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12 Things You Should Not Do After A Break-Up

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Aug 28, 2020

Having to deal with the decision to end a relationship can be challenging. Keeping a good relationship with your ex is ambiguous, depending on how you broke up. Some people say bad things to their ex, which they will regret eventually. Others broke up on good terms. Whichever way, there are some things that you must never say or do after a break-up. During a breakup, levels of emotions are high, and feelings are also hurt in the process. It’s an awful experience for many. To maintain a good relationship, these are things you should not do after a break-up.

What You Should Avoid After A Break-Up

1. Never Throw Shades At Yourselves On Social Media: Some people right after a break up go to social media to say bad things about their ex. They may not mention the names, but everyone around them knows. Shading your ex in public is childish and can backfire. Please do not make any attempt to post it on social media (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook). It is a lousy way to separate, and you will end up tarnishing each other’s image. Also, don’t try painting your ex terrible on social media by saying humiliating things about them.

2. Do Not Hook Up With Your Ex: Trying to hook up with your ex is out of the question, after a break-up. Having sex with your sex will not guarantee that you will get your ex back. It will only make you reminisce of time past. It is more unfortunate for women who try to have sex with their ex. Guys can detach sex from love, but women find it difficult. If your ex sees that you are desperately trying to hook up with him, he will have sex with you. Afterward, he will leave you without taking a glance, and you will be more heartbroken.

3. Please Do Not Make Any Effort To Tarnish Their Image: Most people post nude pictures of their ex and reveal all the secrets entrusted to them. Be sure to add it to your list of things you shouldn’t do after a break-up. Uploading nude or sultry pictures or videos of your ex on social media is terrible. Also, don’t even show them to your closest friends, and it is derogatory. After a break-up, you should delete all nude pictures of your ex from all your devices. That way, you will not have to face the temptation of posting them. So, get above pettiness and move on with your life. Find happiness, and be glad.

4. Please Don’t Hold On To Their Kinds Of Stuff: There is a memory attached to everything during a relationship. A property of your ex will keep reminding you of the moments you once had. However, such a thing may lead to sadness and depression. It would help if you got rid of all the properties of your ex. If it means you have to toss them away or even give them back. Also, don’t attempt to preserve or keep any of your ex’s property.

5. Do Not Stalk Your Ex: Stalking is very easy with the advancement of technology available in social media. It is easy to keep tracking people’s lives. Stalking your ex on social media will never give you joy. Instead, you will just be hurting yourself more, and It will result in misery and devastation when you discover how your ex has moved on and had fun. It is advisable to get rid of your ex on your social media pages. It can be challenging to stay away from your ex’s social media page. So, make use of the block and unfriend buttons to help yourself.

6. Never Attempt To Seek Revenge: Most people try to seek revenge after a break-up. Try to avoid doing such a thing. There are many risks involved in attempting to seek revenge. You cannot get your own back except you do something drastic to your ex. Most of the things you can do to get revenge are likely against the law. moreover, you are at risk of winding up in jail or even mentally unstable when you try to get revenge. These risks make it one of the things you shouldn’t do after a break-up.

12 Things You Should Not Do After A Break-Up

7. Don’t Attempt To Remain Friends With Your Ex: Add this to the list of things you should not do after a break-up. It is a rule that you must never break. Break all forms of friendship with your ex. If you don’t, you will only end up regretting the decision to break-up with them. Been friends with your ex will make you feel guilty and sorry. Also, remaining friends with your ex will make you think both of you can get back together. Most likely, this will never happen. And you will end up being disappointed and heartbroken all over again.

8. Do Not Beg Your Ex To Accept You Back: You will end up been manipulated and used when your ex sees that you are desperate. It will only result in unnecessary drama. Trying to guilt-trip your ex into getting back into a childish and immature relationship is what you don’t want. More so, it would be best if you learned to move on. Don’t think about your past relationship; you will end up making regrettable decisions.

9. Don’t Try To Hang-Out With Your Ex: Another addition to the list of things you shouldn’t do after a break-up is hanging out. Don’t organize a hangout with your ex; you will end up getting disappointed and heartbroken. The things you usually do during hangouts (like kisses, and hugs, cuddling and making out) is over. Also, hanging out with your ex will tempt you into having sex, which may end up in regret. It might end up being awkward and weird, as you both have no basis for discussion or relationship.

10. Don’t Ask For Gifts Back: Collecting all the gifts you gave your ex when you were both in a relationship is immature. You do not have to go that far; it is theirs already. You have to let it go and move on. Besides, there is no sense in giving a gift and collecting it back after a while. Furthermore, gifts are a sign of your affection and humanity. Taking them back will affect your personality.

11. Do not a break from the activities you love doing: You don’t have to grief over what was lost forever. It would be best if you moved on. One way to do this is by doing the things you so much love. Do you like going to the cinema for movies? What about reading books or traveling.

Avoiding the activities you love will deprive you of essential distractions and suppresses important aspects of who you are. On the other hand, engaging in activities you used to enjoy will also reconnect you to the person you were before the breakup. (1)

12. Try not to withdraw yourself from your loved ones: When we are emotionally down, the instinct to withdraw from those who love and cherish us can be very strong. You should set a limit to that, so you don’t retreat for so long. Our friends and family love us. Also, they can help heal faster. They will remind you of good memories and what you once was before. It is also important to spend valuable time with them because of your self-esteem.


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By Allison E.

Allison E. is the Head and Editor at Whatsdalatest. He enhances brand awareness and the communication process. He enjoys writing useful content and inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves.

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