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10 Things to Know About Someone Before Dating Them

by | Dating Tips

Feb 4, 2021

Dating is an important part of most people’s lives. It’s what you will most likely do before getting married. You gain a lot of experience from dating people, which prepares you for the future. But before you start, there are things to know about someone before dating them. You must understand their status, goals, political views, and so on. Here are some tips to help you make the right decisions. 

1. Relationship Status

Before you start dating someone, first of all, you need to know their relationship status. Some people might be separated or even married, and you don’t know. They may hide it from you because of their feelings for you. 

So, ask the person if they are already dating someone or married. Avoid laying a foundation of confusion and complications for your relationship.

2. Short-Term Future Goals

People who have the same goals as you will be a better fit for a relationship. Also, goals are part of what defines our future. That is why you need to know the other person’s short-term goal before you start a relationship

Also, be careful dating someone whose goals are in conflict with yours. It might not matter at the beginning. But later on, you’re going to have issues. Someone will need to adjust, so you should prepare for that. 

3. Political Views

One of the things to know about someone before dating them is their political views. People who have similar views on politics tend to go along well. Know who they voted for in the last election. Dating someone who’s not of the same political view is possible and fine. But if the person is committed to their views, it might clash with yours. 

Prepare yourself for opposing arguments and conversations that will come up often. Find ways to agree with them even when serious issues are being discussed (1). 

It will be best if you also prepared yourself to find common grounds for agreement. Too much disagreement over politics might lead to conflicts all the time. That may not be healthy for your relationship. 

4. Religious Views

There is nothing more challenging than dating someone with a different religious view. Except if the two of you are moderates, you’re going to have a lot of problems. That is why you need to take religious beliefs seriously. 

Understand the person’s believes and determine if they will match yours. Spend some time discussing religion and see where that leads to. Two mature people who know what they want shouldn’t have issues because of religion. But when you have opposing views both of you are passionate about; it can be challenging. 

5. Current Relationship With Their Ex 

You don’t want to date someone who still has something with their ex. So, before you start playing love birds, understand their past relationship. Make sure they’re not still calling their ex for one thing or the other. 

Many people have serious issues knowing this kind of thing about someone they want to date. That is why going out a few times is a good idea before you make up your mind. 

Also, it will be best to pay attention to details or even ask questions if you must. Be polite but know everything you need to know before you start anything. 

6. Daily Schedule 

For you to have a good relationship, the two of you must spend time together. That’s why a daily schedule is one of the things to know about someone before dating. You need to know their schedule and then compare it with yours. 

You also need to know if their schedule will give space for outings and fun, which is vital. Everyone can’t be free or busy at the same time. Knowing the daily schedule will help you make progressive plans for the future. 

7. Know-How They Treat Their Family

The way a person treats their family is a very important aspect of every relationship. For decades, your partner has spent their time with relations and friends. Before dating them, you need to know their relationship with these people. Someone who treats their mom with respect will treat your mother well. 

If your date doesn’t have a good relationship with their siblings, don’t expect them to relate with yours. You can accept people with their flaws and plan to teach them along the way. But if you know this may not work, then you need to think twice before going all in. 

8 . Their Employment Status

Financial responsibility is going to arise in any relationship. But it should be in the form of support and not an obligation. Employment status is one of those things to know about someone before dating them. 

If you go on dating someone without a job, you might find yourself being responsible for their bills. You don’t want this to happen to you if you want to progress. Find out if the person you’re dating is the lazy type who doesn’t like to work or someone willing to work if given the opportunity. 

If they’re willing to work, you can help them find a place to earn money. Dating a jobless person might also affect the way you think about them. Know their employment status and determine if you will be able to cope with them. 

9. Mental Health Issues 

People dealing with mental health issues can have a healthy relationship. But they need someone who understands them to have any chance of success. 

Knowing someone’s mental health will help you a lot in your journey. It enables you to understand their feeling and their desires. It provides you with all the necessary details that will strengthen your bonding (2). 

The knowledge you get will also make it easy to support them. If they’re on some medication, you know how important it is to help them.

10. Views about Sex 

Sex is an integral part of any relationship. That is why views on sex are one of the things to know about someone before dating them. Some people like more while others prefer less. Having this conversation helps you understand how to adjust to each other’s sexual demands. You can balance things and make them work in the end. 

You also need to know their sexual orientation so that you can understand them better. Create a healthy avenue for constructive conversation. Let people express themselves so you can know them and see if dating will work.

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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