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10 Effective Productive Routines That Will Really Benefit You

by | Ideas

May 2, 2020

Productive routines are an important part of adult life. Work, studying, cleaning, eating, sleeping and even recreation usually follow set routines.

Routines are not only important to adults; they could as well be useful for children. It can help kids structure their time well and stick to a schedule. 

Adhering to a routine allows you to foster good habits that match your goals and aspirations. Also, it helps you to eliminate bad habits that affect you negatively. Here are ten productive routines that will benefit you. 

1. Do an act of kindness

Acts of kindness don’t only benefit the ones you give; it improves your own mental health. Scientific evidence has proven that kindness changes the brain, impacts the heart and immune system, and may even be an antidote to depression. 

When we practice random acts of kindness, it releases positivity. We feel better, and the recipients of our acts feel better, too, making them more likely to be kind to other people. 

2. Meditate regularly 

Regular meditation gives us inner depth, quiet reserve, and moral strength. All of which add insight and understanding to our speech and behavior. 

Meditation also improves our comprehension and memory. When we meditate, we can enhance our focus and decision-making and lessen our feelings of fear and stress.  

3. Do creative work

Creativity helps you try out new ideas and new ways of thinking. It inspires self-expression, a way to create something from personal feelings and experiences. It is beneficial to make it a routine to be creative. 

Think of ways to add value. In addition, creative thinking provides you with general problem-solving skills, and it plays an important role in social change. 

4. Take your mind off things

When the day is over, try not to take your work home. Your mind won’t be able to relax if you bring your work home with you. Finish your tasks at the office, or better still, start from where you stop the next day when you get back to work.

It would be best always to take breaks and empty your mind. An empty mind allows you to be creative. It also opens room for inspiration and opens new ideas to come in.

5. Learn something new 

Learning something new provides you with an escape, especially when you need it—knowledge, when you search for it, and great leisure. 

You’re happy when you develop yourself. In turn, you can also help others out when needed. Make it a hobby. It reduces stress and worries. Also, the time you use to learn something new is never wasted. 

6. Be grateful 

Showing gratitude is an excellent productive routine. It can benefit you physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

According to an article in the Harvard Mental Health Letter, “gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. 

Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.” 

7. Read an article 

You learn a lot of things and ideas when you read. Reading an article or blog is very effective because it develops the mind and imagination. Also, it plays a vital part in building a good self-image. 

Reading nice articles as you’re doing right now will fill you with positive thoughts. It takes your mind away from the everyday problems we all face in this world. 

8. Do some recreational activities

Recreational activities help improve your physical well-being, emotional health, and cognitive functioning. Participating in recreational activities helps in reducing stress

It is surely a good productive routine. It increases your overall activity level. It provides a chance to nurture oneself and provides a sense of balance and self-esteem, reducing anxiety and depression

9. Joke, smile, and laugh

Building an effective, productive routine involves joking and laughing with someone. Find ways to make some jokes and laugh. It could be with your family, friend, or workmate. 

It’s good for your health. Remember that a good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes or more. Also, laughter boosts your immune system. 

10. Spend quality time with family 

Do something with your family together at least once every day. For example, you can make it a habit to eat at least one meal a day together. Watch a movie together. Talk about your day’s activities—work, school, recreation activities. Play a game together. Family time is vital in building highly effective, productive routines. 

Additionally, spending quality time with your family helps in coping with challenges. It instills a feeling of security, inculcates family values. 

Most importantly, it fills kids with confidence. It’s part of building a productive family routine. Also, It brings happiness and joy to the whole household. 

3 Ways To Build Effective Productive Routines

1. List down all the things you want to do on a daily basis

Write down the effective, productive routine you would like to emulate. This will make everything much more manageable and make you feel grounded.

Seeing a clear outline of your completed and uncompleted tasks will also help you feel organized and stay mentally focused 

2. Prioritize them in order of importance

It’s important to prioritize what productive routines are more important to you. Prioritizing them will help you to focus on the most productive tasks. 

Additionally, prioritizing your goals can help you minimize stress and boost productivity. Also, it saves time for the most important things.

3. Schedule a timetable

Schedule a timetable for each of the productive routines. Doing that will help you plan your activities. And in the long run, you’ll be able to achieve your goals and priorities in the time you have available. 

Effective planning of your schedule helps you have enough time for family, friends, exercises, and hobbies. Most importantly, you will achieve an excellent work-life balance. 

Bottom Line

Building effective, productive routines help you prioritize what’s important. When you schedule your day and work hard in following it through, you will be more focused. It takes your mind off negative stuff. 

It also helps you think more clearly, and make the right choices. Lastly, cultivating these effective routines will help you live a balanced, simple life.

By Allison E.

Allison E. is the Head and Editor at Whatsdalatest. He enhances brand awareness and the communication process. He enjoys writing useful content and inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves.

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