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12 Superb Tips To Help Your Skin Purging

by | Ideas

Aug 9, 2020

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is very sensitive. It’s paramount we have the basics of how this organ functions so we can escape from some skin problems. Plus, we can get resolutions even if we are battling with some skin issues already. Today in this article, our primary focus is on the tips we can use to help boost and accelerate the skin purging process. Pustules, Microcomedones, papules, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and cysts. Do they strike a pattern for you? With all the hyperpigmentation spots that are associated with it on the skins.

Even though, for some people, their hormonal imbalances can result in breakouts. Introducing a new skincare product to your routine could also result in breaking out at times. Two things are usually involved when breakouts occur in this manner:

  • It is either you have skin purging or
  • You have allergic reactions from using it.

It gets really alarming to us the moment we notice that the skincare products we thought would have a rewarding effect on our skin begin to give us the opposite result. 

Moreover, just because your skin appearance is getting exacerbated does not necessarily mean that the skincare product you are using is bad for you. Subsequently, any good skincare products with an active ingredient would bolster your skin purging.

Nevertheless, based on findings, some people are not prone to skin purging regardless of the presence of active ingredients in their skincare products. For those individuals that are susceptible to skin purging, they should see it as a blessing in disguise.

Skin purging actually helps your skin look much better after a while if you can endure it. Why? This is because it is a process your skin must undergo to reveal fresh, younger-looking skin.

There are a lot of over-the-counter skincare products promising you a lot of goodies. However, the fact that some of these products do not make your skin breakouts does not mean they are helpful to you. 

How does breakout occur?

Breakouts and clogged pores are inseparable. The skin will always shed dead skin cells and push them to the surface of your skin.

Keep in mind that the skin also secretes sebum- the natural oil on your skin. This provides nourishment to the skin. However, excess secretion of it would cause bacteria to infest it.

Therefore, you get clogged pores when dead skin cells trying to pass through your skin come in contact with bacteria and sebum. Consequently, breakouts begin to manifest evidently on your skin surface.

Why skin purging?

Here is an illustration for you to grasp and digest the concept of skin purging. Imagine a tank of water that you used regularly. After a while, you begin to notice that the water coming out of it is no longer clean. For you to get your clean, fresh, healthy water again, what would you do exactly? It is to clean up the gunk.

When you start cleaning, some messy substances will have to be washed off the tank. Therefore, your water becomes pure again after cleansing. This is exactly what skin purging does to your skin.

Initially, when your skin begins to act up. You get jittery trying to stop it from getting worse. Gradually, you become a mirror addict waiting to see a new pimple surfacing. What you need to know is that skin purging is a necessary evil that you can not manipulate.

Since it helps remove impurities from your skin, skin purging will help the pimples that were supposed to come out in 8 weeks to come out faster for you.

How To Differentiate skin purging from allergic reactions?

Skin purging usually occurs when starting a new skincare product, the breakouts will be on areas, where you typically have it before. In contrast, an allergic reaction is much more intense. In the sense that, you begin to break out in new areas of your skin that you have never had a pimple on before.

For instance, if you usually have acne on your face. When it is skin purging, you would still get more acne on your face at once. However, if you are battling with allergic reactions, your skin will begin to randomly break out on your chest, neck, back, or even around your shoulders.

Moreover, skin purging happens when you have active ingredients like hydroxy acids and retinol in your skincare products. This is because the active ingredients loosen your clogged pores. Thus, making all the pre-existing pimples that would have taken a long time to appear to come out faster.

While skin purging can be treated with the same product’s continuous use, an allergic reaction is an indication that you need to add or change something in your skincare routine.

Even more, the duration of pimples breaking out on your face is shorter than that of skin reactions, which are usually longer.

For example, you just tried out a new skincare product and began to break out. Within 30 days of skin purging, such pimples would have vanished from your skin. But in the case of allergic reactions, the breakout continues to worsen as the days go by.

Even while the skin purging is on, you would notice that your face is glowing and tender. That is when you will hear comments like this ”your pimples are sexy“. While allergic reactions just cause havoc on you completely.

Redness, itchiness, swelling, and irritations are common when dealing with it. You will look horrible if you continue the usage of such products. 

12 superb tips to help your skin purging.

1. Modify the product’s use: one superb tip to help your skin purge quickly is for you to change the way you use it. Reduce the quantity you apply to your skin and the number of times you use it for a while.

For instance, you can apply twice a week when introducing a new skincare product to your routine. After a while, you can begin to stick to the recommended amount to be used frequently daily.

