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10 Reasons Why Many Men Like Anal Sex

by | Sensual Intimacy

Oct 25, 2023

You may wonder why your man asks you for anal sex every time, and you wonder what’s wrong with your vagina and why he doesn’t want it? Then this is the right article for you. We give you the main reasons many men prefer anal sex.

1. They May Not Like Women

Believe it or not, there are men who avoid women so much they would sleep with other men to get their sexual desires sated. Other times, they could be gay but refuse to accept their sexualities. 

Derek, a gay friend of mine who only recently came to embrace his sexuality, said, “A vagina never really excites me like it would other men. I tried anal once with my then girlfriend and realized what I had to do.” 

2. Gives a Sense of Authority

The basic position during anal sex is the other fellow being bent over and the man hunched over them. This is a position of submission and authority. 

Anal sex gives many men a sense of control without any need for emotional attachment from eye contact and all that. From behind, anything can be done: spanks, hair drags, etc., you name it. Many men who like anal for this reason almost never agree to be bent over. Their egos simply wouldn’t let them. 

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3. They Respect Vaginal Virginity

To some people, so long the hymen remains intact, any form of sex can be practiced, and the woman would technically be a virgin. 

Many men are afraid of the sense of commitment of being the first one to sleep with a girl. Noah said, “Whenever I hear she’s a virgin, I back off. I don’t want too much emotional baggage being pressed on me. I also don’t want to be held accountable for smashing and running”. Men believe women whom they dis-virgin would follow them about like a lap dog. This might be true. 

4. They Like to Think Of it as A Gift From Their Woman

It’s not every day one sees a woman who is willing to participate in anal sex. Rightfully so, women are afraid that anal sex could be both really painful and damaging. Let me digress a bit; little do they know that lubricants work wonders. 

So when a woman offers or agrees to anal sex, they view it as something golden that speaks so much love and care. If a woman gives you anal sex, she must really trust you. Peggy swore she would never have anal sex with anyone until she found someone who was worthy of receiving it. 

5. They Are Secretly Gay

I explored this point a bit in the first paragraphs. Some men who do want to have anal sex are secretly gay or not secretly gay. 

Gay men do not exactly fancy vaginas, and the anus is a way for them to express their sexualities and enjoy themselves while at it. Someone I know tried to be bi-sexual for a while, but he observed that he never got the thrill or enjoyment he was supposed to get from sex when he had it with a vagina. 

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6. They Like Danger

Anal sex offers a thrill and also a truckload of danger. The chances of getting Sexually Transmitted Diseases from anal sex are quite higher than other sexual mediums. It may seem crazy, but men like to prowl on the edge of certain harm. 

In some cultures, this is a taboo. Anal sex in many communities is quite forbidden, and people who are found to engage in it may face ostracism from their people. But what could be more exciting to have committed one? What’s fun about safe? That’s the basic idea. Remember, men have never really been fans of safety. List all the dangerous things you can think of. Who is mostly committed? Men. 

7. Anal Doesn’t Get Anyone Pregnant

To many men, having a child when you’re not ready is way worse than contracting an STI. Jeremy said, “Gonorrhea can be gotten rid of. But a child who has already been born? What do you want to do? Throw it into a ravine?”. There are no chances of getting anyone pregnant through anal sex. I mean, there’s no way the semen is going to fertilize an egg through the butt, right? This is even a better option for men who do not want to be restrained by condoms and also do not want to get anyone pregnant. 

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8 “It feels very tight.”

This was what Greg, someone I had once interviewed, said. As we know, the vagina is way more stretchy than the butt. Sometimes too stretchy for comfort, but that’s totally fine because no one births babies with their butt hole. 

Try sticking a finger in your butt and then do the same with your vagina. Which allowed a finger to pass through more easily? Men love sticking their dicks in tight holes, and the anus provides just that. 

9. The Porn Culture

Someone once said, “I am not dumb enough to be initiated into a secret cult, but I am curious enough.” Remember what they said about the cat Curiosity killed? 

The porn culture generally tells men they will enjoy or are supposed to enjoy anal sex, so they’d try it out because this is what they think makes them seem cooler or even more trendy. When they watch the third B-rated porn video, when the man turns the woman over and humps on their butt with very dramatic groaning and all, they think, “That looks good. I should totally try it out”. 

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10. It’s New

Sometimes, a man could get bored of having only a vagina to stick his thing in, so this is like a nice getaway. Josh said, “My girlfriend gives me anal sex on very special occasions like my birthday or when I get a promotion, so it’s actually something I hold in esteem because of the circumstances that have to surround me for me to get it.” Imagine living in the Bahamas and then getting the chance to go to Seychelles. Beaches are everywhere, making it the same in a way but still different, and this gives the feeling of doing something new. 

For many men, Anal is thrilling. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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