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10 Facts About Testosterone Levels That Will Blow Your Mind

by | Health & Wellness

Sep 2, 2020

Testosterone is the hormone produced by the body responsible for sex drive. Testosterone hormones come from testicles in men and ovaries in women. However, females have only a tiny amount. Men’s sex hormone is testosterone, and its level plays a vital role in sexual functions. It also takes part in other roles in the male body. You need it for mental health, muscle and bone mass, and red blood cell production. Here are essential facts you should know about testosterone levels that will blow your mind.

1. Testosterone Plays A Vital Role In The Puberty Of Teenage Boys.

When boys attain their adolescent years, puberty kicks in. The testosterone levels are on the increase. So, it is responsible for developing pubic hair and male reproductive tissues such as the testes and prostate. Testosterone is also responsible for the growth of hair on the face and underarms.

Young boys need it for muscles; also the reason the voice gets deep. Because of testosterone and puberty, teenage boys can produce sperm and come to a climax. Adolescent boys with low testosterone will have delayed puberty. All the things that happen during puberty will not occur. Boys will become men. 

2. Testosterone Amount Reduce As We Grow Older.

Testosterone decrease as you get older. The production of testosterone begins from the formation of a male child in the womb. After birth, the testosterone level reduces. It starts increasing when he is starting puberty. Hence, the peak of testosterone production in men is at the age of seventeen.

Testosterone levels remain at that peak until he gets to the age of forty. Once most men attain the age of forty, their testosterone begins to reduce. Although it does not diminish in every man. Some have their testosterone level high throughout their lifetime.

3. Testosterone Level Increases When Women Fall In Love.

When women find a man they love, their testosterone increases. The reverse is the case for men in love. When men fall in love, their testosterone count reduces. The testosterone of women in love increases when they find a new man. Women that maintain long-time relationships have the same testosterone level. Further, the testosterone state of women in love reduces after a few months in love. The increase in testosterone is why women in love overlook faults and partner mistakes.

4. Testosterone Have Nothing To Do With Erectile Dysfunction.

Most men think low testosterone is the reason for their erectile dysfunction. But there is no link between testosterone and erectile dysfunction. Rather erectile dysfunction is a result of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It is possible to have a low testosterone level and still have a healthy erection.

5. Exercise Can Increase Testosterone.

10 Facts About Testosterone Levels That Will Blow Your Mind

Exercising for about two times a week will boost your testosterone levels. You have a forty-nine percent change of a testosterone boost if you hit the gym and sweat. For example, a study shows testosterone level is highest forty-eight hours after weight-lifting.

Other forms of exercise, like riding a bicycle, can also increase testosterone. A minimum of six seconds of the sprint can spike up your testosterone level. So, get out there and hit the sun for some physical exercise. (1)

6. Low Testosterone Level Has Some Symptoms.

Men with low testosterone levels are at the risk of having erection problems. The production of nitric oxide produced by the penile tissues results in an erection. Moreover, testosterone hormones stimulate the production of nitric oxide.

Therefore, low testosterone can also result in men have a low sex drive. The desire for sex in men depends on his testosterone level, and a low level will reduce his sexual desire. Low testosterone levels in both men and women can result in hair loss.

7. Low Testosterone Can Result In A Reduction In Muscle And Bone Mass.

The production of bone tissues is a result of the secretion of testosterone hormones. When a boy or man has low testosterone, there is insufficient production of bone tissues. Hence, there is a reduction in bone volume. It results in weak bones that are fractured quickly. Low testosterone levels can also result in a massive loss of muscle mass.

Testosterone is vital in the development of muscle mass. Neurotransmitters are essential for the development of tissues. And testosterone increases the production of neurotransmitters. A low level of testosterone affects bone and muscle mass and strength.

8. The Sex Drive Of A Woman Can Be Increased By Testosterone.

There are little testosterone amounts in a man’s saliva, and it can act as an aphrodisiac. When a guy kisses a woman, the transfer of saliva can increase her sexual drive. The transfer of testosterone increases testosterone in the woman as well as an increase in sex hormones.

This is the main reason there is an increase in a woman’s desire for sex when she gets kissed by a guy. Women with low libido have androgens like testosterone prescribed to them.

9. Low Testosterone Increase The Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome.

The risk of developing metabolic syndromes increases in men with low testosterone. That is why people with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, waistline obesity, etc. net to take note. Treating metabolic syndrome with testosterone therapy can increase the risk of heart diseases. Replacement of testosterone increases blood sugar levels.

10. Obesity Can Reduce Testosterone.

There is an increase in fat mass when there is a low testosterone level. There is a link between low testosterone and obesity. Metabolic dysfunction, dyslipidemia, reduced insulin sensitivity, decreased glucose control. People may also experience an energy imbalance that usually results in testosterone decline.

Testosterone decline is due to the metabolizing of testosterone to estrogen by fat cells. The best way to increase testosterone in people with obesity is to lose weight. Take part in regular and intense exercises.

There is a link between low testosterone levels and diabetes. Men with low testosterone are at risk of developing diabetes. Also, diabetic men have low testosterone. Insulin resistance is often associated with diabetes. Men with diabetes cannot make use of blood sugar due to insulin resistance. The body uses more testosterone to process blood sugar. So, get rid of sugar in your body to increase testosterone.

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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