicle and how to make safety checks. Also, they should learn how to fix a flat tire and the right tools to use. 

11. How to start a fire

This is an essential survival skill everyone needs to know. As a result, take the necessary time to show your kids how to make one on their own. Also, help them see the practical side of having this knowledge.

You can use your backyard, a stove, or a campsite to start a fire. This is a skill that people now forget but can be vital in certain circumstances. 

12. Communication skills

Having good communication skills is invaluable. Excellent communication improves personal relations as well as relationships in work or business places. Therefore, this is a skill that you want your child to have as they grow into adults. They will be able better to express their ideas and feelings in different situations. 

13. Develop good writing skills

Your kids will probably learn a lot about this in school. However, you can play a part in their development. You can start right from infancy to help them. As your kids grow, you might want to change tactics to meet their new demands.

Get younger children involved in preparing holiday cards; they can learn how to address letters from this. For teenagers, you can teach them how to write a good resume, which can be important when applying for jobs. 

14. Money Management

In addition to other skills, parents should teach their kids is money management. Money management is a complex subject, even for adults. So, by helping your child to understand early how finances work, the better they will be at it in the future.

Meanwhile, you can start by teaching your kids how to make and live on a budget. Then you can move to more complex tasks like how to build credit and do taxes. 

15. Proper Professionals

Getting a great job and keeping it is difficult. But with the right skills and attitude, you can help your kids land their dream job. Thus you should teach and show your kids how to present themselves professionally. Employees with professionalism count every step of the way and are every employer’s dream.

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, the skills parents teach their children are important since they are the first teacher’s children have.

Further, your kids know you have their interests at heart, so it will be much easier to learn from you. Therefore, make out time to provide your child with first-hand experience and knowledge.

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By Daniels Nanna

Nanna Daniels is a legal practitioner and writer. His practice as a lawyer and a writer is as diverse as his client base. His client ranges from government bodies to banks, private companies in real estate, energy companies, telecommunications to small businesses, families, and individuals. He is a passionate and diligent analyst of family, sports and business concepts, providing in-depth knowledge and analysis. He has covered topics ranging from family, parenting to entrepreneurship.

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