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10 Weird Things We Do Without Knowing

by | Ideas

Jan 11, 2021

Think about this for a moment. Just pause and reflect on this. There are several things we do without knowing that are really weird. You are thinking about that odd thing you catch yourself doing, are you not?

Besides the ones you notice, there are several other weird habits that you subconsciously do without knowing. Do not think you are alone on this; many people do this too. We all do. We just do not realize it. Things like blurting out random thoughts in public or imagining a fantasy life while thinking about something. Are you thinking about them? Check out these 10 weird things you do without knowing. Some will make you laugh. 

1. Talk To Ourselves

I bet this was one of the first things that popped up when you thought about weird things you do without knowing, huh? It is also the most common weird thing we do. 

Sometimes, you catch yourself having a conversation with yourself. It feels weird the instant you realize it, but many people are guilty of doing this too. More often than not, it is after an embarrassing moment or when you are so anxious about a big deal. 

We do this to affirm ourselves of the decisions we are making or to, sort of, bring a thought out from the jumble of thoughts crowding us. Next time you catch yourself doing this, just pause and examine the situation you are in. 

Chances are, you are most likely crowded in with thoughts and want to focus on one particular one. Or you are about to make a nerve-wracking decision. Speaking of decisions, here is how it is affected by the next weird thing on the list.

2. Tidy Up to Get a Sense of Direction

I feel attacked! I am so guilty of this one. Whenever I want to decide on an issue, and the place looks untidy or does not smell so good, I literally lose focus and find it difficult to concentrate on anything! A rather bogus habit for someone with a track record for laziness. 

Imagine wanting to bask in the euphoria of your lazy time but getting interrupted by the sight of an unkempt apartment. You remember the dirty dishes in the sink, and your lazy self is alarmingly itching just to wash them all up and then mop up. 

Afterward, it is sorting out the washed laundry; else, you will never focus on what you need to do. You may ask yourself where you got the energy for tidying up. However, the satisfaction – and strange enlightenment that comes from having to think and get stuff done in a tidy apartment- cannot fully express itself with words. 

3. Remember Random Embarrassing Things Just Before Going To Bed

Ah, my favorite bedtime activity… NOT! Thinking about it makes me wonder if this is how our body wants to make us go to sleep faster. It sure is efficient! Thinking about random embarrassing things that happened is just one weird thing we do without knowing why. I mean, come on. What is the point of relieving the shame? If you are fond of this weird habit, here is what you can do to make it not bother you so much: try to avoid the thoughts and keep on trying to fall asleep. 

Once you drift off to sleep, the nightmare ends. Unless you are like me, it is a plot twist where the horror starts after you wake up. And random embarrassing moments are the first thoughts that grace your day. What you do here is just get something else done, like exercise or chores.

4. Try to Picture the Life Story of a Random person.

That is one sure way to kill boredom or pass the time. Do you do this sometimes? I do this when I am trying hard not to be mad at a sales rep sometimes, but more often when I am somewhere new or unaccustomed to. 

It helps me relate better with them by trying to unmask the person behind the societal mask they have to wear to get through their day. It is a fun game you should try if you are not already doing it. You know why? The mystery behind not being able to tell for sure is so unsatisfyingly entertaining.

5. Take Off Earphones When We Have Lost Our Way. 

Is it weird that we do this? I think not. I think it is perfectly sane. The thing is, we do not know why we do it. Why do we? Think about this for a moment; music is the food for the soul. And sometimes, we get carried away when there is food involved. Do you not? I know I do. Being guilty of this weird habit, I tried to find out why. Why do I take off the earphones when I am trying to find my direction? Why do you turn down the volume of the music when you have lost your way? I think it is to regain focus on the seriousness of the situation. 

We leave most of the things we do on automatic. Do you ever make a conscious effort to choose what road to take back home? Even when walking down your street. You are making a long phone call, yet you manage to navigate yourself and your dog back home. Not even forgetting to stop for him to do his business outside. Locking the door, fixing yourself a sandwich, undressing, and tuning in to your favorite station while still on that phone call. 

We do this when listening to music too. We get carried away with the music that we lose focus and just slide into an automatic or semi-automatic state. Removing the earphones could just be us trying to focus on our bearings.

6. Re-read Messages We Send Just After Sending Them

You could argue all day about it being proofreading, but this is still a weird habit we do without knowing. You have just sent a message or e-mail. Now you go back and try to read it from the other person’s point of view. 

Since we cannot fully express our present selves via text, it is easy for the other person to misinterpret the messages. Still a weird habit, though. 

Some of us take this even down to voice notes. We will listen to voice notes after sending them to check how we sound, what impression our voices will give to the other person and things like that.

7. Imagine How Couples Have Sex

Now, this breaks the weirdo-meter! We are guilty of this. Some people do this when a couple informs them of a baby they are having. Other times, it is just random imagination of how a couple could make love. 

It may not be the full explicit version of the act (Unless you are a real weirdo). It is mostly just the thought of them actually doing the do. Tell me you haven’t imagined this about anyone, and I’ll wait. 

Preachers are the most victims of this weird habit. Like, could Pastor Joe and his wife actually be having sex? How ungodly? Unnatural? Weird? We have this weird habit without knowing why, but it is funny if you think about it. Sex is an inevitable thing. It is a part of life. What keeps the cycle of life going. So what’s all the buzz about it, anyway?

8. Count How Long We Sleep Each Day

Is it weird or healthy? Definitely weird, but still a healthy habit. We do this without knowing each time we wake up from sleep. I did this today when I was checking how long I had napped. I thought about why I did and concluded that I wanted to know if I had enough sleep. That’s a plausible reason. Why do you think you count yours?

9. Get Stuck With An Earworm

Just like the sound of the name, it wiggles its way into your ears and never leaves. No, not an actual worm Lucy, I’m talking about that tune that gets stuck in your head and never seems to want to go away. 

You’ve been in several situations like this, haven’t you? You may have picked up the tune of music from someone or heard it somewhere, but it gets stuck in your head, and you are forced to hum its tune for days on end. If this isn’t weird, then I don’t know what can be? Why are we guilty of this weird habit without knowing why?

10. Eat With Some Entertainment

Eating doesn’t seem to go well without washing it down with some good old Netflix. Eating without entertainment seems old-fashioned now, and quite frankly unthinkable. I mean, what person would ever think of eating without some T.V or music. We’re not in medieval times, ugh!

Did you have fun picking out your favorite weird habits?

Well, don’t just sit there grinning like a Cheshire; leave a comment and tell us those weird habits you do without knowing. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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