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10 Second Texts to Send Him to Make Him Smile for Hours

by | Love

Jun 8, 2023

It does not take so much to make a man smile for hours. I will say ten seconds is just enough time. You can make that man smile wherever he is by sending him any of these 10-second texts we have crafted just for you. You may want to send them just the way they are or use them as templates to make your own texts.

1. I think the world is a much more beautiful place because of you

Why it works: Men love to be appreciated by their women. No better way to make him smile than to send him this beautiful text message which takes barely five seconds to craft. 

Notice how we have used the word ‘the world?’

We have done this so that the 10-second message seems generic. You sure can personalize it by adding the word ‘my’ or maybe even adding your name.

2. There are times when I look at you and wonder how you do this. You are so good at everything you do. And surprisingly, it all seems effortless. I can tell good days are coming for you and for us. I am always here to cheer you on.

Why it works: With texts like this, it seems like every new word read draws you in. Our writers voted this to be one of the best texts on this list. 

With this message, you are doing three things. 

First, you are empathizing with him. Every man needs some form of empathy, especially from his woman. He needs to see that you see all his efforts. 

Second, you are praising his strength. A man takes pride in his strength. Praising his strength gives him even more, to go on. 

Third, you are rooting for him. Men want women who are able to root for them. Your man wants you to root for him. So do it. Send that text. 

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3. You had better come home and have your dinner and then have me for dinner. 

Why it works: Every man loves some teasing and humor. If you hadn’t known this, I think you should know that men are masters of weaving humor. They are also excellent at receiving it. 

In fact, some men have agreed that a woman who understands the use of humor is five times more attractive than one who does not. 

Send this and imagine him smiling really wide. 

If you are sure he is going to be alone at the time you send this text, you may even add a couple of sensual photos to the brew that is going to make his day. 

4. I would never ask for better. Do you know why? Because you are better. Wait. You are more; you are the best.

Why it works: I bet even you smiled when reading this text. I did, and half my writers did. 

Your boyfriend wants to be seen as the best. Call it selfish, but every one of us has an inert desire to be the best person in another person’s life. 

I suggest, and strongly so, that you add your own words to this text. Maybe even tell a story about one challenge you both have moved past together. 

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5. You have been a lot hotter these days. I thought to remind you that this is all me. Yes, I am the best woman in the world, haha. I also want to remind you that you should not let any woman steal you.

Why it works: This is in itself a comedic text. I can already picture a man laughing so hard when reading this. 

It is all shades of amazing, and I will be able to pull a number of emotions from him.

Along the first lines, he is going to smile. Along the second line, when you start to praise yourself, he is going to burst into laughter. 

And along the last lines, when he spots the jealousy, he is going to swoon with pride. They may not act like it, but men need a bit of healthy jealousy from time to time. 

It shows them that you still care, and they want to see that!

6. Hey, ugly man. I don’t miss you. In fact, I am here, not thinking about you, even though there is a picture of you in my hands, and I am crying

Why it works: Sarcasm is a language men speak too well. So, trust me; he is going to get it. 

He is going to get it so much that he may even call you and spend some time on the phone laughing. 

You can also make this 10 second text into your own words. 

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7. Hey, I just thought to tell you that no matter how hard it gets, I will always be here to annoy you and give you all the love you deserve.

Why it works: This is a pretty subtle way of saying: here, I promise to be there with you no matter what. 

I have decided it is subtle because, when one is trying to evoke an emotion, one stands the best chance when one is subtle. 

He reads this text, and the first thing that swims in his mind is: this woman must love me very much. His lips spread into an unexpected smile, and he calls you. That is how it goes most of the time. 

8. There are two most beautiful people in this world—you and I.

Why it works: I can also bet you smiled very widely. 

That is just how he is going to smile for hours when he reads this beautifully crafted text. 

9. Tell me what goes on in your mind when you think about the way I rock my groin over yours. 

Why it works: Who said the perfect subtly erotic 10-second text does not exist? 

This is it! The 10 second text is perfect. Erotic. Sure to make him smile for hours, this one. 

It is also going to put thoughts in his head. 

10. It gets better, you know? And when it does better, I will be here to wrap you in a hug and love you more.

Why it works: I believe I just heard the wind say: “Awwwn.”

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You don’t need too many words to make a man smile.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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