2. Identify your skin irritants: if you are conscious of having beautiful skin, you should know some substances that your skin has zero tolerance for. I could remember some time ago, two jolly good friends were trying out a new skincare product with more than 2% Salicylic acids that were suggested to them.

One of them complained that each time she applied the product to her skin, she experienced some inflamed, small, reddish, and painful pimples on her face. In other words, that particular skincare product was not suitable for her. If she had taken time to read the ingredients, maybe she would not have wasted her paycheck on purchasing it.

3. Avoid harsh cleansers/products: cleansers can help your skin purging to speed up faster. However, harsh chemicals would work very fast but would be counterproductive as it damages the skin the more.

Harsh cleansers that contain ingredients like Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES/SLS) can dry out your sebum. And that’s just a recipe for skin reactions.

Instead, mild cleansers are recommended, especially those that have clarifying, antimicrobial, and skin rejuvenating properties. Stay away from scrubs, electric cleaning brushes, and alcohol-based toners.

4. Do not pop your zits: fight the temptation to press out the pus in the pimples you have. Look at me! Just put your hands down. No need for it!. You will discover in that way that the breakouts will disappear on their own with no traces of spots or blemishes on your skin.

But if you go ahead, try to speed up the process by bursting the pimples open manually. You would give yourself more acne and also scars.

5. Use skincare products/ treatments correctly: the mistake some people make at times is wrongly using the products on their skin. Follow the instructions of applications as directed on it. Some products are to be used only at night.

At the same time, others would tell you to use it twice daily. Obeying will do justice to help your skin purging.

6. No need to discard the skincare product: if your skin is purging, do not discontinue the usage. The skincare product is already expunging gunk trapped on your skin surface. You always know that “nothing good comes easy.”

Being patient enough will be great to help your skin purging. Therefore, getting it done with it will give you that skin you crave to flaunt to the admiration of all in no distant time.

7. Check your diet: your skin is a reflection of whatever you choose to eat. If you eat healthily, it will help your skin purging go as quickly as it appears. However, if you decide to throw healthy meals out of your window to settle for junk, be ready to face the repercussions.

Eating sugars a lot will worsen your skin. Food-based breakouts tend to worsen if you continue to eat substances that triggered them.

8. Apply a clay mask: try the use of pink, clay masks. They are mild to your skin. Additionally, it soothes your skin purging. When you apply this mask to your face, you will eliminate impurities and toxins from your skin that have already been pushed to the surface.

It also provides mild exfoliation and lessens irritation.

9. Read the labels of your cosmetics: remember that excess oil on your skin can worsen your breakouts. Most cosmetics today contain paraffin or parabens that can give you clogged pores. So ensure your choice of serums, moisturizers, and sunblock are oil-free and or non-comedogenic to rid your skin of clogged pores.

The best way for you to do this is to begin to read the labels of ingredients of your choice of cosmetics before use.

10. Dilute your skin care product: do a patch test for highly concentrated skincare products. It is wise to learn to mix a small portion of your skincare products with a moisturizer. Gradually, you increase it to undiluted portions.

Take care not to apply to your eyes, nose, and lips as they are very sensitive. Make sure you pat your skin dry before using it.

11. Lean on your social circle: Cystic acne on your face could take its toll on your mental and emotional health. This is not the time for you to crawl into your shell. Quit comparing yourself with some slayers on social media that are guilty of either using filters or photoshop.

If you meet some of them in real life, you look better than them. In this delicate time, you are going through, being with your family, friends, and loved ones can help your skin purging effectively.

12. Visit a dermatologist: if you think your breakout is getting out of your control after 60 days. It is a cue for you to walk up to a dermatologist who would help solve your problem. Book a follow-up consultation to track your progress.

Additionally, you will learn to understand your skin and probably get upgraded skincare products to use to improve it.

To wrap it all up,

The takeaway is that skin purging might make you feel like a beast for starters. But you will be thankful it did occur in the end. Following the ways, I mentioned above to help your skin purging will benefit you immensely.

If your skin is acne-prone, you just have to embrace it. Believe me; no one has time to think of your breakouts. They have more personal problems that are bigger than that. As for those nosy ones offering you unsolicited advice, tell them “thanks, but no thanks.”

With the knowledge bestowed on you through this reading, you have just done. I, at this moment, announce that it is up to you to have great skin!. And join the moving train of those with entirely flawless complexions.

By Rachael Ukpebor

Rachael Ukpebor is an Editorial Assistant for Whatsdalatest. She graduated with honours from the University of Benin with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. She covers beauty, relationship, and lifestyle topics at WDS, everything from best skincare and makeup hacks, to relationships. Her favourite music is Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton.

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