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10 Signs a Guy is Interested in You

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Dec 13, 2021

A couple of signs show a guy is interested in you: He has time for you, he listens to you, you’re not in doubt, and his friends are in a committed relationship.

If you see all of the indicators above, this could mean that the guy is interested in you. However, there are other possibilities. This article explains clearly everything you need to know.

You meet a new guy, and for some reason, you find yourself getting more and more attached to him. At night while in bed, you can’t help but think about his cologne, his smile, the way he makes you blush, how you cower in his arms when he hugs you. You are sure you want something going on between you both but are unsure what he wants. So, now you are thinking: how do you tell if a guy is interested or just wants to hook up?

Well, here are ten signs to look out for if you are seeking to know if he is interested in you or just wants to hook up:

1. He has time for you

One of the easiest ways to know a man’s intentions is by observing how much time he makes for you. It is true: people make out time for people and things that matter to them. 

If you matter to a man who loves your company for what it is or is interested in being in a relationship with you, he will make time for you. 

Even if he is a busy person, he will have no problems with visiting you, with sitting out to talk—Anything to spend time with you.

This isn’t going to be the case if he only wants to hook up. Although he might give you a lot of his time and attention at the start, as time passes, if he only wants to hook up, he will start to give you less and less time and attention. 

He will text less. He will be around you less. You will be unable to schedule meetings with him, as he most likely will reject them. He will schedule meetings on his terms and want you to keep to time as much as possible. 

2. He talks about himself

Most men will not hesitate to speak to women they are interested in about their education, work, etc. Men like to talk about things that mean a lot to them. 

They do this because, at their core, men are expressive. And it only takes trust and attraction to unlock this core.

If a man is interested in you, be prepared to listen to the minuscule accomplishments he’s made, to the littlest things that have happened to him in your absence—yes, even if you have only been away for ten minutes! 

He will tell you about his new boss, about what working at his facility is like. He will talk about the coworker who steps on his toes and the shoe he has been thinking about buying. 

However, if he only wants to hook up, you will know almost nothing about him. If you know stuff about him, it will be stuff that everyone else knows. 

He will tell you nothing special. This is because he doesn’t trust you enough to expose his core to you. 

3. He listens to you

As stated earlier, men are expressive. They like to talk, and they like to listen. This is how they build bonds—communication. 

If a man is interested in you, he will listen to you when you need him to. You might be talking about the littlest things, about a shoe you found on Instagram, or about a small bruise your cat metes on you, but he will listen, all the while staring at your face. 

He will nod and smile, giving nonverbal cues that he is interested in this conversation. 

It will not be this way if he only wants to hook up with you. In this case, he will seldom listen to you. When you talk about your favorite models or anything he considers uninteresting, he will yawn—a signal that you just might have to hush. 

Or he will just tell you to stop talking. 

You will feel alone like you have a ton of stuff to say but no one to tell them to. 

4. You know his family and/or friends

In this, men are a lot like children. If you have been around children, you will agree that children like to show off their most prized toys or possessions. 

They will dangle it in your face, over and over, until you notice that they have something that beautiful. 

If a man loves a woman and wants a relationship with her, he will not hesitate to show her off to his friends and family. He will want them to meet this person he likes, this person who likes him too.

He will hold his head high as he talks about you and will make sure his family accepts you. Of course, he is proud of you. 

If a man wants to hook up, he will do the exact opposite. He will try hard to hide you from his friends and family. And if you somehow bump into them, he will not introduce you with much enthusiasm. 

You will be able to spot the hesitancy on his face as he introduces you. 

5. You’re not in doubt

Do you doubt this man’s intentions? Do you feel like he’s after you not because he is interested in you but because he wants to sleep with you? You’re probably right. 

A lot of times, gut feelings are usually right. If something is wrong, our minds sometimes realize it. 

A man who wants a serious relationship with you, as opposed to the one who does not want anything but a hookup, will not give you reasons to doubt him. 

Does he mean what he says? Then, he is most probably genuine and likes you. Does he not? Does he say one thing and then go on to do the other? Then you have probably got a hooker on your trail.

6.  His compliments

What a man compliment is a solid pointer to what he wants. Let’s say you are driving down a lane one day with your man when he spots a white duplex. 

“Look,” He says. “That is such a beautiful house.”

What does that mean? Well, it means he loves the house and wants to get it. 

Apply this to how he compliments you. If he compliments your personality and sense of humor or says great stuff about how you communicate, you have to know that he loves those things and will want to have them around more. 

He loves your personality. He wants something more. 

But, if he only compliments your looks, the way your butt looks, and how your breasts bulge out of your clothes, then you have to realize those are the only things he loves about you—the things he wants to get the most. 

A strong indicating sign he only wants to hook up.

7. Met him on a dating site

Where you meet men matters, most men who use dating sites seek sex and nothing more. Only a few, just a handful, go to dating sites seeking real commitment. 

So, the sad news: this man you met from Tinder isn’t a likely fit for you to go into a relationship with. 

8. He supports you genuinely

Where a man’s money goes is the very location his mind is. A man who has your struggles at heart and desires to solve them will support you if he is in a position to do so, especially when you’re really in need.

His money, even though you might reject it, will go to trying to fix your bad tire. It will go to trying to help settle one bill or the other. 

This is because a man’s masculine core pushes him to be the provider when around a woman he likes. 

If a guy only wants to hook up, he will seldom spend his time or money trying to assist with the woman’s pressing needs. Rather, he will spend trying to get what he is after—sex

He will sponsor exotic dates. He will get you reservations in amazing hotels and all of that. 

9. His friends are in a committed relationship

Most times, a man will, no matter how he tries to hide it, turn out like his friends.

If your man’s friends are chronic flirts, then the chances are that he is one. And if he isn’t one yet, sooner or later, he will be one. 

One who is friends with flirts will come after you with the intention of only hooking up.  On the other hand, if his friends are in a committed relationship, the chances are that he is interested in you and looking for a serious commitment.

10. He told you he does not want a relationship

Some men are bold and go after what they want without being subtle about it. Such men will tell you plainly that they only want to hook up. Believe them. He does not want anything more than a hookup. 

Don’t stick around trying to change his mind or something. A man who is interested in you and wants a relationship will also be plain about it. 

Photo by Kev Costello on Unsplash

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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