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10 ways to tell if He is Genuine or just a Player

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Oct 24, 2019

I am going to tell you 10 ways of knowing if a guy is genuine or just a player. Understanding if someone is authentic or playing games involves more than surface observation; it requires a deeper look into his actions and intentions. It’s a common misconception that a player is a guy who just wants sex. In reality, a significant majority of men do seek intimacy, player or not. However, a critical indicator to be mindful of is when a man places sexual encounters at the forefront of your relationship – that’s when it’s wise to reconsider your involvement.

How to Tell if He is Genuine or just a Player

1. A genuine guy doesn’t try to impress you with expensive or flashy gifts just to get you to say yes or fall for him. Instead, his gestures are sincere and not aimed at merely impressing you. On the other hand, a player often uses flashy gifts as a tactic to swiftly capture your attention so that he can move on just as quickly. His giving comes with strings attached, aimed at impressing you and to get something in return.

2. A genuine guy is always patient. He seeks to understand your feelings and see things from your perspective, never rushing you. Moreover, he prioritizes the relationship’s needs over his own desires, showing his commitment and care.

Conversely, a player is not patient. He shows little interest in comprehending your feelings about things that are very important to you. Eager to advance his agenda swiftly. His inability to empathize or consider your perspective reveals his true intentions.

3. A genuine guy is not egocentric, but rather, he listens attentively to you and puts your interest ahead of his own. In contrast, a player’s nature is inherently selfish, often putting his own needs and desires first, accompanied by a tendency to boast about his achievements.

While he may initially attempt to mask these traits, sustaining such a facade over time proves challenging. Therefore, remaining vigilant and observant is key to discerning whether a man is genuine or merely a player, as these behaviors eventually reveal their true character.

A genuine guy also recognizes when you need assistance and then steps up to the plate and helps you. Meanwhile, a player expects you to be loyal to them or agree with them even if it means compromising your values or doing something against your will.

4. A genuine guy takes it slow. He is keen on getting to know you bit by bit and is looking forward to future encounters. His manners and compliments might mirror those of a player, yet he offers a greater depth of character.

In contrast, a player often views you with questionable intentions and lacks the attentiveness of a genuine partner, remembering only fragments of your conversations. Testing his memory on key points from your last discussion could reveal his true nature, as a player is likely to recall less than half of the details.

5. Determining if a man is sincere or merely a player can often hinge on how he responds to your inquiries. A genuine guy will answer all your questions sincerely without thinking, showing respect for your decisions. Conversely, a player talks in circles and evades direct answers, often speaking evasively or changing the subject, particularly after giving him a firm no. This reluctance to be straightforward can be a telltale sign of his intentions.

6. A genuine guy is always committed. If he promises to call or arrange a date with you, he tries as much as possible not to disappoint you, aiming not to let you down.

On the flip side, a player is the exact opposite. He displays a lack of commitment to plans you’ve made together, often concocting excuses for his inability to follow through.

Moreover, a player always disappoints at an agreed-upon time, particularly at times you’ve both agreed upon. He tends to push for immediate gratification, preferring things to happen instantly and on his terms.

7. A genuine guy’s phone isn’t perpetually in silent mode, and he’s comfortable taking calls around you. He does not need to retreat to another room or distance himself to the point where you can’t overhear any part of his conversations. In a player’s case, he often keeps his phone on silent, making it rare for you to observe him receiving calls, even if you stay with him for a whole week.

8. A genuine man is transparent and specific, especially when sharing personal information like his home address, who he resides with, and his general whereabouts. When asked, he provides clear and truthful responses, leaving no room for doubt.

In contrast, a player tends to be evasive about such details. He is never 100 percent clear on where he lives or with whom they live. Sometimes, he may have multiple addresses or vague explanations about splitting his time between places, like occasionally staying with a brother or spending weekends at a friend’s. This lack of clarity is a red flag, indicating he may not be entirely forthcoming.

9. A genuine guy is always upfront and honest with you in his interactions with you. He’s forthright about his actions and intentions, ensuring you’re never left in the dark about what he’s doing. Moreover, he values honesty, sharing the truth with you regardless of the circumstances or potential fallout, even if it’s not what you hope to hear. He will go through a rough patch with you and give you sincere advice.

On the other hand, a player will keep you thinking and guessing, making it hard to predict his next move. Instead of facing problems head-on, a player might avoid difficult situations, offer distractions, or fail to admit when something’s amiss, keeping you guessing about his true feelings and intentions.

10. Lastly, discerning whether a man is genuine or a player can often come down to the nature of his compliments. A genuine guy gives compliments that are modest and in no way too sexual, particularly in the early stages of getting to know each other. His admiration is expressed in a way that respects your individuality and supports your aspirations, highlighting his genuine interest in your well-being and success.

But a player tends to lay on the compliments thick and fast, often with a sexual undertone, even from the very beginning of your acquaintance. They like compliments such as you look sexy, nice legs, sexy body or shapes, nice behind, etc. Such behavior indicates a superficial interest rather than a deep, meaningful connection. Be wary of this kind of person.

A real guy sees potential in you as no one else does and encourages you to accomplish your goals. That’s what makes a guy genuinely in love with you, which is a hallmark of sincere affection.

How To Protect yourself from a player

There are always subtle hints that a guy’s a trained romancer. If a guy shows these signs, he’s not the commitment type; rather, he’s the hit and run type. Players are very skilled at masking their true identity and intentions because they want to be successful seducers. Unless you’re able to see the real deal, you’ll continue to risk getting hurt.

Protect yourself by being observant at all times, especially if you want to get into a new relationship. Dating carefully and selectively, so you never fall for a wolf in Romeo’s clothing. Through these insights, I hope to have equipped you with the knowledge to differentiate between a man who’s genuinely interested and one who’s merely playing the field.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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